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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#MySexySaturday The Queen, Vala, Raanan, Tommy- cocks, orgies, and sexy, teasing talking

Sexy is in the mind of the beholder... follow the links to experience dozens of snippets of sexy.
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Of course for my first time on this hop, I'd pick the 7 paragraph option :D. But since we're sharing what we find sexy, I wanted to share something I find so sexy from when Vala is given the chance to ask questions of the men and women with whom she'll be serving The Queen. From the first book in the Vala's Story serial, "Out of the Night: Book One."

Not ready yet to give up teasing The Queen, Vala asked the room in general, "Is intercourse ever part of a session?"

The Queen's eyes closed to slits.

Hm, I wonder if I can tease him until it gets an orgy started. Vala giggled.

"Of course, silly girl." Raanan winked at Vala. "If a Dom gets aroused when beating a slave, why wouldn't he or she use that slave? I love to use an ass I've just made red with my hand."

Vala looked at her feet as she began to blush, but not before shyly smiling at Raanan, her tongue sneaking out to wet her lips.

The Queen looked at Vala with an eyebrow raised. His hand moved up Tommy's leg as he pressed Tommy back against him with his other hand. "Would you like a demonstration Vala?" he asked as his hand slid over Tommy's hard cock.

"Um... actually I did have a few more questions for everyone, my Queen," Vala mumbled as her eyes moved from Tommy's cock to The Queen's face.

"Out of the Night: Book One" (Vala's Story)

Restless and world-weary, Mearr isn't about to admit she needs anyone's help, even this gorgeous man who has taken her into his home. Well one of his homes and part of this huge family she's heard about but not met all of. She's young, looks young, and knows it but at least she's legal now so she can pick a new name to go with her new life...

The Queen knows he wants Mearr bad, ever since the first time he saw her in the window of the coffeehouse. He has his plan, but even a Dominant's plans don't always survive the unpredictability of the future. He struggles to figure out this temperamental woman he's brought home, how best to help her. Then he takes her to his mansion...

They wait patiently for The Queen to bring Mearr home. Well to the home they've been redecorating for Him and for the hopes that she'll become part of their family and be trained to please Him. Simon and Tommy have seen her, of course, being The Queen's right and left hands; they say she'll be a perfect addition...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' back stories, such as drug abuse.

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