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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scarlet nails and daydreams and what is here?

So I've been a guest a few times recently and my naughty mind- yes, I said it, obviously I need a spanking because I've been warped lovingly by spanking authors- put together a fun bit of female/female sex.

And here you are, enjoy my new pink hair :D

So good not to be in a pew, but in a "church chair," not that I don't still prefer my armchair at home. Why did I think it a good idea to visit? I'm not here nor back!!!

Then I notice her. Her? Yes, definitely her. I see the swell of her breasts pressing out of her shirt. Gods, for a lovely her to look at. Was she the her I was bribed with? I don't know, but I swear I'm having naughty thoughts now. Fuck. How'd that naughty slip in there? I'm a UU.... nothing naughty about consensual adult sexuality. At least we give lip service that there shouldn't be.

Oh she moved and now I see her black hair framing her face. What a lovely face too! Since when is there an African American woman coming here? She certainly was never here while I was still attending regularly. Her beautiful, beautiful skin. Fuck. I need a spanking for eroticizing her skin. Wait! No, not a spanking because that's not at all a punishment. Backing out to the hair because I'm imagining my fingers sliding along her braids as she kisses her way down my body.

When'd this morph into a daydream? Her fingers are damn long and fine as she takes my hand in her. Where'd my clothes go? I had jeans and a Marilyn Manson shirt on a moment ago. I follow along and enjoy the sway of her hips, the way her hips move her luscious ass in my sight. She was clothed too. But I'm loving her naked body, watching her move.

We're at the stage- where'd the pulpit go? That thick red comforter sure looks good and sure, I'll lay myself down, my legs spreading at her scarlet nail's gesture. Just a hint of nail over the tip of her finger. I moan; she's kneeling between my legs now. I notice her trimmed pussy hair and my mouth waters.

"Another time maybe," she murmurs and I'm lured in, calmed and simultaneously aroused, at the husky bass of her mellow words. She leans over and starts to suck, her mouth moving in from my knees, toward my inner thighs.

I'm writhing, wanting to pull away and wanting to stay right where I am. It's been far too long for me and she knows exactly what she's doing. "But I don't even know your name," I gasp.

She kisses that spot of skin just before the labia separate into those beckoning lines drawing a person into a woman's hidden sex parts.

Pussy. I want to scream. Where'd the indirect language come from?

"Ruby." She reaches up to brush her fingertips over my lips. "And you need to stop thinking so much." She leans back over and her tongue makes contact with my skin. She pushes the lips apart, pushes until she can get at my clit. The strong tip of her tongue pushes at the hood of my clit.

I push my fingers into the comforter that somehow seems further from me that it did.
Her lips close on my clit and she starts to suck.

I'm gonna come soon. I certainly can't deny Ruby's talent and determination. She makes little atheist me want to scream out holy words as the orgasm builds. I turn my head just in time to see her remove the white candle from the chalice sculpture. Drips of hot wax fall onto first one nipple and then the other. My mouth opens and my eyes close.

"Thank you, Ruby!" I scream as the pleasure rips through me. Orgasm from her mouth and the decadence of the candle wax on me.

I shake my head. The sermon has just finished. I look to the left and the right. Daydream. I'm still dressed. Then I glance ahead of me in the rows to see Ruby. The red of her lipstick matches her nails in my daydream. Her eyes meet and she smiles.

Maybe "here" can mean multiple places.


  1. Love the hair Joelle! Wow, that was some daydream :)


    1. thanks for the comments, Roz :) It had to happen :D Too many moments of "are you back?" and then all the time I spent with female/female in my nano novel this year :D

  2. Your pink hair is cute! And your description of your daydream amazing.

    1. thanks and thanks, Angie :) a fun thing I found after I'd finished the piece... 665 words :D too funny to me since I'm not a Christian