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Monday, June 30, 2014

Adan and Ailin leave Ireland- some fiction

My sweet, wonderful readers :D I beg some indulgence from you all. I was talking with one friend about the twins and how with them I'd stumbled over taboos I didn't even realize existed. I talked with my BR and then moves on to poking my "Irish friend," as I differentiate Tara Finnegan from my other friends; how sad that she's my only Irish friend... at least that I know of. So I'm spending some Mondays with the twins' and their back story. I can't truthfully predict when active sex scenes will. But here is some Vala-related fiction to enjoy after the marathon that was the June Spanking A to Z challenge. D

(Updated with some thoughts from Tara and some other editing, 7/5)

Ailin glanced at the IRA men standing beside Aunt Margaret. How dare they show their faces here.

Adan shook her head. Don't, brother.

Dad whispered into Margaret's ear.

Ailin patted his mother's shaking shoulder. "He's in a better place now, Mam." He looked at her neck; he couldn't stand to look at Aunt Margaret's tear-strained face again.

Mam caught Ailin's hand and held it in both of her small ones. "Aye. And soon shall we too."

Ailin glanced to the right, waiting until Adan met his gaze. He arched a bright red eyebrow.

Adan shrugged before returning her attention to the priest. She made a small shake of her head, her red curls shaking against her back.

"After the funeral dinner," Mam whispered and joined Adan in a return to reverence.

Adan blinked. "Ah, when do we leave? Where are we going?"

Dad nodded sagely. "Packin' the limit of what can go on the plane in baggage, then selling all else off. The tickets give us three weeks."

"Just three weeks?" Ailin raged. "How're we supposed to say good bye to friends, to everything we've known in just three weeks?"

"Don't you raise your voice at your dad!" Mam's expression held the thunderclouds of an angry Irish woman. "And think of your aunt. I just got her to sleep."

"We'll have each other, brother." Adan grabbed one of Ailin's hands and held tight. "You won't have to say bye to me."

Ailin breathed in deep, his eyes closed as he focused on the connection to his sister. "But I never said I'd join the fighting. Why are you punishing us by moving us to the States? Have you tried seeing if we can just move south? Live in Ireland proper where we belong?"

"Goin' to the US is easier," Mam explained as she caressed her twins' joined hands. "Besides we already have all the visas lined up. Uncle Sean and Aunt Lucy are speaking for us all. And how can you think it all about you, Ailin? Do you forgot all your younger siblings and cousins?"

Ailin glanced at the scared faces peeking between the slates in the stairway. "I'll be up to tell stories in a moment. To bed with all you!"

A pounding of little feet sounded on the stairway as the youngest O'Briens' ran back to their beds.
"Mam, Dad, do you know yet what the limits on baggage is? Will we have to go buy bags?" Adan questioned, smiling when Ailin's shoulders slumped down to their normal.

"Good girl." Mam nodded. "Two suitcases per adult, teen, and one fer child under 12 years of age. Then we can each have a carry-on. You and I'll set out to the discount store tomorrow to add to what we already have."

"This is for the good of the whole family," Dad announced as he sank into his rocking chair. "We've lost too many to the fighting."

"But Dad, that very chair that you worked so hard to make won't be able to go with us!" Ailin pulled his hand free of Adan's grasp.

"Sure some things will have to be left, but I've already gifted this chair to Father Finnegan. We'll make our way. New York has one of the largest populations of Irish people outside of Ireland. We'll be okay."

Ailin shook his head and hurried up the stairs.

"And they all agreed that Fionn mac Cumhaill was too smart." Ailin smiled, the joy reaching his eyes as little James snuggled down into his pillow.

"Everyone be quiet now even if ye're not asleep yet." Ailin rose from his stool and crept out of the room.

Adan reached in to flick the light switch, casting the room into darkness. She'd already changed into her flowing flannel night gown with the lace edging that brushed the floor as she walked.

"So was that keeping the peace or agreeing with them?" Ailin frowned at Adan as they moved down the hall to their bedroom.

"Must you try to be the rebellious son just 'cause you reached sixteen years of age?" Adan countered.

"Must you be the perfectly obedient daughter?" Ailin turned on their bedroom's light and hurried to his side of the room. He flopped down on his bed.

"Hey." Adan sat on Ailin's bed beside him. "Dad and Mam have thought this through. It might feel scary and horrible now, but there's Irish and there's Catholic churches in the States. Dad was right when he said we'll be good there."

"Will we have to go to public school there, where we'll be teased for our way of speaking?" Ailin looked up at Adan. "There we'll have an accent."

Adan snorted and then blushed to the roots of her hair.

"Oh drop it. Mam's not here to lecture your un-ladylike behavior." Ailin sat back up before lowering himself to the side of his bed.

Adan joined Ailin in kneeling.

They prayed, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord art with ye'. Blessed be the fruit of thy word, Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed are ye among women. Pray for us sinners now and at the day of judgment."

"Mary! Susan! Link hands with me and each other," Adan called out as the little ones followed behind her off the plane terminal. She smiled at Ailin as he caught James and Fynn.

Mam, Dad, and Aunt Margaret ended the group, their arms full of the carry-on bags.

"There should be chairs by the customs spot. Get all the children there while we deal with passports," instructed Dad.

Ailin and Adan nodded before guiding the little ones to a few rows of plastic chairs bolted to the ground.

"I wonder if we'll ever feel like Americans," Ailin murmured under his breath to Adan.

"It'll take time, brother. Have a little patience. There'll be lots of surprises here." Adan leaned over to kiss Mary's forehead as the brown-haired girl settled herself into a plastic chair.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Leigh Ellwood visits with her FF book "Sugar Rush"

Thank you for visiting with me today! I am thrilled to be here and announce my new novella with Ellora’s Cave, SUGAR RUSH.

SUGAR RUSH is part of EC’s Hot Pink line, a series of lesbian romances. I know, lesbian romance isn’t something you normally associate with Ellora’s Cave. When I shop EC for books, I check out the hot alpha heroes and sexy ménages. Used to be girl on girl action was limited to a few scenes of experimentation in otherwise straight erotic romances. Lately, though, we’re seeing more F/F pairings in stories, which is great if you’re looking for something new to read.

Now, if you’re hesitant about buying a book with a lesbian romance at its center, perhaps you want to try something to ease you into the genre. At the heart of these stories, there is love and romance, and if two women fall in love with each other I say good for them. I write all pairings in romance – M/F, M/M, and F/F because I believe everybody should have an opportunity to find romance.

For lesbian “gateway” books, I usually recommend Rita Mae Brown’s early works. Rubyfruit Jungle is a classic, not really a romance but has some saucy moments. Some might argue Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café is a lesbian story because Idgie and Ruth are portrayed a partners. The book is ambiguous, but I recommend it as an example of a great story with a strong female presence. You can decide for yourself if Idgie and Ruth had something more there.

If you find you enjoy those books and want something more romantic and sexy, check out SUGAR RUSH and the other books in the EC Hot Pink line!

About Sugar Rush by Leigh Ellwood

Baker Neve Rush is surprised to receive social media attention, both the good and bad varieties, after agreeing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. She cares about people’s tastes in pastries, not sexual partners. The newfound fame has gained her new customers—as well as one resurfaced ex. Gianna stirs up memories Neve would rather forget, and an impromptu flirtation with a client might just do the trick.
Judy Goldsmith finds Neve’s open-mindedness refreshing and attractive, and isn’t above a little scheming to get to know her better. As Neve and Judy satisfy each other’s sweet tooth in the most pleasurable ways possible, feelings begin to blossom. But their deepening attraction may not survive a little white lie…and an even bigger, darker secret.
A Romantica® GLBT erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
About Leigh Ellwood
I am Leigh Ellwood. I write smutty stories about people who like getting naked and having sex. Some have more sex than others, some have sex with people of the same gender, some have sex with more than one person, and still others have sex with toys and things that require the use of batteries. My stories range from a few thousand words to well past 70k. My books are available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo, and ARe. Really, just type my name in any bookstore site and something is bound to show up.
Please stalk me online for news about my books and crazy adventures.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Will the penis cake distract him from a spanking?

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post. Although SciSpanks means we can go longer this week :D.

"Look at you! The spanking challenge is done and so you skipped Friday to whore Night rather than post something." Vala rolled her eyes at me as I clicked "post" for a MyAwesomeFans' broadcast of a promo for "Out of the Night: Book One."

"Whore Night? Now who's being mouthy, Vala? Don't you want people to enjoy your book. Hey, Queen! I think Vala needs a beating!" I stuck my hands on my hips, watching my Master with His laptop desk still across His legs.

The Queen snorted as he watched Vala and I fight over my keyboard. "I'll have you both spanked if you keep pissing me off."

Vala and I gasped; "Penis cake, my Queen?"

"Okay, I am not too angry to spank butts I think. Both of you, bend over Joelle's couch since Chyna's hiding from the storms."

"But my Queen! Joelle was being a brat, not I!" Vala stuck her tongue out at me.

The Queen wrapped his hand in Vala's hair. "Do you really wanna argue with me?"

"No, my Queen." Vala bent over the dark brown couch, her forearms resting on the back.

I arched over the couch beside Vala. I shrieked when the first blow fell; my Master had grabbed the back scratcher.

Yes, Vala needed to end the challenge with some bratting :D Penis cake, anyone?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

#SpanksA2Z Z is for Zipper... dress

I don't remember where/when I got it, but I sadly put it in a donation bag after my breast reduction- my boobs may have been smaller, but with them sitting higher on my chest, I could no longer get the zipper up and I couldn't leave it down for additional cleavage because the zipper didn't hold any more.

I do remember Shaman's enjoyment of the dress though. Dark gray, sleeveless, zipper that went from the bottom hem (that maybe reached my mid-thigh) to where it ended just above my boobs. I've never been particularly good at the "strip tease," but pulling on the long, slightly phallic-looking zipper pull, I could give Him a bit of a show that He enjoyed.

It always amuses me that most Amish eschew the zipper as too modern :D And with that, I've made it to Z in this Spanking A to Z challenge. I wonder what I'll do with these last 4 days of June, other than enjoying others' letters as they catch up. Of course, there's the SciSpanks' blog hop (it runs for 6/25 to 6/29) happening and I'm friends with many of the participating authors so I'll for sure be reading :).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#spanksA2Z #dungeonCrawl Y is for Yellow Hankie

Yup, I managed what would seem to be a totally non-spanking related post :D. But I'd argue that I think in spanking fiction, the expected tropes are so confining that some IRL spanking couples might not see themselves. What of a couple that engages in mostly spanking but enjoys a few other kinks, like maybe watersports or golden showers? They might not look at their relationship as being a "BDSM relationship" however and I feel it's their right to identify as such or not.

So I get my Y from "yellow hankie." Are you familiar with the hankie code? It started off as a way of identification in the gay male/leather/BDSM scene. This is a good basic explanation on Wikipedia: hankie code article. To pull out the pertinent points for what I'm sharing- if you wear the hankie on the left, it's the top or giving side for most fetishes, on the right is the bottom or receiving side for most. Abrecan and I would wear our yellow (the color for watersports or golden showers) to the right.

Of course this goes nicely with the Dungeon Crawl. I shared a bit from the scene before this one (Taboo Tuesday's/X is for X-tie and this both come from a 4-part MM-focused series I shared on my blog) for Taboo Tuesday. With the relaxed rules for the Crawl, I got to share a longer piece :D I hope you enjoy the beginnings of the aftercare that The Queen starts in this piece. If you're interested in reading the 4-part MM series, you can click here to start at the beginning.

"Yes, please, my Queen. Fill my ass with your cum, my Queen. Please fill me, my Queen." The Queen threw bask his head, groaning. He held Abrecan's body close, his cock deep within his body. "Love you," he gasped, his eyes squeezed shut. He pulled out of Abrecan and jumped to his feet.


"Use your hand to make you come." The Queen grabbed his own cock, directing its softening length at Abrecan's stomach.

Will you, my Queen? Abrecan happily obeyed, his hand wrapping around his cock. He cried as the first shot of The Queen's piss hit his skin.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted, trembled. "My Queen!" His cum joined The Queen’s piss covering his body. The orgasm kept torturing him as the wetness covered him. The sensation of his hand stroking continued as he grasped himself hard. "Love you, my Queen. Thanks. Thank you, my Queen. Your slave, my Queen."

The Queen lay down beside Abrecan. He pried the boy's hands from where they still held his legs. He pulled his slave close.

"But you'll get dirty too, my Queen," Abrecan weakly protested.

"No problem. I want to hold you." The Queen showered Abrecan's face with kisses. "Love my boy. We will shower in a moment, lover."

"Yes, my Queen." My strong, gorgeous Master. His fingers moved through The Queen's chest hair. He shuddered. How can you always make me feel so complete, my Queen? I love you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#Taboo2sday #spanksA2Z X is for X-tie (ie hog-tie)

But it's not for St. Andrews cross. no no no. I'll leave that for some other blogger/writer to use in the Spanks A to Z challenge (links below) :D And this link is soooo very NSFW, even more than my page is normally and a further "warning"- rolling my eyes here, but it is on the all male Jtssttockroom page- seems fitting given that I'm sharing from an all male scene.

So I was thinking on hog-tying, which I think of as X-tying, based on the construction of the most common bondage for it, other than rope, that is. I knew I had a scene from a free online short story series to share with you readers, but I wasn't sure which. I ended up deciding on Tommy putting Abrecan into a hog-tie position- it's a few over the 8 to 10 allowed lines. Sorry. If you'd like to read more, the beginning of the four part series is here.


He chewed on his bottom lip as his fingers danced over the hogtie strips, their attached buckles. He grabbed the middle ring and hurried back to Abrecan's side.

"I love you, my Lord," Abrecan murmured.

"Love you too, good, little boy." Tommy dragged his hand down from Abrecan's shoulder blades to the small of the back. "Grab your ankles." He rubbed the back, the ass. "I like seeing how your muscles have learned to stretch again."

"Yes, my Lord." Abrecan's arms trembled with the strain.

Tommy quickly fastened the cuffs on Abrecan's wrists. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as the boy's body reacted to the change, the leather allowing his shoulders to relax just a little. Then the ankles, those gorgeously strong calves that made him moan.

Monday, June 23, 2014

#spanksA2Z ... W is for Word Choice

Yes, I do love Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews, even if this post may seem harsh.

Some I'm starting this post knowing that I'm in serious danger of causing offense with my opinions here. I refuse to name names, but I'm sure some will feel this personally and I'm sorry for that. I sat thinking on a vent I posted on Facebook yesterday morning- "Aren't we [erotic romance writers] writing for adults?" So here is the word choice post that I hinted at in "a is for ass."

My word choice reflects my personal feelings, not what "the market will prefer" or any other such book selling-related idea. I prefer words like ass, fuck, cunt, asshole, cum. Although even there I have issues- my editor joked "what about cumming?" I said "no, because I use cum as a noun, even if it is slang. I use coming when it's functioning as a verb." When you read in my writing, "I begged him to fuck me," you can be assured that at some point, my Master has heard me say, "I beg You to fuck me, Master." And He's heard "Please fill my ass with Your cum, Master."

Occasionally, yes, I've been known to use medical language, when it fit the scene. But there's a list of words that I refuse to use in my own writing; it takes a great story usually for me to get by these words in fiction. I admit, they are all common word choice in spanking/DD fiction, and all anatomy words. Core, center, folds, any euphemism for the rectum other than asshole or hole. Those are the ones that come right to mind. When I have my regularly scheduled existential dilemma (snark fully meant :D), word choice is one of the things that make me think, "Maybe it's erotica, not erotic romance, that I write." to which my BR often replies "But you have too much plot and non-sexual story parts for it to be erotica." lol

And so, because I'm in a mood now, I'm going to share a snippet of BDSM from my first book, "Out of theNight: Book One."

Tommy let out a shuddering breath and smiled at The Queen.

"What makes you think I am going to give you anything to smile about?" The Queen cruelly yanked Tommy's cock.

Tommy grunted at the sharp yet pleasurable pain, but remained silent.

The Queen's hand brushed Tommy's cock. He looked down at the drop of pre-cum hanging from the head. He slapped it. "What's this? Do you think you get to fuck anyone tonight?" He pulled Tommy's head back by the hair and taunted, "Or maybe you're hoping I'll fuck you? Do you want to feel my cock driving into your ass? Do you want me to make you come?"

Tommy lowered his eyes although he couldn't lower his head. "My Queen, I only want to obediently serve you," he blubbered.

"Oh really? And where was this obedient slave earlier? Was he there when you sarcastically offered to have another slave service me? Or was he there when you repeatedly stopped sucking my cock to make annoying comments?"

Tommy stared at The Queen with pleading eyes.

"Go get your paddle! Do not rise from your knees except to remove it from the wall!" 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

#spanksA2Z ... V is for Violence- or how TTWD isn't inherently abuse

When I sat down to write this, I was conflicted. From my perspective as a BDSM lifestyler who finds commonality with domestic discipline (both IRL and in fiction), I know that the difference between TTWD and non-consensual violence/abuse has been written about over and again, probably even in academic works. Actually yeah, a book I'm reading right now is one of those that includes the topic- "Sexual Outlaws: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities" by David M. Ortmann and Richard A. Sprott.

I'm going to share a link with here. This is the BDSM versus abuse page from Leather & Grace UUs for BDSM Awareness. http://leatherandgrace.wordpress.com/bdsm-basics-for-uus/bdsm-versus-abuse/ This is a good basic explanation. Please do take the moment to read it before continuing with my post.

You're back now? Good. Now I have to admit, as much as I agree with that and dozens of other comparison tables like that that I've seen, I have one big issue. Interestingly, it's one of the places I prefer DD/spanking fiction to BDSM fiction- I struggle with the safeword comment. Yes, in casual BDSM play, like at a club or some such, I am in complete support with safeword usage. However, when it comes to my own life, I prefer BDSM within a committed relationship and I've never been big on safeword usage personally. There's another thing I'm not big on- I don't want to roleplay that I don't want "it" while I really do. My Master knows if I say "no," "stop," or "ow" while we're playing that something is really wrong and will stop to check in with me. There is no safewording here- there is my Master paying attention to what I'm saying and my body language- "You went stiff. You okay?" He once asked when He used a whip on me just harsh enough that I really didn't like it. The lack of discussion of safewords in DD/spanking fiction actually makes it feel more like what I live, more comfortable for me.

And without getting into a debate of consent- within and without the conversations of TTWD not being abuse, there's also the debate of consent that I'm sure many of us have read- I agreed to a BDSM relationship. My Master and I also discuss what we want, often... and not "out of role" either. That one pisses me off without fail. Whether it's coming from someone who "understands" TTWD or not, it pisses me off. I don't put on and take off my submission like other people do underwear- yes, I'm too much of a nudist to personalize that lmao- I am not a book submissive who lives a perfect submission. I'm a human being and sometimes I even tell my Master off when I don't agree with Him and He's irritating me.

One last mention- I'm so excited for the Spanking Romance Reviews' Round Table conversation of July. Led by Thianna D, we're talking about discipline versus punishment. I haven't planned out my post yet, although I have signed up. I can imagine that violence will enter into this conversation.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

#SeductiveSnS ... Fangirling on 2 Patricia Logan books- MM, MMF

Seductive Studs and Sirens... a blog hop for LGBT romance, erotica, and erotica romance... 150 words of love from a non-heterosexual perspective. Enjoy my post and then check out the other hoppers with the links below.

So if you've been on my blog more than once, it's possible you've seen me fangirling on Patricia Logan. I "found her" first in her BDSM m/m "Master's Boys" serial. I've happily wandered through her story time lines, series/serials. I was amused when she warned me that another series was "just male/male romance." Well of course I ate those up too. She also has MMF books that I've loved- "Invitation Only- Wyatt" was one of those. I can't stand the MFM-sandwich were the men never do anything. If you click on the titles, you'll get my full reviews for "Invitation Only-Heath" and "Invitation Only- Wyatt." If you want some new characters to fall in love with, try Patricia's brand of MM BDSM, sex, and romance. Also if you have about an hour, take some time to enjoy Patricia on a radio show talking about her books and her perspective as a MM author. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/writersonlinenetwork/2014/06/20/write-on-the-edge-w-patricia-logan

Friday, June 20, 2014

#SpanksA2Z #Satspanks ... T is for Tawse

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

"I'm sure you didn't use the tawse to its full potential." Raanan dragged his fingers over the four "tails" of the impressive red leather tawse in his hand. "I think you could stand a demonstration."

Prisca swallowed hard. "Don't they normally have one two tails, my Lord?"

"Normally-" Raanan grinned evilly, "But when I made my own, I wanted it to be more harsh than usual." He patted her ass, his large hand making her look tiny. "Bend over."

"But I'm a girl, my Lord."

"Don't question me or I'll make you count."

Yup, it still needs title and my name, but here is the cover art for "Gates"- something tells me Amazon isn't going to accept it :D

Does that qualify as bratting? I decided I'd write "intro" and such underneath my #Satspanks today. I guess it makes sense since both Celeste Jones and Renee Rose said I should go for it when I pondered flipping T and U in order because I could make T fit Satspanks, but not U. I hope BTW that you've gotten to my U post; my poor teen noticed my plan and questioned why I'd use uterus for u. Sighs, I've tried to give him appropriate sexual education, but sometimes he's still just a teen boy.

Just a little info on the snippet. It's inspired by the third book in my Vala's Story serial, although I was certain it was in the 2nd book, "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." If I can get ahead on alphabet posts, I'll get back to work on blog tour posts for "Gates"- I hope to publish the book in July, as late as September, but sooner-rather-than-later. Because it does seem like a cruel and unusual punishment to my fans to make them wait :D. Raanan is more interested in men than in woman, a fun little fact that you'll get to see in action in "Gates."

But if you haven't read it yet, go grab yourself "Out of the Night: Book One" from Smashwords for $1.99. It the enjoyable novella that kicks off Vala's adventures and introduces the cast of characters from The Queen's large, lovable family. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417778

#SpanksA2Z ... U is for Uterus

So while I'd intended to include talking about the majority of romance (across the mainstream, erotic romance, across many sub genres) being women, I was intrigued by how a conversation about gender happened in a BDSM book group I'm in as I was sitting down to write this. I'd been noticing a BDSM book written by a male author, or at least a male pen name, and I'd remembered critical comments from BDSM lifestylers against another male author-written BDSM book; I asked because I wanted to make sure I wasn't confusing the two "men." However in the comments I received, it quickly revered off into a gender thing about men being okay but different as far as writing romance. I had to laugh because my judgment had never been about the author's gender; it was just what I noticed about him. Now moving away from this guy, I think on various argumentative articles I've read recently- sadly I couldn't find any links to share in this post. But I know quite a few of us had been sharing and commenting on articles recently written by men criticizing romance for a variety of reasons, like it being not serious fiction. I've also recently skimmed one article that was talking about how romance being something primarily written for and about women means that it's feminist literature. Beyond my complex feelings about feminism, I struggle with the female-focus of romance because often "women like me" don't appear in romance. Romance including and/or focused on GLBTQI people is still really too small a portion of the genre.

Now that was pretty serious, I'm going to go a bit earthy. I'm guessing that I've already commented on this before on my blog, but I have to again here as it fits. http://www.blushingbooks.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2718 I remember various comments that Renee Rose made around comments she received on the "period talk" in her story "Unmet Desire" in the "Milestones" collection. While I know I would have been comfortable if she'd pushed her comments past what she had in her final edition of her story, what was there I found enjoyable. Mentioning the character's menstrual cycle makes sense based on the plot of the story. Of course, I see it as a piece of realism in fantasy and I specifically disagree with this notion of avoiding it completely in romance. I think on my own writing- in my serial Vala's Story, the submissives all share one large bathroom where none of the commodes are set off for privacy. I think it's telling that I can't tell you in which of the 9 planned books I have a scene where one submissive is talking to another as she sits on a toilet and starts to urinate- it was just something that happened as a matter of course because everyone has to pee sometimes :D. Then there is the occasional discussion of birth control- "Remember we have Vala on birth control so it's not a big deal if you come in her cunt, my Queen," Simon soothes The Queen when he orgasm inside Vala's vagina and says "Oops." Just a sentence or two and it includes a piece of many women's lives that often don't receive any mention in romance literature.

And finally I get to the uterus that is in my title for today. I talked about "women's issues," but anyone who reads what I write regularly knows that I can't just leave that at the gender binary, the normative construction of gender in our culture. I have known, been close to all too many people with non-standard genders. The fact that I have a uterus doesn't necessarily make me a woman, to my thinking; I've known people that I "read" as a man who also had a uterus.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#SpanksA2Z ... S is for Security and Risk

So I spent part of a work day wasting it by debating how to write this. You see, I'd wanted a blog post for a month-long blogging challenge I'm participating in (the Spanking A toZ challenge) as well as a thoughtful post in which I talked about my church's monthly theme in a non-PG way that I could make into a "note" on Facebook, sharing the link in the monthly theme group so that those not specifically wanting to avoid adult material could do so. I decided in the end to write one post but to put it both places.

Yet again I'm breaking the "keep publishing and your religion" thing separate :D- I'm really not good at it (Considering my "Q is for Questioning/Queer"post that included links to the Unitarian Universalist Association's "Queer 101" identity page.) But here are some more links for the interested... rather than going to a physical church, I attend the Church of the Larger Fellowship, the online UU church. It amazes me to see how Reverend Meg Riley's vision has led us into a church experience as valid as "going to church" in the online format. If you're looking for an open-minded church home, UU might work for you; the link I included sent you to the "questioning, searching spiritually"- minded page for CLF. The next thing I need to share is the link for "Quest," that's our monthlynewsletter with articles, poems, stories related to our monthly theme- we explore one theme deeply over the course of a month. June's theme is "Security and Risk." I admit, I struggled to read the articles. I identify as a UU-atheist with Norse Pagan leanings. So all the Christian biblical stuff in at least 2 of the articles was a stumbling block for me to consider the topic.

Thankfully I was chatting with a friend as I was in service the other night because the question to discuss- something like "who or what gives you security?"- my first and totally inappropriate for a PG church service was "BONDAGE." It's a common trope that "BDSM bondage makes the submissive feel free." I giggled to read that in John Norman's "Chronicles of Gor," but I find I've even had characters wax poetic on it :D. Yes, it sounds totally paradoxical, even to me, on a basic level. Like it shouldn't work, but at least for me it does, and for other people who enjoy it.

It would seem I'm only talking about physical bondage- handcuffs, ties, etc- but it's really so much more than that. That "more" is probably part of why I enjoy spanking/Domestic Discipline fiction, even though my identity as a kinkster is focused on BDSM. Yes, I adore the physical portion of being in a lifestyle BDSM relationship- for those who've come through my sharing of this in the CLF group, that means that BDSM continues "out of the bedroom" for me and affects how I live in my primary romantic relationship- but the physical is only one piece.

Spoken clearly through the title of Constance Masters' book "Leading the Way," which I'm currently reading and loving and which is most definitely an adult link, submissives often enough want to be led somehow, to some level by their dominant. This is certainly true for me and has been the origin of some of my struggles as my Master has struggled with ill health and employment issues since November. While I fight tooth-and-nail against being told what to do- by clergy, by religious texts (maybe the 1st 2 are part of why I'm a UU? :D), by government, by society- when I accept the "collar" of a dominant, I want to some extent to be told by hir what to do. Right now, even though my Master is feeling better physically, He's begun talking about wanting me to ask for things more- for instance, asking Him to come to bed with me- and that makes me feel insecure. I asked Him, "Did You forget that I'm a submissive, Master?" However it could be argued that He is wanting to lead differently, as evidenced by the suggestions of the many of the other kinksters with whom I've discussed this situation.

In the last few days though I've started to think about how obeying my Master in His "just ask" thing is a slight risk in trade for an otherwise secure life. Sure, there seem to be all too many things up in the air (Him finding a new job, waiting for insurance cards from the state, if He still wants me to file for disability), a few privileges help make our lives easier- He's straight, we're both white, if I keep my mouth shut about it, we can pass as a straight married couple (although I was guessed as being 12, "Your sister?" by a cashier the other day who saw Master and I together :D.) That doesn't mean the risk is any less scary- after all, in many ways, it feels like "one change too many" and I've had to make quite a few changes in the last months. The dynamic between my Master and myself has changed/is still changing- I think on "slave contracts" as you can find online, in BDSM "how to" books, and almost wish now that I had one.

Another level of risk and security for me as a Unitarian Universalist and kinkster is represented by the work I do with Leather & Grace UUs for BDSM Awareness. I am grateful that the affinity group exists, even with how frustrating it can be to be working on issues, often engaging in emailing with UU leaders that many others don't necessarily email. Sometimes I wish my interest in BDSM was curable, as some people seem to think being GLBTQI is curable- I don't believe either are curable by the way. I've had people say- largely non-UUs at BDSM munches- comment "If you can't be accepted in a UU church, is there any church where your kink identity won't cause a problem?" It seems we UUs are thought of as more open-minded than we sometimes are in reality. Two sad facts- at the last bricks-and-mortar UU church I attended before beginning at the online CLF, I was "out of the closet" as a kinkster to 10% of the adult membership and out of the 4 ministers who served the congregation during my period of attendance, I only felt comfortable telling 2 of them that I was kinky. At CLF, in service I refer to my Master by His nickname Shaman- the ministerial team is aware of what relationship signified by His nickname means to me, but I feel constrained to avoid talking about my identity in service. Whereas others will talk about spouses, significant others, I'm less likely to mention my Master, even with the device of using Shaman.

While feeling security in bondage- whether metaphorical or physical- may seem paradoxical, it works for me and for other submissives. What right does any person have to tell me that my choice to live my BDSM orientation in the way I do is wrong?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#SpanksA2Z #DungeonCrawl R is for rules, ritual, relationship

hmmm yes, 3 lovely R words from my perspective. It's a good letter and works with both the spanking A to Z challenge (the link is there today for a change as linky tools are acting up for me) as well as the Dungeon Crawl. Please follow the links to those following in both of these wonderful blog events.

If there's anything I don't get in DD, most often it's the rules. If you've happened to read earlier posts in this Spanking A to Z challenge, you're sure to have seen me vent about things like rules against swearing. I'm not sure how my opinions might be different if Shaman followed the medium protocol that The Queen does- I've worn His collar so long that I don't think much on what it would be like to have a different dom. I'm always intrigued with DD to see the rules of lists because they are usually much more precise than what I live with, at least at the beginning of a DD relationship or in DD fiction. In many ways, I realize we've settled into a "long term relationship," my Master and I, except He's never been big on specific rules. "Keep my house clean, keep me feed, keep clean underwear in my dresser." Yup, as I cried in my "O is for Organization" post, I need a Simon, the wonderful switch in the Vala's Story story-verse who makes order out of the potential chaos of the large family.
Most "rules" are things I've come up with myself- using some combination of Flylady and just common sense- like the rules for food. To up the protein in a dish if I'm trying to save on the amount of meat, I use minced TVP and make sure there's garlic powder in the dish; Shaman thinks minced TVP is minced garlic lol. Then there's "keep Chinese 5 spice powder on hand"- sprinkling that on a dish helps make a dish "Asian" to Him, which means I can add broccoli without Him complaining too much.

Rules for me flow into ritual. I have to remember that mine look different than BDSM books often, whether they be how-to or fiction books. One rule- "Unless you've eaten recently, you make your food and eat it before mine." While Shaman may have never said exactly those words, that's one of His biggest rules. You see, I have hypoglycemia. While I don't sit at a dangerous blood sugar level constantly, my sugar can nonetheless drop suddenly, whether I've eaten on schedule or not. Sometimes my crashes are tied to my emotions instead of anything I'd label reasonable :D. And yeah, He's had to threaten punishments in the past because I was so attached to some mythical "the Master always eats first," even though it stopped serving our reality not long into our relationship. So one ritual- "Master, are You hungry?" To which He responds, "Have you eaten?" Depending on my response, He might hold out on answering if He's hungry or not, or I might get a "Feed yourself first and then see about food for me."

Another ritual, equally as loose, is how I capitalize or not. While I don't generally call Him Master in front of our teen, otherwise, I still end more sentences than not with "Master" when speaking to Him and not horribly surrounded by "vanillas." Then there's in writing. Yes, I wander between calling Him "my Master" or "Shaman" [His nickname], or even more rarely His first name, Don. Then in pronouns talking about Him, I capitalize the H, anywhere it appears in the sentence. I don't when I'm sharing something He's said though- He doesn't like slashy speak (the Internet thing of typing like O/our to be inclusive of sub and dom types) and He finds dom-types who cap (other than the standard I of course, that being grammatically correct) to be ridiculous, wanna-be's. And in text, I don't bother to cap; it's too much effort really. And you see, none of this is what Master requires- it's a level of respect that I feel good about giving and as long as I don't use slashy speak, I think He kinda enjoys it.

However sometimes I find that I'd like more rituals- like I was preoccupied with the notion awhile after reading Dakota Trace's "Healing Hark" with wanting more ritual. Shaman doesn't even require me to beg or thank Him for my orgasms anymore :( although I can imagine that's quite a burden on the dom so I don't exactly blame Him. The thing is, it seems that any ritual we do have tends to be something we wander into, rather than Master specifically creating the ritual. Sometimes I wish He would do that, but I'm not sure He's interested, if that's even a kink of His. I'm half-tempted to go reading online, but trying not barraging Shaman with the articles (as I did with the maintenance spanking articles as I talked about in "M is for Maintenance (spanking)." The big thing currently, as it's been a few months now, is somehow getting my needs meet even as Shaman's body takes its sweet old time healing from His injured Achilles tendon and the blood clot that formed along with the partial tearing.  (Update- I did do this helpful search on the Submissive Guide- http://www.submissiveguide.com/topics/service/rituals-and-routines/ )

And finally I wanted to talk about relationships. It's a lovely moment in my WIP with the working title of "Week-long" when The Queen comments "While my relationships do not match the hetero- and mono-normative relationships prized by this culture, I do prefer to enjoy BDSM within a committed relationship." Over the years, I've found that I most definitely share The Queen's preference. Of course, I don't have access to BDSM clubs in the way he does, between being a billionaire and living in far more urban an area than I do. Maybe if I wasn't stuck in the middle of nowhere Michigan, maybe my perspective on where to enjoy BDSM would be different, but I always wanted commitment- again, not monogamous commitment. The idea of some random person whipping me, "making" me submit, etc just never appealed to me. In reading this often causes me issues, the focus on relationship rather than casual BDSM, as well as hard core play. I've only found a few authors who manage this balance in such a way that I really enjoy their writing. I've only read Tymber Dalton's first book in her Suncoast Society series, "Safe Harbor," but there was a submissive who needed a serious level of play, in addition to a polyamorous relationship, so I loved that. Then there is Patricia Logan, whom I've fangirled about in the past and plan to do so again for this weekend's Seductive Studs and Sirens blog hop, writes primarily male/male BDSM, although she has also published MM romance and MMF romances. I specifically appreciate her MMF romances because I dislike the MFM-sandwich approach with the men not being involved.

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#SpanksA2Z ... Q is for Questioning/Queer

I'm sure many of us on the hop are used to all sorts of different letters in the acronym that talks about the "non-heterosexual" community. I'm writing today about the Q, which can be either "queer" or "questioning." Yes, I've managed to come from "the left field" probably for Spanking Romance Reviews-related hops, as I often do. :D Also at the bottom of this post again is the links for Taboo Tuesday; I had too much to say to fit myself within that format.

In reading Molly Haskell's "My Brother, My Sister" about her sibling's transition from male to female, I found that I lacked empathy for her. While the struggle of the loved ones is an under-told story, when talking about transgender people, I can't relate. I have yet to be in a situation where someone needed to come out to me about something where I was upset, hurt, confused etc. Thinking on this, I was reminded of something that Iona says in Gaelan's meeting story. He mentions coming out to his parents and she practically claps her hands and cheers. Laughing, she says "In our family [talking of The Queen's family] people have as many as 3 or 4 things to come out about," upon which he says "I'm gay." Basically, I don't remember being in a place of questioning. One day I had no sexual thoughts- then I had my first sexual experience- I went awhile just having sex with guys before I had the chance to make out with a girl- then I figured I was at least bisexual- then I went to a GLBTQI youth group and met my first serious girlfriend who also introduced me to BDSM. Nope, there was no questioning, just experiencing.

Now I'm going to move onto queer. That is 1/3 of the sexual identity I claim today- the other two are poly (as in polyamorous) and kinky (as in into BDSM). Yes, when I came as a teen, it was to use the term bisexual. This was the mid 1990s approximately and I lived in Michigan- nope, I didn't have a lot of serious identity, sexual thought at my fingers as we have nowadays with the Internet. Yes, originally "queer" meant strange or peculiar and according to the Wikipedia article (see here for more history of the word, and please remember that Wikipedia should only be a starting point for internet research), it came into use as a slur for homosexuals in the 19th century. To my knowledge, it was post-Stonewall Riots (IE after June 28, 1969) that the reclamation of "queer" as a term of pride and identity started- although the wiki article doesn't quite agree with me. As I'm only 36, I'm inclined to think that older adults who may have been alive at the time and may have been involved in the writing of the article know better than I do.

While the term isn't the sole province of the Unitarian Universalist Association, it was in reading the UUA's "Queer 101" page that the word came to resonate with me as an identity I wanted to claim. The page gives 5 definitions- I won't try to summarize them here for you, they are a short read- and the first 4 all make sense to me as being something meaningful to me. My one concern is that the definitions almost seem like a lot of "I am not ____" in their construction, but yeah, my sexuality is a lot "I am who I am and that isn't mainstream." The word that stood out to me first reading this page is transgressive; dictionary.com defines it as "to violate a law, command, moral code, etc.; offend; sin." My sexuality does not respect the gender binary of male/female, the sexual orientation binary of heterosexual/homosexual, and probably a bunch of other binaries if I struggled to name them. There is now a whole bunch of scholarship under the label of "queer theory"; I need to do some reading :D. Even though it's not directly related to this article, I wanted to share the link to part 1 of a post with you; part 2's link is within it- as I've said before, I'm not good at separating religion out of my writing/author life, even if it's a more tolerant, open-minded religion like UU, I'm sure to make some uncomfortable. But writing as The Queen, a UU-Norse Pagan- I shared his thoughts on how UU-ism, Norse Paganism, and BDSM work in his life. It's a lot of reading, but I promise you'll find it intriguing and worth the time spent.

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#SpanksA2Z ... P is for Panties- not pussy :D

My teen thought P should be for pussy, but I was already thinking about panties lol

So this is the cover art for "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" yes, but since I lost everything but the finished cover art when my netbook died, I have to share this to show you PANTIES- yes, both butts are mine, one in a g-string and one in my "princess" panties.

The Queen grinned as he yanked Vala's g-string off her legs. "Now that we have that out of the way."

Vala shimmied down The Queen's bed as his tugging hand on her foot. How many more weeks of training before I can decide not to wear underwear unless The Queen orders? So glad he said "that" instead of panties. I might have laughed unsubmissively.

The Queen treated Vala's left asscheek to a harsh slap.

"Thanks, my Queen, I don't like the word panties," Vala mumbled into his sheets.

The Queen chuckled. "But you liked the pink panties I bought for you."

"But that was different, my Queen."

Okay, enough silliness from The Queen and Vala about panties- although wasn't Vala's bratting about the word panties funny? So if you haven't read "Out of the Night: Book One" yet (the title is a clickable link to Smashwords or MyAwesomeFans here :D), you may also want to read this post I wrote for the book tour- "ASlave's Uniform." When I sat down to write this, I was amused to think that one article of The Queen's training uniform is a g-string... errr... I mean, a pair of panties lol. Thinking on that fact, that part of the uniform almost seems a punishment to me. All joking about my nudist tendencies aside, I'm actually wearing a tank top and tights- white tights with multi-colored hearts on them to be exact. Hehe, these tights can make my Master cry "my eyes, my eyes" sometimes, especially with some shirts I've worn with them. Now yes, tank and tights.... and NO PANTIES!!! And if you noticed, in the bit of fiction, The Queen yanked the g-string off Vala; he didn't leave them at Vala's knees or ankles. No matter how hard I try, I cannot begin to understand why that's a turn on in erotic fiction. I don't understand why it's embarrassing to have one's panties pulled to the mid-thigh (I've read that at least once in a spanking story), knees, or ankles.

Master- [His expression falls] Panties?

Me- Yes, Master. It came early.

Master- Anything you can make easy for me before you make yourself a drink and lay down?

Me- [gentle laughter] I bought You a frozen pizza when I felt the first cramp; I'll get it going, Master.

And that is panties in my household. snorts.

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#SpanksA2Z ... O is for Organization

So this may be funny. This is certainly the first of my Spanking A to Z posts that would seem to have nothing to do with spanking, TTWD, BDSM, anything at all kinky. :D But just give me a moment lol. My mother would like to say she raised me the way she did because of feminism- I don't think that's fair to feminism heh. As a young mother and wife, I had to quickly figure out a lot of housekeeping things that my mother didn't teach me about. When my first marriage failed and my son and I moved in with my Master, that learning got even more important. My son and I were both young in our own ways- he was a toddler and I was figuring out lifestyle BDSM, the level of protocol I wanted to live with, how to balance being a mother and being a submissive. Oh, I could have stood an old-fashioned thing of what chores to do on what days- I had no clue. It was then that I found Flylady.net - Master loves to say, "I've been telling you for years to do a little every day, but a website works were I don't?" Sighs, of course, no matter how many times I remind Him of the difference between our upbringings, yeah, it doesn't settle into His brain. His mother had the maternal training that I didn't; she knew how to run a house. Over the years, He's actually used the trick of telling me my MIL was coming for a visit when there wasn't a visit actually planned- there's nothing that can get me cleaning quicker lol. While I'd initially leave my house dirty if my mother was coming over, I care about MIL's opinion and while fly into a cleaning frenzy. Amusing especially since MIL would never make a comment about my cleaning while my mother would :D. And for some more amusement- I stopped aways into this writing to go clean dishes and then shine my sink- first step in Flylady. While I flutter and crash often enough, I keep telling my Master- "I do the best running the house, am the happiest when I'm doing Flylady, even if You think it's silly, Master."

Now if only I had Simon from my Vala's Story serial. His back story is that he was an Army brat who was pushed by a career officer father to join right out of high school. Well as a young man with a fluid sexuality, he doesn't feel comfortable in the service; with the roughly 2000-ish setting of Vala's Story, that places Simon in the Army, I think, even before "Don't ask, don't tell." However, there are definitely parts of Simon's personality that speak of Army efficiency. One of those is the cleaning schedule he maintains for the cleaning of The Queen's mansion- 3 2-story wings, 1 almost-wing that includes an indoor pool and a ballroom, a great room, and "servants' quarters." (Yes, it's quite the joke in my novels, servants quarters when there are over a dozen lifestyle submissives in the house.) But after some tech struggling and lucking into the solution on my own, I was able to make a .jpg of Simon's cleaning schedule for you all to see. Now I only meant this as a story writing guide so this picture isn't going into the books. The picture doesn't show it, but the actual spreadsheet is for the entire 16 weeks of Vala's training. I imagine that Simon would maintain a spreadsheet like this. :D It's a common enough whine of mine lol- if only I had a Simon.

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#SeductiveSnS ... What is Lady Audrey doing to The Queen?

Seductive Studs and Sirens... a blog hop for LGBT romance, erotica, and erotica romance... 150 words of love from a non-heterosexual perspective. Enjoy my post and then check out the other hoppers with the links below

When Thianna said for Friday the 13th, we were going to open up beyond the usual 150 words, I was so excited. I knew I wanted to spend some more time with Lady Audrey and The Queen when he was just turned 18. I'd been frustrated to look at page views/comments on the 1st & 2nd parts of the story of his 18th bday (see the clickable links if you're wanting some more boundary pushing fiction). So maybe it was selfish, but I wanted more, and felt like sharing. Unfortunately the tension of dealing with my parents for Father's Day and continued worries my Master, our finances etc, had me struggling to gain each word in this story. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


The Queen leaned against the door frame of Lady Audrey's bedroom. I've been in here as "friend." Is this that different than the other times? He took in her mismatched furniture. He smiled when he noticed the new pillowcases, their silken whiteness overwhelming.

"Come here." Lady Audrey's tenor teased at his suddenly reawakened arousal.

"Good thing you don't have to worry about me falling in love with you, since I'm not a little virgin." He eased himself onto her bed, the red silk sheets drawing a moan from his lips. Her body wrapped in silk. He held himself tense. He closed his eyes, the feel of his eyelashes against his upper cheeks comforting.

"And what are you doing saying don't and I'm, little boy?" Audrey cupped The Queen's chin with the palm of one hand. "Weren't we enjoying each others' company? Is there any need to nervously joke about what this could mean?"

The Queen dragged his tongue across his dry lips. He finally opened his eyes to gaze into her beautiful deep brown eyes.

"What was it that numerologist said? The date of your birth talks of surrender?" She gifted him the softest kiss, just enough pressure for him to think.

How long ago was it that you realized that you were not the boy the doctor said you were? "But I don't want to surrender," he whined.

"To anyone but me, maybe?" Lady Audrey's lips shaped a playful grin as The Queen batted his eyelashes at her.

"Maybe." He coughed as if to clear away the strangling tension that had filled his one-word reply. He trembled with his moans as her fingers slid across his skin. "You will lead me?"

Lady Audrey nodded as she grabbed a ball gag from her headboard, the shiny black ball catching The Queen's notice.

"I..." He licked his lips again.

"You're too wound up. Let me."

The Queen stretched his mouth wide open and waited. Am I really okay with this?

"Good boy." Audrey slipped the ball between The Queen's trembling lips. She tied the deep purple lace in a bow at the back of his head.

His groan escaped the ball. His gaze again locked with hers. He made the smallest nod, his fear, his confusion, his arousal, all beaming from his eyes, he was sure.

"That's my boy." Audrey clasped his hip. "Should I call you Thom? Remind you of your place for the next little while?"

The Queen thrust his hips toward Lady Audrey.

"I think you like that idea." Her hand slipped between his legs. Her thumb swiped over his slit until he moaned restlessly. "Yes, my sweet Thom. You shall have what you need but are afraid to ask for." She grabbed his hip again and pulled him flat onto his front.

He turned his head, afraid to get drool on her beautiful pillowcase. He stretched his body across her bed in response to the tease of her fingertips sliding down his spine. I can't even beg, just accept. He shifted his hips, lifting his ass, begging in the only way he could figure.

"Tap with three times with your left hand. That'll be your safe sign." She traced the curves of his ass until he made what she hoped was an affirmative grunt.

He relaxed into the sensations, trying to imagine what his body looked like as it responded to Lady Audrey's gorgeously dominant caresses. I'll earn a spanking yet, dripping pre-cum onto her sheets.

"I wonder if I should bind you to the bed, take another level of control from you." Audrey insinuated her finger between The Queen's asscheeks, reaching for the hole as his groans increased in volume. "Although I think that what you need tonight is to be a good boy for me under your own power." She stroked the pad of her finger against his sphincter muscles. "You're still so wet from my cum."

He whimpered in shock when the sudden absence of her filled the bed. He fought to keep his breathing slow and even. Surrender is good for the soul, right? He sent out his hearing to scour the room for Lady Audrey, for the reassurance of her.

"Just grabbing a toy I bought specifically for you," Audrey murmured to his other side, forcing him to turn his head in excitation, apprehension.

His sharp inhalation through his nose echoed in the quiet room when the beautiful anal plug came into view. The swirled ribbons of color within the glass plug filled him with such peace.

"Yes, my boy. It’ll look so lovely sliding into your ass, filling you as I whip the tension out of you. That's what you want, right?"

The Queen grunted and nodded his head against her bed, grateful to have the need to say so in words removed from him. His breathing caught for a moment and then accelerated to feel her long fingers again moving over his ass, between his cheeks.

"I love glass plugs. Less need to use lube in the first place, but something tells me that you're ready."

"Mmm hmm," he grunted as if he could still form words.

"Surrender," she murmured, the tip of the plug pressing at his hole.

He shifted his hips, his thighs, opening himself further for her penetration. Not having been told to keep position, he reached back and trembling fingers dug into his ass as he stretched himself. He shuddered against her bed as the cold glass slid into his rectum. It continued into his body until the flared press pressed against his cheeks. He shuddered against her bed again, groaning at the orgasm dancing in his tight balls.

Audrey's fingers danced down his inner thighs to stroke those same balls.

He moved his hips to escape her pinching, caressing fingers. Please, please, please, he chanted in his tortured brain.

"Don't come until I give you permission. Three taps, on the bed, on whatever part of me you can reach, that's your safe sign. Remember." Audrey slowly twisted the plug inside The Queen.

The Queen nodded and closed his eyes. waiting. The silk had warmed to his body. He whimpered when she grabbed his hair and pulled it to the side, off his back. Surrender?

Without any warning, a heavy flogger, suede by its feel, fell across his back. Not a punishing stroke, but a loving warning. It fell again, sharper this time. The sensations moved throughout his body, especially his hard cock pressed into the silk sheets.

Lady Audrey sped up in her strokes, moving the flogger up and down The Queen from his shoulder blades to his upper thighs.

He saw his skin darkening as she would, basking somewhere between the experience of the pain and remembering when he had done so to another's skin. He stretched out long, as if to give Lady Audrey more access. He moaned as the tension dripped from his body.

"That's my boy." With her free hand, she cupped one asscheek. "Your relaxing body pleases me." Her steps echoed slightly as she moved to the end of her bed, her fingers slipping along his legs. She tapped one long nail against the sole of one foot.

He pushed himself down into the bed.

She slapped the sole multiple times until his body instinctively tried to pull away. "I wondered what might draw that reaction from you. Now listen to me. I want you to roll onto your back. I'm going to use a penis whip on your front. I'm going to torture you until I'm pleased and then when I tell you to come, you're going to shoot all the delicious cum filling your poor balls. And you'll do it without a touch to your cock. Nod if you understand."

The Queen gasped at the directness of Lady Audrey's command, but he quickly nodded, his teeth pushing into the ball.


He threw himself over, limbs awkward as he landed on his back, both their gazes pulled to his hard cock standing proudly from his body. He screamed around the gag when the first lash with the cruel, thin penis whip decorated his stomach with a pink line.

"That's my boy." Lady Audrey licked her lips as she flailed away across The Queen's front, starting from his shaking thighs.

The Queen arched his chest. Please, please, my chest too. I'd beg if I could. He fell down flat when the leather kissed the small of his stomach. He writhed against the bed, his head thrashing against her pillows.

The knot at the end of the whip kissed first one nipple. His arching almost lifted him off the bed.

"You like that?" Audrey laughed. She concentrated on his chest, the whip again and again caressing his nipples.


The Queen screamed. His lower body shot up off the bed as he blew his cum, covering himself, the bed, Lady Audrey's hand as she reached to touch his stomach. Then he fell flat.

"My boy. My sweet little Thom." Audrey leaned over to kiss his forehead. "A little rest and then I'll be putting you in full bondage. Yes?"

The Queen nodded before closing his eyes, basking in the bliss of his orgasm, her touch, her domination.