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Friday, October 24, 2014

#SatSpanks Just getting ready for a shower, paddle brush in hand "Mommy" FF spanking

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Now some of this has been on the Saturday Spankings blog hop before, but please bear with me. After my BRs finished with my book "Mommy," I decided that both given my target audience as well as the publishers I'm considering submitting it to, a naughty cyber scene where Mommy and Joey roleplayed feeling each others' pee would be much better as a spanking. I'm going to share the build up to the spanking, the spanking itself, and a moment of care. Aren't you glad for Spank or Treat? (You noticed the picture/link for it in my right column, right? :D) I'd decided to be nice and share it all since the 8 sentence rule is lifted- I believe that'll mean sharing from my Nano-novel as I write it. And yes, I know I said "the last of 'Mommy'," but you get this more because I'm gearing up for Nanowrimo :)

maralady: such a lovely paddle brush. I carefully pull it through your hair, enjoying when a curl wraps around my finger.
andrewsgirl: I'm staying very still for you, Mommy
maralady: you have such lovely hair; I could never tire of brushing it, but now it's time to get into the shower. I nudge you into the shower
andrewsgirl: the warm water feels so good when I step in farther to give you room to join me, Mommy. I step under the regular shower head so you can enjoy the rain shower head first.
maralady: thanks, sweet girl. I've never gotten to experience one of these before. Have you ever seen another woman naked?
andrewsgirl: not really, Mommy. we're supposed to shower after gym, but none of us do- there's not enough time to do that and get to our next classes.
maralady: That is very naughty of you- the other girls being bad does not give you a reason to skip showering
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy.

I squirmed in my chair. My toes curled against my footstool.

andrewsgirl: but I'm looking at you now, Mommy
maralady: I take one of your hands and place it on my breast. see, they're rather like yours, just a bit larger.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy
maralady: I guide your hand down my chest, down my stomach. I'm not skinny anymore like you are; I'm a grown woman
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy, but you're not fat, Mommy

I pressed my hand against my lips; I hadn't meant to say it quite like that.

maralady: it's okay, sweet girl. I know how you meant it. I pull you close to me and wrap my arms around your shoulders.
andrewsgirl: I'm surprised to find my face nestled between your beautiful breasts, Mommy. I sigh at your hand rubbing my back in small circles, stroking my hair. It all feels so good, the water pouring over us, you holding me close.
maralady: such a good girl.

Mommy's words went straight to my clit, making it throb.

maralady: have you ever gotten a spanking in the shower?

I blushed. I wasn’t expecting that question.

andrewsgirl: no, Mommy.
maralady: I think you need one now for those school showers you skipped.
andrewsgirl: But Mommy, I'm embarrassed to undress in front of the other girls
maralady: There's no reason to be embarrassed. This time, I'll spank with my hand as a warning, but I expect you to take your showers from now on.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy. I...

I stared at my screen. What was I going to say next?

maralady: just relax and put your hands up on the wall. I step close enough to start rubbing your shoulders.
andrewsgirl: thanks, Mommy. the rubbing feels so good.
maralady: I'm still stroking your neck with one hand as I spank your butt. Because this is a warning, I will only spank you until your bottom is pink.
andrewsgirl: I'll take a shower next gym time, I swear, Mommy
maralady: I know you will. I like patting your little butt, but you need to stop tensing. It'll just hurt worse.
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy. oh Mommy, your spanks hurt so much.
maralady: they're supposed to so you remember to talk a shower next time. My hand is better than a bath brush though, isn't it? Can you imagine how much that would hurt?

I pictured my bath brush, its thick wooden handle and rough head of bristles. I hoped Master's jokes always stayed that way and never became a real application of that fearsome tool on my backside.

maralady: your skin has the prettiest pink color, a little red in the places my fingers touched. Bend over just a bit more
andrewsgirl: but why, Mommy?
maralady: are you sassing your mommy?
andrewsgirl: never, Mommy. I press my cheek against the shower wall as I move my feet back, sticking my naughty butt out
maralady: now I can spank your sitspots better. I want your upper thighs pink too. I'm just feeling a sting in my hand, but the marks on your butt and thighs make me happy. I hope they remind you to obey

I whimpered, fighting the desire to rock against my chair, see if that would give enough rubbing on my clit, push the plugs around, give any relief

maralady: Will you remember to shower?
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy, I'll shower every time. Please, Mommy
maralady: good girl, come back to Mommy. you look so pretty, your hair, your body all wet

andrewsgirl: thank you, Mommy. thanks for holding me


  1. Oh how I do love the chats between Mommy and Joey! :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith :) I didn't quite want to share the whole scene, but at least this rewritten bit. I think it went well, changing the peeing to a spanking :D

  2. That was both tender, stern, hot and sweet. All of that comes as no surprise. You always manage to add the special element of loving and trust.

    1. thanks for the comment, Jolynn :) It's always lovely to have someone see what you were intending to do :)

  3. Now that sounds like quite a shower.