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Friday, October 17, 2014

Sue Lyndon got the adult tag on Amazon? She's here to tell why & share her "Mine by Christmas"

Mine by Christmas: My experience with an Amazon adult tagged book

Thanks for inviting me to visit you, Joelle! I’m here today to talk a bit about my new release, Mine by Christmas, which spent a couple of hours with a dreaded adult tag on Amazon the other day. The book has been freed from the dungeon thanks to my publisher acting immediately, but if I hadn’t noticed the book was adult tagged it would have probably killed my sales. To help other authors avoid this issue, I’ll share what I know about adult tags.

What does it mean when a book has been adult tagged on Amazon?

It means someone at Amazon has flagged your book as adult, possibly due to the cover showing too much skin, the title containing certain keywords Amazon frowns upon (like slave, breed, rape, noncon, dubious consent, Daddy, and the list goes on I’m sure). An adult tag removes a book from Amazon searches and makes the book very hard to find. It makes your book virtually invisible, which of course is bad news for sales. For my book, we changed “Mine by Christmas: A BDSM Holiday Erotica Collection” to simply “Mine by Christmas” as well as removed a warning beneath the blurb that said “for adult readers only.” Changing those two things did the trick. Which sucks. Because that means having “BDSM” in a title is probably a new no-no.

How do I know if my book has been adult tagged?

There are two ways to determine if your book has been adult tagged. Visit salesrankexpess.com and type in the book title and author. If your book has been adult tagged, the listing will display “ADULT” in bright red next to the title. Another method of determining if your book is adult tagged is to go to Amazon.com and search in “ALL” categories for your book. If it isn’t found in the results, your book has been adult tagged.

How do I get an adult tag removed from my book?

Contact your publisher. They can help you evaluate whether the issue is with the cover, blurb, or title, make the necessary changes, and contact Amazon to ask them to please consider removing the adult tag. This is how I went about it and within hours my adult tag was removed. If you’re self-published, you’ll have to make the changes (which unfortunately involves guessing what the problem is because Amazon often won’t tell you if it’s the cover, blurb, or title), and contact KDP support and ask them to consider removing the adult tag. The sooner you act, the better. You want readers to easily find your book on Amazon!

Excerpt from Marry Me in Montana (Mine by Christmas):

He gave her a sharp swat. “Naughty,” he said in a scolding tone. “You will behave during this spanking, young lady, or I’ll have you fetch your hairbrush out of your suitcase.”
A small whimper left her and she ceased all movement.
“Now, let this be a lesson for you, Amy. If you misbehave in the future, especially once we are married, you can expect a bare bottom spanking that results in a very sore, reddened little butt.”
Again, she looked over her shoulder at him with wide eyes. “Seriously?”
He covered her left cheek, giving it a firm squeeze. “Seriously. A warmed bottom will help you remember to mind me, don’t you think?”
“I-I suppose so.” She turned around and fisted her hands in the covers, and he suspected it was taking all her self-control not to squirm over his erection or push her bottom into his hand. Despite her nervousness, she was obviously enjoying herself.
“All right, then. Time for your spanking, Amy.” He landed a swat across her bottom, and she tensed and gasped at the first blow. Again, his hand came down, over and over as he moved to alternate spanks from left cheek to right cheek. More whimpers escaped her, and the harder he spanked her, the quicker her breaths came. She parted her thighs and lifted her bottom up, meeting each smack that rained down. “Amy,” he warned. “This is supposed to be a punishment.”
She sighed. “Maybe you should spank me harder then. You mustn’t allow me to get away with such naughty behavior.”
“I think perhaps it’s time for these pants to come down.” He gripped the top of her yoga pants and pulled them down, revealing her panty-clad bottom. She wore a pair of lace-trimmed purple panties that hugged her ass perfectly, and his desire escalated at the thought of pulling them down.
What was he doing? He was torturing himself, that’s what. At this rate, it would take a miracle for him to last two more days without having his way with her. She was right before him, a breathless, squirming, very willing temptation. He shook the images of fucking her senseless away, and focused on spanking her overtop her panties, his hand bouncing off her rounded flesh. Dark pink marred her backside around the hemline of her panties, evidence that he was indeed reddening her bottom as promised.
“Ouch! This is starting to hurt, Jake. Okay, okay, you’ve made your point.” She struggled to rise up, but he pushed her down and draped one of his legs atop hers, holding her in place.
“Are you going to behave these next two days?” he asked, swatting her harder.


Mine by Christmas contains three short, naughty stories by Sue Lyndon

Marry Me in Montana:

Amy's frustrated over Jake's old-fashioned ideals and his refusal to consummate their marriage before they say their vows, even more so when a
blizzard causes them to miss their own wedding. It's too bad they can't get hitched in the middle of the snowstorm...or can they?

Snowed in with Santa:

Will Jared's dark desires scare the inexperienced Alana away?

Christmas with the Professor:

Angela suspects her former Psychology professor is kinky, but when she tries to tease the Dom out of him she gets much, much more than she bargained for.

Buy Links:

*read for free with Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited*


  1. Love the sound of this Sue. Great snippet! Glad you managed to get the adult tag removed. Thanks for hosting Joelle :)


    1. you're welcome, Roz :) I think it's so important for readers and writers in the erotic genres to be aware of what the Amazon tag means; heck, it's like I reminded me BR when I was telling her about inviting Sue to post- "I check once a week to see if I've gotten the tag or not."

  2. Crappy experience, that tag. I feel for anyone who gets hit with it. :(

    1. I agree, Sheri, especially with the things that Sue's publisher removed from her title and blurb to get 'Zon to remove the tag. Um, hello? It's a BDSM book meant for adults.

    2. Crappy experience indeed. What's terrible is a lot of authors don't even know their books are adult tagged.

  3. Thanks for hosting me today, Joelle! :)

    1. You're welcome, Sue :) Glad to help you with some promo for this book, especially after the struggle of the stupid adult tag

  4. These sound really good. Thanks for the information about the adult rating.

    1. I've yet to read a book of Sue's that I didn't like and I love how simply she explains about the adult tags. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Good tips. Important things to know. :)

    1. thanks for stopping by, Laurel. I appreciated how Sue talked about the bind that Amazon's policies and practices around adult tagging further hurt self-publishers.

  6. Terrific information. Thank you for sharing it, Joelle. Three of my books live in the dungeon, two though, I totally understand. The third - sigh - makes no sense. Apparently the forced orgasm sequence was too much! You have inspired me to take another shot at having it removed.

    Great excerpt, as always!

    1. Maggie, we're friends on facebook right? Give me a PM! In case you haven't noticed, I'm big on hosting friends to promo books that have been adult tagged and/or banned from Amazon. LOL forced orgasm, maybe. That's frustrating about your book that you're unsure of- have you talked to the publisher (if it isn't self-pubbed)? I'm still so surprised, frustrated by the little changes that it took Sue's publisher to get the tag off her book.