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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#WIPiTuP Mommy teaches Joey with a ruler

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You have to continue after the 599 words of ruler-induced pain for the tease I'm engaging in here. But Joey was a bad girl (Hi SatSpanks people who are visiting to read the spanking I teased at on Saturday) was at the dog park and Mommy must correct her unladylike behavior.

"Mommy"- A BDSM slave begs her Master for an ageplay Mommy.

Mommy closed the door; Rex had gone to sleep in his bed in Master's bedroom. She turned on the classical music station.

I waited and watched Mommy's preparations.

She straightened the daybed's comforter before moving to the book shelf. She pulled the thick wooden ruler from its spot.

The gasp escaped my parted lips.

Mommy pursed her lips at me. "It seems you've earned yourself another spanking for not behaving in a ladylike manner, especially when you shouldn't have been behaving as a little in the first place."

I lowered my chin to my chest, feeling so very small.

"Look at my face, little girl," Mommy warned.

I lifted my head. I pushed in a whimper at her angry face.

Mommy sat in the middle of the bed. "Over my lap."

I rushed to obey her. I knelt on the bed next to Mommy's leg and laid myself over her soft lap. I grabbed the bedrail as before.

Mommy's fingers slid up my calves as she picked up the hem of my skirt. She piled the denim on my back. She traced the elastic edges of my panties. "What is this?" Just the tip of her finger dipped under the flimsy bit of covering. "Did getting into position for punishment get you aroused?"

I bit back a moan as Mommy's finger slid into me. "I'm being good now, Mommy."

"You didn't answer me," Mommy warned. "Yes or no, little girl."

I couldn't deny the moan, although it only came out as a whimper. "Yes, Mommy."

Mommy yanked her hand out of me and pulled my panties off.

The first spank caught me off guard, its sharpness causing my slave mind to chirp about Mommy cupping her hand. The spanks fell one after another and I started to relax into the delicious penitential pain.

Mommy landed a spank on my sit-spot.

I cried out, "Mommy, please!"

Mommy stopped spanking with her hand only to start again with the cruel ruler.

I kicked up my legs, my body sliding forward as if I could escape the spanking.

"No you don't!" Mommy pulled me by my long braid back across her lap and pushed her free hand down on my lower back. "You earned this paddling and you will take it as long as I say." The ruler landed on the backs of my thighs, giving me searing pain across both sit-spots. "You knew better than to climb on the dog slide!" She returned her attention to my butt, the slaps pulling deep sobs from me.

"Good girls don't climb on slides like that especially when they're wearing dresses!"

"I'm so sorry, Mommy. Sorry, Mommy!" I coughed as my mouth filled up in my misery. "Mommy, please," I begged.

"You will act like a little lady if I have to beat it into you." Mommy paddled for awhile in silence, as if too angry to lecture more.

My legs kicked even though Mommy's strong hand wouldn't let me go anywhere.

"Tell me what a good girl should do!"

"Not climb on doggie slides. Ow! Mommy, owwie, please stop!" I pushed my face into the pretty comforter because I didn't think Mommy would stop spanking until my butt broke.

"How old are you, Joey?"

I stopped crying in shock. "I don't understand what you're asking, Mommy."

Mommy pulled my head back by my hair. "Are you four that you don't know better how to act in a dress or are you a big eleven year old who knows how to be ladylike in a dress?"

I kept my sigh inside me. "Eleven, Mommy."

** Now if you want to read about how Joey feeling eleven fits into her corner time and the cuddles Mommy gives Joey after her punishment is done, you need to send positive energy towards me finishing "Mommy" and getting a publisher to accept it. Aren't you glad, Melody Parks and Meredith O'Reilly, that I'm going to ease the suffering of your wait? :D


  1. thank you thank you thank you i truly loved this!!!!! i will be checking back for updates :)

    1. thanks for the comment, Josephnia :) I'm feeling better today (darned bipolar) and I'm hoping that I'll finish the last scene.

  2. This was great Joelle, so glad you continued with this scene :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. This is definitely a scene I'm proud of :)

  3. (Dear Cosmic forces, please give Joelle the positive energy she needs to wrap this story up and get it send of for publication)
    Love this scene Joelle. I really like when Mommy asks her how old she is, pointing out how an eleven year old should act while doling out her punishment.
    I feel for poor Joey's cheeks, but I'm sure she will appreciate it later, during the aftercare. ♥

    1. aww thanks for the positive energy and the comment, Melody. I'm trying :) yeah, aftercare is good :D I'm still sitting with "just one scene" to write and Joey and Mommy keep telling me what I need to write- I just gotta get it together :D

  4. ...I didn't think Mommy would stop spanking until my butt broke. That's funny (though probably not to Joey.)

    1. It's it just the perfect line, Angie? :D heh yeah, not funny to Joey in the moment though

  5. The positive energy is on its way, Joelle ... hope you can feel it! I love that she admitted to being the eleven year old who should know better. ~sighs~ :)

    1. thanks for the energy and the comment, Shelly :) hehe definitely eleven :D

  6. I'm with Angie, the fear of the broken butt was hilarious. :)

    1. thanks for the comment, Jennifer :) I think I'd just managed to really get into ageplay at that moment I was almost surprised after the fact of how perfect that sentence is :D