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Monday, October 6, 2014

Nudism experiment ... April and Naan go to dinner

So over all Naan and April enjoyed becoming acquainted in last week's scene of LGBTQIA+/QUILTBAG mixer (yes, I decided this week to add more letters to be more inclusive :D). I'd debated what to do next. If I should show Naan and/or April at other tables or to skip to the end of the mixer. In the end, I decided to bring my dears together at the end...


Naan watched as April approached hir after the last sounding of the Buddhist singing bowl.

"I know those three from home so I decided to let someone else finish out the quad when I saw you standing alone still," April said by way of explanation.

"I'm glad." Naan took one of April's hands. "Join me for dinner? I read the theme is Middle Eastern for this meal."

"Sure." April walked along with Maya. "Thanks so much for arranging this mixer. I had a great time."

"Glad to hear it." Maya stopped organizing papers to turn to Naan and April. "Naan, did you have dinner plans, since you were wanting the dish on my squeeze?"

Naan laughed. "Actually April and I were going to eat. Wanna join us?"

"April, you don't mind?" Maya smiled at April.

"That'd be fun."

"Why don't you two go enjoy some dinner and I'll join you in a bit once I get this room straightened out?"

"See you in a bit." April happily walked out of the room with Naan. She giggled a bit. "Uh"

"Sex on the first date?" Naan joined April in laughter.

"How'd you know what direction my mind had gone?" April pulled her bottom lip between her teeth.

"I guessed 'cause you were licking your lips. And such pretty lips." Naan leaned close to April's neck just a moment to get a better smell of the teasing scent of rosewater perfume. "To answer your unspoken question, sometimes, if it feels right."

The two went along in companionable silence to the ballroom where meals were being held.

April stepped into the short line that showed they had arrived between rushes. She studied the menu before grabbing a tray. "The choices this week have made eating so pleasant."

"Vegetarian or vegan?" Naan guessed.

"I lean towards vegan, but I don't worry too much about dairy, eggs, and honey except when I'm at home, when I keep strict vegan." April turned her smile on the serving person. "I'd like to get the vegetarian platter please and a papaya juice."

"Very good," the serving person replied and got to work. His voice a happy lit, he continued, "Would you like pita to go with the hummus?"

"Yes, please."


Naan sat in the empty chair beside April. "I am particularly bad at small talk, if you haven't noticed yet."

"I've been enjoying your company even so." April took a bite of falafel. "So what do you?"

"A bit of everything." Naan's shoulder-length curly black hair bobbed forward as ze leaned in to sip hir lentil soup. "Which is the nice way to say, no I don't work a 9-to-5 job or am a regular college student." Ze looked around the large ballroom for a moment. "All the food smells, it's almost like being at home, even though Iran was never really a home for me, nor the place I lived with my parents." Ze leaned back in hir chair. "Some days I'm busy with a non-profit focused on helping intersexed people around the world. I'm also taking some community college classes. I also do some amateur decorating, design as that's what I'm studying."

"That sounds far more interesting than my life. I'm just a plain old secretary."

"All our lives are interesting in some way, no matter how it might look like the mainstream." Naan took fork and knife to hir side of meat as ze continued talking, "Do your parents still live on a commune? Are you in touch with them?"

"Yes and yes."April beamed. "Other than the secretary thing, they are pretty happy to see how my adult life has turned out. Though sometimes I think my mom dreams of me returning to the commune and taking up the writing I'd always hoped to do."

Naan perked up. "What sort of writing?"

"Largely memoir mixed with politics and philosophy."

"Might I read some of your writing sometime?"

"Of course. Oh, oops." A bite of the grape leaf roll dropped onto April's breast, drawing Naan's eyes there.

"Right here, Maya," Naan recovered before either of them could have a response to the glance.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," Maya soothed as she sat next to Naan.

Naan patted April's thigh. "Just keeping April from having to fill in the gaps of my stilted attempts at conversation." She smiled shyly at April before turning back to Maya. "So?"

"Hir name is Kim. It's long distance- ze's in law school in Texas now." Maya wrinkled her nose.
Naan and April laughed at Maya's antics.

"But ze says it's perfect practice for being a social justice lawyer. Ze arrived at school non-religious but found Unitarian Universalism from an active campus ministry. Ze is wonderfully tall, makes me feel like a little kid. We're starting off as monogamous while we feel things out."

"When do I get to meet hir?" Naan picked up hir things and arranged them on hir tray.

"The fall conference. I'm so happy." Maya studied April and Naan for a moment. "You two look so cute together."

"You didn't pair us first on purpose, did you?" April teased.

Naan's shoulders relaxed to see hir new and old friend joking.

"It was just the luck on the draw," Maya swore.

"Right." Naan rolled hir eyes at Maya. "Going to any of the parties tonight?"

"Nope. Kim and I are Skype-ing." Maya broke out in a grin. "I hope you don't mind the eat-and-run, but I wanted to shower and freshen up before our date."

April giggled. "Those are important things."

Maya popped up from her chair and rushed away.

"Do you want to" Naan started.

"Come back to my room," April finished.

"Whose room?" Naan grinned.

"You in a single? I practically have a colony in my room." April laughed at Naan's smirk. "Funny haha."

"But yes, it's just me. I sometimes need down time away from everyone."

Come back next week to see what happens in Naan's room. (UPDATE- here's the 3rd piece, the finale as far as 10/23/2014 is concerned http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/10/naan-and-april-in-naans-room.html )

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