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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#Taboo2sday She wants something other than vanilla

Take a risk and try something a little taboo with me? D I promise you'll find delights and scares depending on how adventurous you are

So I couldn't let Emily and Raya down by not posting, even though this cold has had me slidelined on the couch asleep all day :D. I decided to give another bit of tease since Emily enjoyed the question of "porn or non-porn?" last week :D This is another snippet from my Nano-novel, "Tabitha and Bina In Love," which I validated for a Nanowrimo at 50032 words Sunday night. Tabitha is talking first.


 As for porn, I'm a collector of the different. Non-American porn, non-mainstream porn like Tristan Taormino's. I have the whole Crash Pad series. I also love instructional DVDs, especially the various productions Nina Hartley has made. I also love Buck Angel's movies."

"I love Buck Angel too. He's so fun to watch performing." Bina paused to study Tabitha. "What of offline sexual preferences, if you don't mind me asking?"

Thank you so much for being the one to broach this topic. "Um, bigger than vanilla?"

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