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Friday, October 31, 2014

Samhaine or Winternights or Halloween- October 31st with The Queen and his family. Sex and stories

So writing this was part of why I got a late start to reading Spank or Treat- I didn't want others' stories to color this story; I was fairly sure that my imaginings with these pagan characters from my Vala's Story serial wouldn't have much if anything in common with those other stories. As I read on one site, Winternights as Asatru or Norse Pagans (as The Queen understands part of his spirituality) call the holiday that roughly coincides with the American Halloween or Celtic Samhaine lacks much of the darker or creepy side of those holidays. Just a warning, this is a long story as I allowed myself to tell it without worrying about word count, although at 1411 words, it's not over the Spank or Treat maximum- you can still use the SoT picture in my right column btw to get to Anastasia Vitsky's page about the hop. After you enjoy my story, if you would like some sexy Halloween fun, why don't you head over to Anastasia's page for the link? :)


The Queen sat on the edge of his bed, looking down at his hands. Palms, then tops of his hands. He flipped his hands again. He studied the lines on his palms. "You know, I've never really bought the idea of palm reading," he said to Tommy without looking up.

"That first time we met, my Queen, I noticed how strong your hands looked." Tommy picked up The Queen's right hand and placed it on his waist. "Are you thinking on this being your first Winternights after your mother's passing?"

"The contraction give me away?" The Queen snorted.

"Just a little. I wondered if this might be a difficult holiday for you, my Queen." Tommy stepped between The Queen's spread legs. "Do you think that sitting alone, sad, and naked is the best way to honor who your mother could have been, should have been?"

"No, it's not." The Queen pressed his face against Tommy's t-shirt clad stomach. "Baby boy, what are all my other pagans doing?"

"Iona, Prisca, and Vala have their subs dressed warmly and are outside. Not sure what they have planned."

"Why aren't you with them, baby?" The Queen kept his eyes closed as he held Tommy and breathed him in.

"I was worried about you, my Queen." Tommy licked his lips at The Queen looking up at him.

"Come here," The Queen growled as he pulled Tommy down onto his lap, the boy straddling his master's legs. "What do you need to stop worrying about me?" He brushed his lips against his boy's cheek.

"Uh..." Tommy grunted.

"And such a teasing boy to come to me with only a shirt on." The Queen moved Tommy until their cocks pressed against each other.

"I wasn't trying to be teasing, my Queen." Tommy nuzzled his face against The Queen's neck.
"But now you are."

"Now I've felt your hard cock, my Queen. Please let me please you somehow." Tommy continued to press tiny kisses along his master's jaw, the underside of his neck.

"I don't know what I want," The Queen whined.

"Maybe you'd like to come in my mouth, my Queen." Tommy's kisses moved to The Queen's earlobe and he sucked the fleshy bit into his mouth. He lowered his voice to a murmur, "I'd love for you to come in my mouth."

"That sounds good." The Queen scooted back on his bed, pulling Tommy along with him. He pushed the shirt off so they were skin to skin. His hands wound into Tommy's hair as he claimed the lips in a brutal kiss.

Tommy writhed against The Queen. His hand slipped to his master's chest, caressing and lightly pinching.

The Queen broke the kiss to push on the top of Tommy's head.

Tommy squirmed his way down the bed, hungrily kissing The Queen's skin as he made his way, over chest and stomach. "Love you, my Queen," he murmured against the beloved skin. He groaned as the muscles rippled at his touches. He breathed in to smell that divine musk that was all about The Queen's arousal. He opened his mouth to suck the cock in. His face was lovely warm against his master's body.

The Queen stroked Tommy's hair. "My good boy," he crooned. "That feels so good, my baby boy."

Tommy luxuriated in the moment, enjoying The Queen's words as much as he enjoyed the gloriously hard cock in his mouth. Pubic hair against his chin even felt wonderful beyond words. He basked in the taste, the textures as he sucked and moaned. Love to suck your cock, my Queen. His hand crept up onto the lightly thrusting hip. He clung as The Queen took the sucking to face fucking. He shuddered from shoulders to toes in ecstasy. His fingers pressed into The Queen's ass in his joy.

"Gonna fuck my cum into your mouth. Make you swallow every drop," The Queen grunted.

Tommy's toes curled. Yes, thanks, my Queen! He relaxed his throat.

The Queen thrust deeper into Tommy.

Tommy pictured his master's smile at his momentary gagging. His body went rigid as if in orgasm.

"Good boy." The Queen cried out, the sound garbled with deep groans. He panted.

Tommy swallowed as he could, small movements of his mouth and lips, still wrapped around The Queen's cock. He whimpered at the perfect taste, his master's cum filling him. Thank you, my Queen.

After a moment, The Queen eased his cock out of Tommy's mouth before pulling his boy up to him. "I hope we're both better now."

Tommy lifted his lips for The Queen's soft kiss. "Yes, thanks, my Queen." He nestled against his master, his eyes closing as he basked in the embrace.

The Queen pulled some of his comforter over them. "That was over all too quick."

Tommy tilted his head to look at The Queen's face. "But my Queen, articles say that the marathon sex in porns isn't very realistic and most guys come within five or so minutes."

The Queen chuckled. "Trying to make me feel even better? What about you?"

"No fair, two questions, my Queen." Tommy grinned. "I feel good just making you come, seeing you smile, and if it's all the same to you, my Queen, I'd rather enjoy holding on to this pent up sexual energy until after some celebrating outside."

"Such a good boy." The Queen kissed Tommy's forehead and then lips. "But outside means leaving the warmth of the bed, putting clothes on."

Tommy giggled. "Sometimes that has to happen, my Queen."

"Okay. Another moment and we shall join them."

"My Queen! My Lord!" Vala approached The Queen and Tommy as they stepped into the backyard with large black mugs in hand. "Mulled cider?"

"Yes, thanks, my love." The Queen kissed Vala's forehead and accepted the mug from her. "Simon set up the slow cooker again this year."

Vala giggled. "Yes, thankfully, my Queen. The crocks of mulled cider have made cleaning the first floor of the living wing absolutely scrumptious today."

"Silly." Tommy kissed Vala's cheek and then took the other mug. "Anyone organizing anything out here?"

"Iona and Prisca both worshiped privately earlier, they said, my Lord. I was hoping maybe The Queen might tell a story." Vala blinked cutely at The Queen.

"I was too, my Queen." Adan danced up to the group, Ailin trailing behind her.

"Me too, my Queen." Ailin laughed as he moved beside his sister.

"A story?" The Queen continued to the group sitting around a blazing firepit. "Am I just supposed to create something out of nothing?"

"Of course not, my Queen." Vala sat in the empty chair to The Queen's left as Tommy occupied the one to his right. "This holiday is about ancestors in many ways, but too many of us have bad or at least distant relationships with our immediate relatives. What about an imagining of a distant ancestor? Mightn't it be fun to imagine a day in the life of your ancestors when they were still in Germany, my Queen?"

"Hm." The Queen sipped his cider. "But what of your ancestors, Vala? Wasn't it your grandparents who came over from Wales? At what ages?"

"Um, my parents never told me that, but I don't want a story of my ancestors, my Queen. You could do Greece; Iona and Greta would enjoy that."

Greta snorted. "You are such a brat."

"What about the twins, my Queen? You know quite a bit about Ireland." Vala wiggled in her chair.

"Come sit on my lap, brat, I mean, Vala." The group laughed at The Queen's words as he patted his lap.

"Yes, my Queen." Vala skipped her way to The Queen and snuggled into his lap. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, my Queen."

"Anyone need to refresh their cider before I start?" The Queen lovingly glanced from one slave to another. He stroked Vala's hair as people hurried over to the table of slow cookers and platters of edibles.

Vala whispered, "I'm glad to see my Lord Tommy somehow got you feeling better, my Queen."

"Uh huh. Good that your bratting did not undo it." The Queen gave Vala an one armed-hug. "Maybe playing with this little girl would be good for relief later, Tommy?"

Tommy giggled. "I'd be most appreciative, my Queen."

"So my ancestors in Germany? I think I can imagine that story." The Queen leaned toward Tommy to kiss him. "Happy Samhaine, my baby boy."


  1. Hot story Joelle, and yet kind of tender too. I loved it. :)

    1. thanks for the comment, Constance. Yeah, I didn't want a creep Halloween story- I wanted what it'd look like in The Queen's household.

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