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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#WipItUp - Melody asked for it- "Thick Smoke Is Rising"

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors know we're going in a good direction.

So after teasing poor poor Melody Parks on fb, well I admit, more than Melody, about how much I was gonna share. In the end, the begging and threats won out and I'm sharing all 761 words :D . Now after book 2 (yes, Melody, my tech guy is trying to find time among his other projects for book 2  lol), I have a bunch of format surprises in store for my readers... one of those would be different sections in other characters' POVs, including scenes for which Vala isn't even present- she jokes about stuff like that toward the end of book 3, how she just loves to watch, to hear about sex, even when she isn't/wasn't involved. This is one of those. Follows after the knife play of some weeks ago. I'm debating- is it even worth including? Place your vote in the comments :D

Thick Smoke is Rising
Prisca closed the door after The Queen. She turned towards Abrecan, who had walked farther into the room to pick up the knife. "Since you were such a good boy yesterday and you accepted the black wax so bravely, I've decided to give you a little treat."

"Thank you, my Lady," Abrecan murmured as he placed the knife on the nearest shelf.

She stopped next to the curtained bed, gestured to Abrecan and the bed.

Abrecan scrambled onto the bed before looking over his shoulder at Prisca. When she tumbled onto the bed beside him, his limbs fell out from underneath him and he crashed onto his stomach. With a sharp yelp, he acknowledged her hand teasingly moving up his legs to stop at his ass.

Prisca moved towards Abrecan's head after giving his ass a quick pinch. Leaning over the edge of the bed, she grabbed two long strips of black silk tied to the frame. Laying one strip on the bed, she pulled the other one with her as she moved towards his left hand. She lifted the hand from the bed, wrapped the silk around his wrist several times. She wrapped it around his wrists one last time before pulling the silk underneath itself to form a knot. She moved to his right hand and repeated the process. She moved between his legs, letting her hand wander up his thighs to caress his balls and crack.

Abrecan shuddered, his pelvic area rising off the bed. His legs spread apart, which in turn made his crack open wide. He pleadingly moaned as his body eased back down to the bed.

Prisca turned around and leaned off the edge of the bed. She grabbed two strips from that part of the frame then tied his ankles as she had his wrists. She crawled over his legs and lay next to him on the bed.

Prisca's fingers glided across Abrecan's back as she asked, "What would be an appropriate reward for you being such a good boy yesterday?"

Turning his head so he was facing Prisca Abrecan murmured, "I... I don't... know, my Lady. Ah... could we... maybe... could we... just have... sex... my Lady? As... as... equals, my Lady?"

Prisca pulled back a little in surprise, studying Abrecan's face. She kissed his cheek, resuming her soft caressing of his back. "Is that what you really want, my boy?"

"Ye... yes... my Lady. I... I want to... just want... to feel... you touching... me... and me touching... you... my Lady," Abrecan stammered, his eyes fixed hopefully on Prisca's face.

Without saying another word, Prisca rushed to untie Abrecan. The strips of silk fell to the floor. She lay next to him and pulled him onto his side facing her. Gently laying her hand on his chest, she pressed her lower body against him as she started playfully kissing him. She lifted her right leg and draped it over him, her foot against his ass.

Abrecan wrapped his arm around Prisca's neck, his hands holding her head. He rubbed his cock against her crotch, moaning. He squirmed and shifted on the bed until the head of his cock pressed at the entrance to her cunt.

"May I?" Abrecan gazed steadily into Prisca's eyes.

"You better." Prisca spread her legs further apart.

Abrecan thrust into Prisca's cunt. He shuddered and his eyes closed in consuming pleasure. He held her tightly, his moans growing louder as she began to meet his movements with her own thrusting hips. His hands wandered up and down her back, pausing sometimes to grip her ass.

Prisca let out a tremulous sigh as Abrecan flipped them over so she was on bottom and he was on top. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, doing everything to allow him deeper into her. She smiled up at him, her legs beginning to shake.

"Harder," Prisca whispered, gritting her teeth as Abrecan immediately responded to her request.

"Is... that... hard... enough?" Abrecan's face flushed with his exertions.

"Yes... yes..." Prisca began to convulse beneath him, her eyes wide open and locked with his. She held onto him tightly as the orgasm worked through every inch of her body.

Panting heavily, Abrecan continued to thrust into Prisca faster and harder. He moaned loudly, a big grin breaking on his face.

Prisca suddenly flipped them over, clamping her legs against Abrecan's legs.

"Now it's my turn," Prisca laughed, grinding against Abrecan.

Abrecan moaned again, quivering beneath Prisca as a cum-less orgasm exploded in his brain.


  1. Wow, that was hot Joelle, loved it! Loved the last line!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) The last line was definitely fun. It's something I'm not sure I've found in other erotica/erotic romance- males who've figured out how to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation- possible IRL, but something that must be learned.

  2. Very hot!! Nice blurb, Joelle!

    1. thanks for the comment, Megan. Glad you like it

  3. You know how to kick off my morning! Nice, Joelle!

    1. thanks for the comment, Casey :) good sex in the morning is great :D

  4. Whew! I think I need to wipe the sweat off my brow after that one. This was really nice, Joelle. Ask and you shall receive, right?
    I really like how Prisca starts off in charge, then Abrecan takes over, and then Prisca is back on top near the end of the scene.
    Smokin' Excerpt ☺

    1. thanks for the comment, Melody :) like your name in the title? :D It is good to play with who is in charge, even if these two aren't quite switches in the normal BDSM understanding. But it seemed, given their history, that when Abrecan begs Prisca to have sex as equals, not as domme and sub, that she would

      But I do believe I have 5 votes so far for "it may be 761 words of sex not including Vala, but keep it!" :D

    2. Oh this is a keeper alright. And yes, I did notice you included me in the title of this excerpt, Thank you ☺
      I also wanted to add I think it's very unique that you mention a cum-less orgasm that happened in his mind.

    3. Coming to that notion- a cum-less orgasm- was a thing for me. I'd heard male sub friends talk about these amazing orgasms that happened in their brains. Then I found in Tantric books about men being able to train themselves to separate the orgasm and ejaculation, which physically speaking are separate things for men, just for most they *come real close together :D
      But I figured it was the least I could do, putting you in the title like that lol after earning myself "ornate tease" lol

  5. Wow! Great snippet Joelle! That was HOT! I love how Abrecan and Prisca switched their roles. :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith :) I do love though the scene especially in context of the WIP- I forget if you'd read the snippet of the knife play I'd shared a few weeks ago, but there's an interaction between The Queen and Prisca at the end of the knife play scene that rolls into this one

  6. Yep, I would definitely include this ... and the "cum-less orgasm exploded in his brain" phrase was brilliant! Loved that! :)

    1. thanks for the comment and your vote, Shelly. Yeah, cum-less orgasm is a such a fun phrase

  7. The last sentence gets my vote too. As does anyone who asks for it harder :)

    1. thanks for the comment, Jaye :) harder is good :D

  8. A cum-less orgasm exploding in your brain sounds pretty darn hawt! And just making love sounds like fun, for a change ;) ~grin~ A beautifuly hot snippet as always!

    1. thanks for the comment, Christina. I remember that moment coming to me when I first wrote this idea, the idea that he just wanted to have sex and what a magnificent reward for good behavior :D