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Saturday, October 18, 2014

#MySexySaturday Are appearances as they seem?

Sexy is in the mind of the beholder... follow the links to experience dozens of snippets of sexy.
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A sexy thriller... I debated that. I wasn't sure I had something to share. Then I thought of my short story "Possession" in my free ebook "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." It's maybe, probably the only story that's a thriller in the collection. Amusingly I've had repeated requests for a "Possession Part 2," but have never managed to write it.


Slowly the scene comes into view. No people are in the room.

The room is small, cramped. Black walls, ceilings, and floors darken the atmosphere, remove it from this reality. No furniture is in the room, if the straw mat isn't included. Gothic clothing, most of it black or white, carpets the floor. Full ashtrays are scattered around the room. Rare or banned books, their covers often exhibiting exotic sexual positions, lay haphazardly in one corner, most of them bearing signs of loving use. In the opposite corner, various leather objects are piled. On closer inspection, a finely made eight foot bullwhip, a two foot red leather-covered wooden paddle, four pairs of velvet-padded handcuffs, and other various sex toys are seen.

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep, measuring breath. How lovely the vexing atmosphere is; it wants fear, anxiety, self-hate, obsession, and ennui to feed what it believes to be its sunny atmosphere.

Open your eyes. The door is opening, slowly swinging out into the hallway.

"Come on in," a cynical, tauntingly masculine voice says, demanding obedience in its soft yet harsh tone.

The voice gains a deliberate body as a man walks into the main part of the room. He is exceptionally tall and thin. His muscles move luxuriantly under their tight, thin cover of ghostly white skin. His features are perfectly sculptured, as if a creature from the Gods' paradise had escaped. Large, smoky blue eyes almost eclipse the rest of his face. Delicate, high cheekbones give him the look of a warped model. Long fingers stroke the very air that surrounds them. Limbs are in exact proportion to his torso. Hair has been shaved from every visible surface of his body. The only clothing that covers his body is a pair of tight black leather pants, so tight they are like a second skin.

He strips with seeming carelessness out of the pants. As with his upper body, his lower body is perfectly chiseled. Long, sturdy legs plant themselves firmly onto the ground by perfectly formed feet. His cock, though currently limp, is still large and stands up slightly.

Will the person come into the room of Mister Exceptionally-tall-and-thin? What will happen? And however could this lead into a sexy, erotic story? Don't too scared and download my free ebook "Joelle's Chaotic Collection of Screwing." 14 excerpts, short stories, and an erotic poem. A mixture of male/female, female/female, male/male, and menage groupings. Different sorts of sex and sexuality all in one 27K word sample of my writings.