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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#WIPiTuP the finale- in which Master and Mommy allow Joey to cum for them

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

Yes, I know I'm terrible :D I made Melody Parks wait until this week to get the end of the scene. Well not even just Melody... there were quite a few calling me a tease last week lmao. But no evil laughter this week. I'm sharing the end of the scene and announcing just a few last scenes to write before it gets spell checked and handed off to the BRs. I plan at least one more snippet from it before I consider what I'm doing next for this hop. So this is the finale of the sex between Master, Mommy, and Joey. You can pick up the other parts here- one, two, and three.


Master reclined in the middle of the bed, His thighs looking even more gorgeous as He spread them for me. "Come here, little girl," He ordered, His voice holding just enough growl for me to feel it throughout me.

I shambled over Master's legs, all awkward, flailing limbs. I fell onto my butt, my legs falling open against His thighs.

"I do so like this." Master grasped the bottom hem of the bra-let in His fingers, pushing under the fabric to drag His fingers across my already sensitive breasts.

"Master," I whimpered. I licked my lips. How'd I get myself into this situation?

"I think since you've been so good, we'll get these wet things off you." Master's hands moved over my hips. My panties obeyed His urging, fleeing down my legs, off my body.

"Thanks, Master." My lips trembled at the sudden coolness between my legs, my hot, wet body suddenly exposed.

"That did really turn you on." Master dipped His fingers between my legs, His long middle finger pressing into my cunt. "What part turned you on the most?"

What part? "Ah... watching You kiss Mommy, Master."

"Not your mouth on her, tasting her, sucking her clit?"

"Master!" I reared up off the bed, pushing His finger deeper into me. "That... too... Master."

"Now what did you want to do with this girl?" Master moved His fingers, merely holding me spread open to Mommy's view.

"I want you to pin her legs wide open with yours. I want you to restrain her right arm."

I bit my lip- Mommy knows I'm right handed.

Master chuckled, the sound tickling me deep inside. He lifted His legs and pushed them down on top of mine. Then He grabbed my right arm with His, locking it behind me, my hand resting between His legs, against His hardening cock.

"Master," I whispered, arching into Him. A zing of pleasure traveled through my body along with the slight strain, pain of my arm so restrained.

Mommy knelt between our legs. She grasped my left hand for a moment before kissing my knuckles. "Sweet girl." She then placed that hand between my legs. She dragged my fingers over my outer labia, then moved them in. With her guiding pressure, I pushed against my piercings for a moment before my finger tips slide farther into my wetness. She pulled my fingers back out. She forced my fingers to dance around my clit, touching just the hood, but not the clit itself.

"Mommy, please!" I begged, unsure of the rules, just feeling such overwhelming frustration.

Mommy laughed softly. "Please what?"

I groaned at Mommy using the words I so often heard on Master's lips. "Please I need to come, Mommy."

"What will it take to make you come, little girl? I'm going to let go of your hand now and I want you to show me. Make yourself come for me." Mommy sat back on her knees.

Mommy knew what she was doing when she had Master restrain my right arm.

I let my fingers slid back into my cunt; two fingers, three fingers. I started to fuck myself on my fingers, my hips moving up and down. I pulled up sharply, my fingers mashing my clit down. I settled into a blistering rhythm, fingers jamming into my cunt, my palm working against my clit.

"Master, Mommy!" I shuddered against Master, my gaze fixed on Mommy's lovely face. My toes pointed. My chest heaved with my panting. "Please please please! I need to come please. Mommy? Please." I coughed, my body shaking within Master's grasp.

"What's she doing with her right hand?"

"Lovely little strokes, growing faster as she gets closer to coming." Master's voice so close to my ear teased me.

"Please," I begged, the word cracking with how close I was. I just needed one of them to say yes. "Please."

"Come for me," Mommy ordered.

I closed my eyes. I was sure my face was beet red in my release, so forceful the orgasm felt throughout me, stealing my breath. I froze against Master, my head pushed into His chest, my moans louder than I expected.

"That's my girl." Master kissed my neck. "My good little slave."

Mommy patted my thigh.

I opened my eyes to find her smiling down on us.

"And to think, Andrew, you invited me for the week."

Master released me although I remained between His legs.

Mommy lay down on the other side of Master. She rested her head against His chest beside mine.

"A week's a good start."

I closed my eyes again, basking in their closeness.


  1. Oh wow, this was such a hot scene Joelle ... and you are such a tease :) Ohnjy, a whole week ...


    1. well hopefully it'll be moving on to submitting and publishing really quick so you can enjoy the whole thing as fast as you can read :D thanks for the comment, Roz

  2. That was a great end to that scene! Thank you for not leaving us a cliffhanger again! I can't wait to read this! :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith :) I'm sure you'll enjoy it all

  3. I'm fanning myself. Oh man, I love how how holds her down while Mommy instructs her and makes her use her left hand.
    I'm a little sad too though. This being the last we'll see of Mommy, Master and Joey until the book is released. So looking forward to the whole book.
    Great new decor on your blog here too, Joelle. Who's the hunk with the studded stine? .

    1. aww, I'll have to tell my Master you said that :D because that's my Master, just a few years ago, at a renfest made into my background. And He actually made that stine Himself. it's hilarious when I carry it for Him- it's literally the size of my torso.

      But don't worry on Mommy... the last little bits on Saturday and next Wednesday. Now it seems you didn't see my celebration post about finishing the first draft of "Mommy" last night :D so go check on FB 'cause there's a PM from me waiting about it :D

  4. It was sooo worth the wait, Joelle!! Ahhh ... I feel so much better ... ;)

    1. lol Shelly, glad it was worth the wait :) and thanks for the comment. I'm just happy to have it off to the two BRs reading it this morning so I'm back to work on Vala along with reading for this hop

  5. Well you write faster than I do, that's for sure. Off the to BRs already, wow. I don't have BRs. I like to just spring stuff on an unsuspecting and terrified public. Heh. Congrats Joelle!

    1. remember Sheri that I got like 45K last November before life went kablooey and I gave up on nanowrimo. and I use BRs 'cause is sounds better than "two author friends who'd really like to read the book and will hopefully have some kick ass suggestions before I try submitting it to a pub" but thanks much for the comment and the congrats :)

  6. A great end with a hint that the characters will be have more fun.