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Monday, December 22, 2014

I watch The Queen and Tommy make love

I talk at length whenever I can about the idea that sexual activity is far too rich and diverse to think of just "penis goes into hole." I wanted to share a snippet of having sex differently.

I'm laying in bed, my eyes closed. I'm physically alone, unless you count Ostara, my stuffed puppy dog. "The Queen, would you please make love to one of your slaves so that I may be less alone?"

The Queen and Tommy are at the foot of my bed.

The Queen slipped his arms beneath Tommy's and pulled his boy close. Their lips meet and he moans. His hands slide into Tommy's hair before he deepens the kiss. "Love my boy."

"Love you, my Queen." Tommy hungrily resumes the kiss. He trembled against his Master.

Without word, without stopping the kiss, The Queen brought Tommy parallel.

Their bodies float as if one even as Tommy slips down. He drops kisses and licks along The Queen's writing body. The tip of his tongue tangles in the wonderfully copious black hairs strewn over The Queen. He sighs to feel his face bury in the rich and wiry pubic hair, smelling of his love and sex.

"So good," The Queen moans, his hands finding their way into Tommy's mop of black curls.

Tommy sucks hard on The Queen's gorgeous cock. His jaw eases off as the one source of The Queen's pleasure grows.

"Enough," The Queen groans. He grips Tommy's shoulders and guides him upward. Chest to chest, he lifts Tommy's upper leg and guides his cock into the loving hole waiting there.

Tommy sighs at The Queen's cock sliding into his asshole, loving the fullness and the claiming.

The men's hands, arms even, move up and down each others' bodies. The Queen's hair slides around them, covering and revealing in turn.

"Please, my Queen," Tommy whispers into The Queen's kissing mouth.

"Please, what, love? The Queen gazes into Tommy's eyes.

"Please fill me with your cum, my Queen," Tommy begs.

I shudder under all the covers on the bed.

The Queen's thrusts speed up.

Their moans fill the room at their pleasured joining.

Tommy clings to be closer to The Queen, to allow the loving cock to drive farther into him. His head falls back, his neck muscles standing out in his ecstasy.

The groans boom out of control just before The Queen claims Tommy's mouth again, tongue plundering mouth as his orgasm rockets out of him and into Tommy.

I sigh and settle into the bedding. The pleasure strums through me as if I've orgasmed too.


  1. Wow, that was hot Joelle!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) The Queen's pretty good for that... he and Iona kept me company last night, such sweeties :D