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Monday, August 11, 2014

Vala eases Gaelan's mind on his large body

Rippling abs, taut stomach, smooth nearly hairless chest. A lot of guys in romance have such words used to describe them. Well I like bears, big manly men with guts and tons of body hair. The Queen's preferences in male-bodied/identified people are admittedly wider than my own, but he does enjoy a bear too. Well when I started writing his submissive Gaelan, that's what I envisioned- a large, stocky, hairy Scottish highlander who just happens to be gay. So I got the idea (and then the okay to do it) to share a snippet of this on Taboo Tuesday, although Gaelan's imperfect body ended up being far from the only taboo in this short. Here is the full short that came to me, Vala helping Gaelan to consider his body as is.

"Free time?" Vala laughed as she made her way to the sofa in front of the TV.

"Yeah. Time with Ely," Gaelan muttered.

Vala sat next to Gaelan. "Is there a reason you didn't say our Lord Raanan's name?" She patted his arm affectionately.

"Ely's just so skinny and I'm so not."

"They like the way your body looks." Vala allowed her gaze to move across the expanse of Gaelan's stomach, the edge of the roll that she'd seen Raanan tickling, just under his dark blue night shirt.

Gaelan frowned. "If their gaze is most important, why do you still struggle with your anorexia?"

"My anorexia is not about any other person, unless you're talking all therapist-like and blaming it on my fucked up childhood, my inept parents."

Gaelan rolled his eyes at Vala. "Oh how worldly you are, spouting that."

Vala got up from the couch and wandered over to the stable picture hanging beside a book shelf. "I don't think you're any heavier than our Lord Raanan or Abrecan. I've seen The Queen lift you without straining himself."

"He has, hasn't he?" He blinked his eyes.

"Hey!" Vala ran back to the couch and plopped down next to Gaelan. "You know, if you weren't totally gay and we didn't need permission to fool around, I totally would fool around with you?"

Gaelan pulled Vala onto his lap and forced her to snuggle into him, his face pressed into her hair. "They do like keeping you smelling like flowers." He laughed softly. "I wish I was little, like you. Like so I could cuddle up on their laps like this."

"But they do cuddle you like this! The Queen loves to hold you!" Vala looked up at Gaelan's face. "Truth or dare?"

"What?" Gaelan laughed, although the sound danced closer to a nervous coughing.

"Truth or dare?" Vala repeated.

"Truth," Gaelan relented.

"Do you have to have The Queen or our Lord Raanan's permission to masturbate?"

"Um... for some reason, they seem to discuss it every morning, then our Lord Raanan tells me their decision, as if I'm still especially needy because of how Abrecan misbehaved with me, at me."

Vala pressed a soft kiss to Gaelan's cheek. "What was their decision today?"

"I can," he whispered before blinking more tears out of his eyes, "but to come, I need one of them to allow it still."

"To ejaculate or to orgasm? Or do they bother to separate the two?"

Gaelan arched an eyebrow at Vala.

"I have been a sex worker. I have a better idea what men's bodies can do than many girls my age."

Gaelan sighed. "Really either, although a dry orgasm might be punished less, maybe not even at all."

"Let me tell you a story. Close your eyes."

"Do you forget we're in the same class?"

Vala snorted. "I'm in dom training currently, hence why I wandered into here on my own. If you weren't bent on being such an ass, you'd see I'm trying to help you." She smiled to see his eyes close.

"This night shirt is far too much fabric," The Queen murmurs just before his strong hands brush your thighs, before he starts to raise your shirt. His words continue in a husky groan, his lips brushing your neck. "I love to feel your gorgeous thighs under my hand as I fuck you from behind, your asshole a little piece of heaven as I fill it with my cock."

"My Queen," you whimper just before he pulls your shirt over your shoulders, up and off your head.

"My good naked boy. How I enjoyed watching you those first times we interacted, your masculinity pleasingly intense even with your obvious submissive nature." The Queen grabs your chin and turns your face to him, lips descending. His eyes beam with love and lust. "You are so gorgeous, my subbie boy. Every part of you." He deepens the kiss, his tongue thrusting into your mouth, sliding against your tongue, feeling so wonderfully controlling. Without breaking the kiss, he guides you onto his lap, your legs across the couch.

You groan into his mouth as he wraps one hand around your cock; he knows just the pressure, the speed to bring your to orgasmic readiness. "My Queen," you whimper into his kissing mouth.

"My boy, my sweet pooka. Can you come for me, my pooka?"

You laugh, just a little. "Yes, my Queen. Wanna be your good boy, my Queen."

"Not a mischievous brat?"

"No, my Queen. Please you, my Queen!" Your attention drops just a moment to your balls, to feel the building orgasm.

The Queen places his other hand on your lower belly. "I love you just the way you are. I want to fuck you just the way you are."

Gaelan startled to feel Vala being lifted off his lap. Before he could open his eyes, he felt The Queen's lips brushing his earlobe.

The Queen whispered, "Let me continue along with Vala's little story in real life."

"Yes, my Queen." Gaelan opened his eyes to see Vala heading out of the family room with Iona. "Thanks, Vala."

Vala smiled and giggled as she hurried after her domme.

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  1. I loved this Joelle, especially Vala's story and the Queen continuing it "in real life". Bears definitely have their place :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) It's one thing I've thought a bunch about in terms of polyamory. Sure, among The Queen's slaves there are different body types- like Vala points out that Raanan, Gaelan, and Abrecan are all similar body types, but it would seem to me that if jealousy came into play in a poly relationship, one of the things could be about body type