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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#WIPiTuP More of Mommy's job because Joey's a bad girl who loves Mommy's naughty job

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

I am such a naughty girl :D , but I did finish the 1st draft of "Mommy" and got it in my BRs' hot little hands- so no claiming about me teasing, Melody and Meredith <snickers>. I did tease people on Saturday Spankings with just 7, oh maybe it was 8, I don't remember :D, lines from this scene. You get to enjoy 678 words here of Mommy, uh Mara, figuring out how to combine "author" and "Mommy" in her relationship with Joey. Do enjoy this because probably the last of "Mommy" that I'll post until I'm fixing it up a bit before I start submitting it to publishers.

I smiled when I got to the cover art for Breanna's book. It was simply too cute. I knew I'd love this story. I slowly advanced through the ebook through all the beginning stuff to the first page of the story. "Cassie..."
I giggled. I couldn't help it. I loved her main character's name. I read in silence, debated music, but no, I just wanted to read, to cuddle with April. My eyes slipped closed.
I shook myself; I didn't remember falling asleep. I looked up at the wall clock. Shoot! It was time to get online and talk to Mommy. I hoped she wouldn't be angry that I ended up napping rather than reading, although I did get some reading done before I fell asleep.
I powered up my computer, started messenger.

maralady: hey sweetie. Did you enjoy what you've read so far?

I blushed.

andrewsgirl: yes, the bit I read before I fell asleep, Mommy
maralady: oh Joey. you must have needed the nap :) or maybe it was April?
andrewsgirl: maybe, Mommy, although I'd laid down on the couch with her, not in bed, to read
maralady: are you feeling better now?
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy
maralady: so let me start giving you links, sweet.

I watched as one link popped up, said by Mommy, and then a second. The first looked like it must be Mommy's page; I saw "My Books" and "Mara James" in it. Then the second- Blushing Books. Yup, the heat spread quickly across my cheeks; I was blushing bad.

andrewsgirl: thanks, Mommy
maralady: you're welcome, sweet girl

I clicked on the first link. Wow! Mommy had twenty books published! I skimmed the blurbs.

andrewsgirl: You have so many books, Mommy! I want to read them all!
maralady: thanks. Are there any you find more interesting?

I read the blurbs a little more carefully.

andrewsgirl: "She Waits for Hir"
maralady: I thought you might find that one interesting

The next moment, I read "maralady wants to share a file with you. Will you accept it?" I clicked yes. She_Waits_For_Hir.PRC showed up in the downloading line on my computer

maralady: there you are, sweet Joey. You should finish Breanna's book, review it, and then if you'd like, start on my book.
andrewsgirl: review it, Mommy?
maralady: if you don't regularly review the books you read, especially when the author was published by someone outside the "big 5," I want you to start reviewing. those reviews are important to the author in so many ways. Sometimes getting reviews can mean the difference between sales and no sales
andrewsgirl: i never thought of it that way, Mommy, but I'll start reviewing from now on
andrewsgirl: I'm so surprised I fell asleep- I didn't feel sleepy, Mommy
maralady: you're still keeping your journal, you said, when'd you wake today?
andrewsgirl: I slept in until 9am.
maralady: It could have been because you were feeling sad and upset. Don't feel too bad. Andrew doesn't have a rule against you taking naps, does he?
andrewsgirl: no, Mommy. I'm usually on top of my chores so He figures that if I end up napping, I must have needed it
maralady: that's a good and sensible dom of him

I smiled. How weird it was to see Mommy talking about Master as a dom. Although I suspected they were texting and goodness only knew what it was they talked about, besides teasing me.

maralady: you mentioned Andrew talking about web-cams on your computer; did you need to wait for his permission to see if yours works?
andrewsgirl: He didn't say one way or the other, Mommy. just that He was going to check on the software. why?
maralady: oh don't worry about it, sweet. I was just thinking. I'll talk to Andrew myself. No need for you to do anything, sweetie. Just be a good girl.

I squeezed my legs together- how Mommy had taken me from sleepy, anxious, and sad to aroused and edging toward in role. I loved my Mommy so much. I gazed at Mommy's text, smiling.


  1. This scene is so cute. I was like "Awe" when she fell asleep with April while reading.
    Mommy and Joey are really starting to connect and I love what she did with the bedroom. (sorry, I know that wasn't in the except... opps!)

    1. no problem :) I have zipped around "Mommy" and i think I may have shared bits about the guest room. yeah, falling asleep with April :) but then I'm guessing from your comments that you've already read what comes directly before this excerpt, meaning you've gotten to see part of why she fell asleep cuddling with her stuffed dog. thanks for the comment

  2. Very sweet scene Joelle :) I too loved when she fell asleep with April.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. Could you guess which of Breanna (Hayze's, yes, I do include Breanna's full name earlier in the story when Joey's mentioning to Mommy the book she's going to start reading soon)'s books she was going to read? :D

  3. Rofl! Joelle I was just going to say don't tease me, when I remembered that I did indeed have a copy of Mommy. No more teasing Meredith! :-)

    1. lol too funny, Meredith. thanks for the comment and the laugh. I hope you're enjoying it, whether you're to this point in the story or not :D

  4. "a good and sensible Dom" ... hehe

    And aroused and edging is ... :) :) :)

    1. yup.. of course that wouldn't be one eating potato chips while worrying if His blood pressure will keep Him from the better paying job... but nope, I didn't say such a naughty thing :D

      yeah I know :D HOOOOOTTTT lol
      thanks for the comment, Sheri