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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#WIPiTuP Tabitha's naked skin on Bina's screen #FF #sex #webcam

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

So I am a sad and angry Joelle. Master is making life rough for me by acting whiny and childish rather than acting like a domly adult- I'm now drinking Irish Cream from my new pink My Little Pony cup- yes, I know Irish Cream isn't vegan and couldn't give a fuck less! :D Thankfully I don't have a Nurse Trinity like Anatasia Vitsky's Mira to wash my mouth out. Sometimes I wonder what it's like for authors whose DD/BDSM/spanking fetish is kept in fantasies and not lived in a relationship alongside their writing, as I do. I'd meant to give you more today- I've been teasing with some Tabitha and Bina on Monday and then today- sorry, I'm not up to pretending like I'm not writing this on Tuesday night as I'm so very glad that Master is at work so I could turn off that garbage show "Tosh.O" that He likes to watch. I do hope next Wednesday to have a bit more. But I've been writing thinking on Tab and Bina's second date, which Tabitha leads and takes Bina to see a 4th of July fireworks. Monday, Bina got much of hers, Tuesday a little more, and here we are at Tabitha's home, in her bedroom and Tab gets some care. :D


"Now get on your bed on your hands and knees and I'll guide you to move as I can best see you," Bina instructed.

Tabitha looked down at her pale, pale skin. I'm so white I'm almost translucent. Her right hand moved as if to pat the roll on her belly, but she stopped herself, knowing that Bina watched. I find her attractive even with her size; she's not likely to judge my body. She looked across her elegantly flowered bedspread and was glad she'd made her bed before their date.

Bina cleared her throat, yanking Tabitha out of her reverie. "So is this how we start with your spankings? You moving so slowly you earn yourself more?"

"No," Tabitha whimpered and jumped up onto her bed. Her knees pressed into the mattress as she moved away from the edge.

"That's lovely." Bina's moaned words teased Tabitha. "Crawl forward maybe a foot and then turn your body a few inches to the left, but leave your knees where you stop."

"Yes." The whimpering had left off to make Tabitha's reply breathier. She looked ahead of her to gauge "a foot" and then moved carefully moved, listening for the slightest noise to come from her tablet indicating Bina's wishes. When she felt she'd advanced a foot and Bina hadn't said a thing in correction, Tab continued in her anxiousness as she lifted her hands and then set them in the next "square" of her comforter's pattern.

"Perfect," Bina praised. "I want you to reach behind you and caress your ass for me. Show me how much you need a spanking."

Tabitha gasped. Her fingers trembled as she stretched her arm behind her.

A note, it was in the first piece of this scene, shown in the bit I put up for Taboo Tuesday, that I began to consider word choice. See, I'm operating at what Tabitha and Bina would use in their own life as a separate thing from what they might use in their stories. I'm still unsure about having Bina say "ass," I'm not sure it fits. Opinions, suggestions are most desired and welcomed on this.


  1. I'm loving this story Joelle:) very nice hot scene. I don't mind ass, but I prefer butt or similar :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) IDK, I might just have to leave ass until I get into the story again and put this scene in place to get what Bina would use.

  2. At first I thought they were physically together in this scene, but then you mentioned Tab listening for Bina on her tablet. So I am thinking webcam date perhaps?

    Sorry to hear things have not been good for you recently and good god, yes, by all means enjoy the Irish Cream ☺. Great to see you back, Joelle ~hugs!~

    1. Yup, only their second date, Melody- I'll have to see how that flows in the completed book. Possibly I may need to do a little more set up at the beginning of this scene. Did you read what I shared on Monday especially? I think I did a better job there making it obvious that they were on the phone there.

      It was cute, the Irish Cream in my My Little Pony cup :D Teen joked "Oh no, you're getting drunk" :D I'd explained, you don't exactly get drunk on Irish Cream, not like one can on harder alcohols lol

  3. I'm with Melody - enjoy the Irish Cream! I haven't been hopping for a couple of weeks and missed watching Bina and Tab. I do enjoy what goes on in their world! :)

    1. I'll be glad to see what you put up when I finally get to reading, Shelly- yeah, my Master is still pretty whiny and difficult so here it is noon my time and I'm trying to get my day started again, but at least He's sleeping away. I am having a good time with Tab and Bina; I've been using them to try to slide back into a FF focus so I can finally finish up a FF scene in "Mommy." :D Thanks for the comment

  4. Enjoy the Irish Cream! As an author who doesn't live her real life like her books, I can say that it's difficult sometimes because of that. I have to get a lot more creative because I don't know how situations who play out/feel in real life.

    Great snippet too! :-)

  5. I don't think ass quite fits the tone. Butt, behind etc may be better. Lol on Irish Cream not being vegan.