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Monday, January 12, 2015

Tabitha Listens, Hands-Free, as Bina Comes #MasturbationMonday


Talking with some writer friends about the types of sex they show in their books, I was lucky to see this hop recommended. So I went searching for its sign up page: http://masturbationmonday.kaylalords.com/ . I do love myself a large variety of sexual expressions in erotic fiction, my own and others. When the sign up for this week went live and I saw the suggested topic- phone sex- it encouraged me to spend some time with my ladies Tabitha and Bina from my Nanowrimo novel 2014- "Tabitha and Bina in Love" (still very much in a raw, WIP state). Given that my erotic romance authors are many hours away, their relationship is a long distance one, experienced largely through virtual interactions. I started writing, wanting to dip my toes back into female/female intimacy before trying to finish off a scene in my ageplay/BDSM MFF. I'm hoping to share snippets of this phone sex scene across #MasturbationMonday, #Taboo2sday, and #WIPiTuP as I write more.

Scene set up: This comes after their second date, where Tabitha took Bina on video chat to see a fireworks display for the 4th of July. Tabitha is driving home.


"Tell me a bit about what you're wearing." Bina's voice dropped a bit in tone. "I couldn't quite make it out the times I saw you on video."

Tabitha felt the heat coming into her cheeks and she clutched the steering wheel, rather than covering her anxious blushing. "Um"

"We're both erotic romance authors. You aren't too nervous to tell me what you're wearing in lovely, descriptive language? What sort of panties are you wearing?"

Tabitha licked her lips. "I'm not nervous."

Bina snorted. "Bull. Somehow I don't think it's too early in dating to ask if you need a spanking."

Tabitha took a sip of her smoothie before putting it back in the holder. "And how'd you divine that I would want a spanking, rather than to give you one, from my writing?"


"Even though I wasn't sure if we'd be on video much, I decided I wanted to treat you and myself from the bottom up." Tabitha carefully merged onto the freeway. "I selected my lacy red panties and demi bra so I could wear my favorite rainbow-striped tank top. " A small echo from Bina's side of the conversation sounded. "Did you just go on speaker phone, you who is at home on her comfy couch?"

"And why shouldn't I?" Bina demanded with a laugh.

Where are her hands? "Along with my soft tank top, I have on a denim skirt that just reaches my knees. Then there are the thigh high stockings with the lacy tops to go with my mid-calf black boots."

"That sounds wonderful. What color are the thigh highs?"

Tabitha pushed her legs together; Bina's voice sounded as she'd imagined while reading her short story. "They're a chocolate brown, almost the color of my hair." She pulled in a deep breath. "So what did you wear for our date?"

"What I was wearing earlier or what I'm wearing now?" Bina teased.

"You're being such a tease after I took you out." We're still on the date?

"Well after you took off to clean up and get in your car, I stripped down to some night clothes."

Tabitha groaned, hoping the sound didn't pick up too clearly over the phone.

"What are you imagining that you're making such aroused sounds?" Bina's grin sounded in her voice.

"As I sleep naked, my image of night clothes is mostly the pretty, lacy things on the outside of lingerie departments." I didn't just admit that. Tabitha grinned.

"As do I mostly, sleep naked that is, but I do enjoy lacy things sometimes." Bina sipped a drink. "It seems I managed lace even before you told me about your panties."

Tabitha chewed her bottom lip. "What color?" she begged.

"Black and shiny, like a piece of licorice, and then strips of lace at the hem, across my belly."

"How am I supposed to pay attention to the road?"

"Because you're not the one masturbating, love."

Tabitha swallowed hard. I thought I was the one leading this date.

"It's just a lovely camisole stopping at my thighs. If you saw me wearing it, you could just tell that I'm not wearing panties. Although I love to imagine the red lace against your white skin as my fingers slide up my thighs."

"Are your nails painted?" Tabitha panted as Bina continued to draw the picture for her.

"A pale, smoky white. I find the color striking against my dark red skin, in the dark black curls." Bina chuckled softly. "I don't think I'd gotten around to mentioning that I don't shave."

"I love a woman with natural body hair." Tabitha quickly set her cruise control before she could step on the gas too hard.

"Good, because now I'm pressing one finger between my labia to touch my clit."

Tabitha's toes curled inside her boots.

"And now my finger is sliding into my pussy. Describe your hands to me." Bina moaned.

Tabitha pressed down against her seat. "I have long fingers ending in nails painted with the brightest red I could find, although my nails are on the short side."

"I imagine your hand moving with mine, our fingers wrapped in each other as two fingers slide into me, my own and one of yours."

"Oh, I wish I could see," Tabitha murmured.

"Soon, I'm sure. Maybe after you get home we can switch to video chat and take care of your... need."

Tabitha whimpered at Bina's pregnant pause. But I'm so horny now! "Are you moving that pretty hand on yours?"

"Yes, faster and faster, as fast as you can move with me."


While I'm ending my teasing snippet here, if you come back tomorrow, you'll get to enjoy 10 more lines. I know :D I'm a tease. On Wednesday, I plan to show some of Tabitha being taken care of over video chat.


  1. Wow, that was hot! Looking forward to reading more :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) I'm looking forward to writing it :D I finished my short story for my Master that I told Him I wasn't putting up on the blog :D so promoting work and then I'm hopefully writing again, especially since the pork roulade experiment is in my crock :D

  2. I don't think I've ever added a WIP to my TBR list but this one is on it! Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

    1. :D thanks a bunch for the comment, Kayla :) It's going well and I'm having a good time. I'm thinking to work on it in Camp Nano in April to get it a lot closer to done... quick explanation of the WIP for you- Two erotic romance authors meet, fall in love, and engage in an online long distance relationship. In the writing during Nanowrimo, I included the women's WIPs and published books within the story, but I'm not sure how much will fit in the end manuscript that I submit to publishers.