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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#Taboo2sday My thoughts on "lesfic," taboo, and "Tabitha and Bina in Love"

So I didn't like my usual lines about this hop quite fit... "taboo" can be hot to many people, but some taboos aren't hot merely because they aren't in the mainstream and that's what I'm talking about today.

Anastasia Vitsky's post for the LesbianAppreciation 2015 event got me thinking. Her words caused me to re-think what I'm doing with my erotic romance authors in love. Bina identifies as a lesbian, Tabitha as pansexual- they're both monogamous. Tabitha only writes lesfic, while Bina is more experimental, writing from a queer, pansexual perspective, a multiplicity of gender and and sexual identities. So Bina's writing (included within their romance) isn't strictly lesfic, although she does write some. Keeping Anastasia's words in mind, I've thought to massage my story into lesfic, but that may change plans about how my authors' writing appears in the completed book.


  1. Hmm. Really gets me thinking about the nature of hotness, Joelle. Very interesting!

    1. thanks for the comment, Emily. This book, "Tabitha and Bina in Love," already had me pondering a bunch of stuff before I even read Anastasia's wonderful post talking about lesfic. Like when Tabitha is feeling lonely and goes to the bar, I debated if she was going to have casual sex with a man or go home and have a drunken messaging at Bina. As a bi, poly woman, I didn't jump to "if she has sex with a man, I don't want her," like some lesbians whose opinions I asked.

    2. Of course there's also the layers of sexual interest. I've written both Bina and Tabitha as erotic romance authors, but what of their personal sexual desires- that's been one of the constant threads of thought for me as I've been writing