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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Naan and April- in Naan's room

So maybe it was a good thing that life, health etc kept me from writing the pieces of this series too close together; I just without trying too hard found myself at 1207 words of sex. Sure, there were fits and starts- my Master's snoring, me feeling moody, writing with non-gendered pronouns for Naan, figuring out the shape of hir genitals- yeah, it wasn't seamless, but once I got writing about 300 words in, I found the scene just flowing. Of course, Naan and April decided my plans for their intimate time were rubbish and they gave me their own hot scene. I have ideas involving them flitting through my head for my Nano-novel; come back on Monday 10/27 to read what my plans are. Those joining just today are invited to read part 1 here and part two here first.


Naan closed the door behind hir. "The good thing about a nudist conference? No need for that moment of 'my genitals do not match your perception of me'."

April smiled at Naan. "I imagine. That must be scary, to have that conversation. I'm glad that among nudists you're saved from it." She took Naan's left hand in hers and brought it up to her lips for a soft kiss. "I find all of you beautiful."

"Thanks." Still with joined left hands, Naan wrapped hir arm around April's waist and drew her into a tight embrace. Ze sighed when she repeated hir gesture, those long fingers wrapping around hir waist. "Do you often wear rosewater?"

"Favorite scent," April replied with her head tilted back to look at Naan's face. "Love your eyes. Make me think of the chocolate milk my mom would make after a long day of farm chores."

"I remind you of milk?" Naan gave a small snorting laugh.

"I didn't mean it like that." April's gaze drifted down to Naan's lips, parted and cherry red. She stretched her neck to kiss those lips, a soft press of skin to skin.

"Hmm," Naan moaned. Ze accepted April's questing tongue into hir.

April danced them toward the hotel bed, Naan trusting her lead. She let go of hir hand to push back the comforter, its unusually soft texture almost surprising her out of the erotic moment.

"I already changed out the hotel comforter for my own," Naan mumbled into April's mouth. Ze gasped to find hirself pushed onto the bed. One foot pushed under the skewed comforter as ze spread hir legs to welcome her closer.

April shot to the foot of the bed near Naan's foot. "Ticklish?" she asked with her mouth perched just above one delightfully brown and squirming toe. She sucked it into her mouth before more than a sucked in breath sounded above her. She opened her mouth to take in another toe.

Naan mewled. Hir head nestled into the fluffy pillow with its thrashings, black hair startlingly against the white pillowcase. Ze tensed as April released hir toe to start kissing up hir foot, then ankle.

This isn't like usual. I want you as you are. April dragged her tongue along the side of Naan's leg, tracing into the inner knee for a heady moment. The fuzz of hir body hair was a pleasant surprise, especially its uniformity; ze wasn't a lifelong nudist, but ze definitely lacked the tapered off hair of a textile wearer.

"Oh... um..." Naan stammered as April licked hir mid-thigh.

April lifted her head. "Protection?"

Naan gestured wildly at the nightstand.

April leaned over Naan and opened the door. Two latex gloves, two lime green dental dams, and a condom in hand, she put her attention back where she wanted it. She ran her teeth over his skin, pulling in just a bit to bite, not too hard. She breathed in deep, feeling the glorious smell of hir sex. Skin so soft tempted her at the inner thighs; she moved from one to the other, kisses and licks rewarding her with Naan's pleading moans.

Such divine relaxation. Ze's trusting that I'm here with hir. April knelt up between Naan's legs. Her gaze divided between the slight tension on the beautiful face above her and pulling the glove on. She giggled when she noticed a bottle of lube on the table. As if reading her mind, she suddenly felt the bottle in her gloved hand, placed there by hir. She poured the slippery fluid over her gloved fingers, between Naan's legs. Her finger tips moved over the clit, the penis and scrotum. Her thumb dipped to stroke the clit in slow circles even as she wrapped her fingers around the hardening penis.

"That feels so good," Naan whimpered. Ze lifted hir hips, spread hir legs farther.

"I'm glad." April let her hand travel away from the clit just long enough to wrap her fist around the head of Naan's cock. "Never got to asking, do you have any hard limits?"

Naan laughed. "Non-human animals, kids, and dead things. I'll consider anything else."

April returned Naan's grin. "Good." She paused to pull the other glove onto her naked hand. She returned to her stroking, making up for a slight softness that happened as she and ze joked. Penis once again hard, she rolled the condom down on it.

"I like where this is going." Naan rested hir hands on hir chest. Ze pinched both nipples.

"Just like that." April scrambled to straddle Naan's hips. She reached behind her and found the cock, slippery and silky. She guided it into her pussy, moaning in harmony with her partner. She lifted her hips before sinking back down. The sensation of pinching nipples rippled through her as she watched Naan. Her speed increased as did their moans.

"Please." Naan's lips remained parted.

"Sit up. Let me wrap my legs around you," April ordered. Her whimpered matched Naan's as their bodies adjusted with hir struggles to sit up. She tightened her legs around hir waist and started her humping movements again. She pulled the glove off her right hand before burying it in the silky black hair she'd been hoping to caress. I wonder. She reached behind her with the still gloved hand. Her finger slipped over lubed skin, pressing clit and stimulating prostate from the outside.

"Yes! Yes!" Naan claimed April's lips in a plundering kiss. Ze moaned at their breasts tight against each other, nipples throbbing.

April strained to take and give as much pleasure as possible. She squeezed her legs hard around Naan. She was so close to coming, but worried about Naan. She broke the kiss to drag her lips along hir jaw; she tugged on hir earlobe with her teeth. She groaned and closed her eyes. She felt her forehead tighten and knew.

"That's right. Let me feel you come. Are you coming?" Naan breathed in harsh pants against April's cheek.

"Gods, yes, I've wanted you like this since I first saw you." April shuddered.

"Keep using your hand like that," Naan coaxed.

April continued stroking Naan's clit even as she reached one lubed finger between hir cheeks.

Naan hissed in pleasure. Ze cried out, the sound husky and demanding. "Gonna come!"

April felt one finger slip into Naan's asshole as the clit hardened with hir shudders. Then the throbbing of a condom filling surprised her in her cunt. I brought hir all this pleasure! She let the arm come forward, tore that glove off, before wrapping both arms around Naan's neck. "That was amazing."

"Yeah." Naan kissed April, softly, slowly. "I've never enjoyed a first time with someone so much."
April kissed Naan this time. "Wanna go enjoy a hot shower?"

Naan shook hir head. "Gotta take care of the condom and then I saw you grab some dental dams. I'd like to enjoy you more first."

April giggled. She brushed a stray blond hair behind one ear. "Sounds good." She clung to Naan one more moment before they sadly parted their bodies.

"Thanks for enjoying me as I am." Naan grinned sheepishly.

"And thanks for enjoying me as I am." April lay on the bed and waited.

Do you wanna see more of Naan and April? Let me know!

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