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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... A shower after sex

8 to 10 sentences (or 100 words for bloggers/reviewers) of taboo erotica. Take a risk with me? :D

I always forget all the things that can be taboo, so when "anal with lube" was pointed out to me by Raya in last week's snippet, I wanted to pick up with the next lines from my WIP "The Beginning of Knowledge: Book Four." I heard the bratting in Vala's section titles, even if few others did, although I'm guessing that's in part because of the third one she insisted on in these lines. After my previous 10 lines that might have scared some people, for me the taboo here is a continuation of the playfulness of The Queen and Vala in their post-orgasmic moments, since it seems that violent sex and romance is a taboo to too many people, sadly if you ask me.

"And what is so funny?" The Queen demanded, the impact of his tone lessened by his smile.

"I don't think I've seen you smile like that after sex since we were at the loft, before you took me as your slave, my Queen," Vala murmured, her eyelids fluttering as she looked up to speak to him.

"Yeah?" The Queen laughed before he flipped Vala onto her stomach and smacked her ass.

Vala moaned, her ass rising into the air.

Intermission to Shower after the Really Violent Sex...

The Queen restarted the VCR. "Ah, but it is getting to a section of this video that I want you to watch. I will have to enjoy this lovely ass of yours more after that." The Queen laughed softly when Vala let out a little, disappointed sigh when he turned her back over again. "Can you watch laying like this?"


  1. I love this snippet, Joelle, but I have to say that I think the point of Taboo Tuesday is that we should put our most challenging stuff out there, to get people talking just as they did. Don't back down!

    1. oh most definitely, to get people talking. That's part of why I didn't take the post down, even when it sent me venting in my "When do I teach? And when don't I?" post. As you can imagine, Emily, when I came up with the "Intermission to Shower After Really Violent Sex"- Vala and I had quite the giggle-fest. In an earlier draft, there was no shower, but she and I didn't feel like pushing that taboo. Thanks for the comment, Emily

  2. I'm such a fan of rough sex that the term 'making love' makes me want to vomit. I have to keep reminding myself that making love and rough sex can go hand in hand with the right person.

    But I can't pick up the taboo here. You're gonna have to enlighten me :D

    1. lol I still remember the confused look on my Master's face when I asked to make love :D but there's a few possible taboos here. Consider in the first paragraph where The Queen and Vala are laughing, joking- after the violent anal sex they just enjoyed. Then she's laying naked somewhat across his lap and they're going to be watching a video she's supposed to be learning from [about obedience games]. Now the taboo that Vala and I agreed to remove :D- like I mentioned to Emily, the shower is an addition; originally they'd just laid there all sweaty and dirty after sex and watched the video

    2. and thanks for the comment, Raya :) how fun that I had to enlighten you :D