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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#WIPiTuP Tabitha and Bina's 1st married Christmas- part 2

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

Don't you all just love this meme that Melody Parks made for New Year's Eve? I had to grab it even if I didn't manage to pick something fun last week, which btw if you haven't already read it, you'll wanna go back and enjoy it first because it's the first part of this scene. Here we have part two of the scene, where things heat up quickly as the women move to the bed in their suite.

The next thing Tabitha knew, Bina was gently shaking her. "I think we should get out and enjoy the snack now, love. Once you relaxed in my arms, you fell asleep."

Tab felt heat rise into her cheeks. "It felt so good to relax against you."

Bina pressed a soft kiss to Tabitha's cheek. "And I loved holding you. You make the cutest expressions in your sleep." She helped Tab to her feet before also standing. She climbed out of the tub first.

Tabitha bit her lip to watch the water glistening on Bina's naked body. She cautiously followed to the bench to climb out. She moaned as Bina wrapped a thick, red towel around her and started drying. Her heart seemed to expand with how loved and cared for she felt. She swayed on unsteady legs as Bina moved to dry herself. I will behave myself.

Bina tossed the used towels into a small wicker hamper discretely set under the vanity. She blew out the candles. She took Tabitha's hand in hers. "There is still a bit of tension in you and I think I know how to fix that."

"The wine?" Tabitha held in her giggles at what she knew to be not what Bina was hinting at.

Bina continued until they stood in front of the equally heart-shaped bed.

It looked so cute in the brochure. Tab let go of Bina's hand to watch the woman sit on the slightly rounded point. It's going to be a spanking with us both naked?

"Lay yourself across my lap," Bina ordered.

The soft, coolness of Bina's thighs felt so good against Tabitha's skin as she put herself into place. Her breath hitched in her lungs at the feel on one warm hand cupping her asscheek.

"Keep breathing, love. This isn't a punishment spanking." Bina traced the lines of Tab's ass. She dipped one finger between the cheeks.

Tabitha groaned. "Bina?"

"I have a little surprise for you."

The next moment, a cool liquid dripped onto Tab's asshole.

Bina pushed one finger into Tab, pushing the liquid in to her now twitching hole.

Tabitha's hips and thighs shimmied against Bina and the bed.

"Doesn't that feel lovely?" Bina cooed.

"Please, love. I'm going insane with need."

"I know." Bina patted one cheek. "Who decides when the spanking is over?" She twisted her finger back and forth, startling Tab into noticing the continued penetration.

"You do, Bina, you decide when I've been spanked enough." Tabitha writhed at the ritual words.

"That's my girl." Bina eased her finger out of Tabitha.

Tabitha swallowed a whining moan. Whatever Bina had used kept up a soft tingling in her anus, preventing her from focusing on anything but her unspanked ass and her hungry sex.

Bina continued patting Tab's ass, every few spanks a bit harder than the rest.

Tabitha stretched out to better place her hands and feet on the floor. She tightened her legs enough to keep herself better in position. I am her only girl.

"It has been too long, hasn't it? This perfectly pale skin with no marks." Bina caressed the side of one cheek before delivering a harsh spanking.

Tabitha tightened her body, rather than fleeing from Bina's spanking hand. "Thank you," she whimpered.

"So very thankful and turned on too, I think." Bina's fingers pushed apart Tab's pussy lips; Tabitha imagined the proof of her arousal there for Bina to see. "A few more spanks and then I want to taste you."

Tabitha gazed at Bina's leg as she waited. She basked in the wonderfully sharp pain as she counted in her head. One. Two. Three.

Bina returned to gentle pats of Tab's heated backside. "My sweet girl." She helped Tabitha to sit on her lap before she scooted back up the bed with them. She nudged Tab off her lap, a fluffy white pillow catching her beautiful head.

Tabitha watched Bina with awed trepidation as her feet ended up on Bina's back, her thighs forced apart. She held her breath.

"It's better if you breath," Bina laughed before she used thumbs to part Tab's pussy lips and caught the bright pink clit in her mouth.

"Yes, love, yes!" Pleasure so intense played on her body through every nerve Bina made love to. Her cunt and ass clenched, reawakening the tingling liquid. Tabitha cried out, her lips trembled.

Bina brushed her pinky against Tab's asshole as she continued to worship her love's clit. The finger slid in shallowly.

Tabitha writhed within the powerful orgasm. Her head rocked against the pillow as Bina's thumb pressed into the opening of her pussy. Her body tightened again, as if to suck Bina into her. She kept coming as another finger slipped into her. Thank goodness the headboard is padded. She quivered out her pleasure as she looked into Bina's loving eyes. Love you forever.

Bina kissed Tabitha's clit before backing away and lowering Tab's legs to the bed. "Let's get under the covers, love."

Tabitha released a shaky sigh. "As you wish love. I'd like the chance to make you come at some point."

"And what makes you think I didn't come while I was spanking your beautiful ass?" Bina kissed Tabitha's lips as they drew close under the red satin comforter.

"There are many ways to orgasm, my love." Tabitha gave the tip of Bina's nose a little kiss. "One doesn't preclude another, right?"

"Of course. There are many ways to love a woman."


  1. Joelle, you're so right that Melody made the cutest memes. I loved your snippet! Tab and Bina sounded so cute together!!! :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith :) I really am having fun with these two

  2. Thank you for the compliments on the graphics ☺ Glad you like them. I'm loving how things have heated up in this snippet. Especially when Bina says "What makes you think I didn't come while I was spanking that beautiful ass."
    Indeed, there are many ways to love a woman ヅ
    Happy New Year to you and your family ~Hugs~

    1. thanks for the comment, Melody :) and you're welcome- the graphics are great. Yeah, I gave Bina some great lines in this. I just need to finish "Mommy"- I'll be so happy when I finish the scene (I have about 1000 words to write before you and Meredith can read the new stuff prior to me submitting) so I can get back to Bina and Tabitha. Hugs to you too, have a happy new year.

  3. Nice long snippet, Joelle. Happy new year!! ~Livia

    1. thanks for the comment and the wishes, Livia :) Happy new year to you as well

  4. There are many ways to love a woman - I love it! A very wise thought indeed. Nice snippet, Joelle!

    1. thanks for the comment, Tara :) It is a good line :D

  5. Wonderful snippet Joelle, love the intimacy between them and loved that line too!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) Glad you enjoyed their interaction