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Thursday, May 1, 2014

subspace into subdrop part 1

You only have to wait until tomorrow for the second part, but despite editing, I couldn't get this down to one post length. Hell this first piece I'm sharing is hardly one post length :D. But... and butts do figure into this scene :D is my attempt to show both subspace and subdrop for a curious friend. As I joked with my Master, I plan to tag Him for this part on Facebook, but not tomorrow, which includes aftercare and subdrop. Enjoy!


I blink. I hadn't expected You'd come to bed with me, Master. I roll onto my side, expecting You want to spoon, to go to sleep.

Your hand moves over my chest, fingers searching out nipples, to pull, to pinch.

I gasp. I want to feel but not so much that I'll struggle to go to sleep when You admit You're not really in the mood, Your leg aches too much.

"On your back," You order, Your arm moving off me.

I move to the ordered position; it feels so good for You to order me to something, Master. The sheet feels wonderfully cool against my ass, even if I have no welts for it to cool down.

"Hands," You order.

Confused, I move my crossed wrists toward You.

"Here we are," You murmur as You pull something plastic over one hand.

The silicone cuffs! "Thanks, Master," I whimper. I shudder as You secure my other hand. The whimpers turn into moans as You move my bound hands to rest on my stomach.

You lean over to kiss me, Your lips so soft yet so insistent. You pull back a little. "When you're ready to come, beg for permission."

"Yes, Master." My lips still parted; Your order to beg for permission instantly making me that much more horny, Master. "But Your leg, Master..."

"What did I say about that phrase?" You grin.

I moan. "That... You'll fuck my... ass when I... say that, Master."

"Not ready for that, but..."

I'm torn between worry for Your leg, Master, and curious arousal.

"Bend your knees."

I pull my legs up, finding the movement a strange struggle with my bound hands. I groan at what feels like a butt plug pushing against my asshole.

Your hand pushes against my ass with the plug's base. "You can put your legs down."

My legs slid out flat; for a moment, an absurd thought about protocols flits through my head. I cry out in surprise when the teasing pokes of the Wartenberg wheel dance down my chest.

You draw gasps from me with each press of its spokes.

The wheel stops touching me and I draw in a breath. The next moment I moan loudly as the pinching, stabbing sensations tease at my right inner thigh. My legs part, my left foot hanging off the bed. I go rigid with the first pass of the wheel over my labia, my clit. "Please, Master," I beg.

"No." You roll the wheel back and forth, You gaze between my legs even as I watch Your delighted focus.

I am untouched for a moment. Then I feel the wheel again, back and forth, a little harder with each pass. The balance of pain/pleasure is dancing toward the latter, especially with the order to beg. I whimper at the loss of the wheel's torment again, but only for a moment before the crashing pain of Your hand cupping and slapping my cunt.

"You liked that, didn't you?" Another slap falls.

"Yes, please, Master!" I thrust my hips up although I'm not sure for what.

"But I think I know what you'd like more." You press one finger into me.

I moan hoarsely, unprepared for the penetration.

You roll onto Your back beside me. "Straddle me, facing away."

"Yes, my Master." I turn onto my side, then my stomach, the awkwardness of moving with bound hands vexing me, and for a moment I feel bad I'm not moving as prettily as I might've when in a younger body.

Your hand crashes against my ass, the slap making me gasp. "You're over-thinking this."

"Yes, Master." I creep closer to You until my right calf pushes up against Your leg.

Your hands are so warm as they clasp my hips. "I got you. Just move."

I lean my chest toward Your legs as I focus on not hurting You. My calf pressing into the bed on the other side of You, I release my anxiously held breath.

One hand slips off my hip just before Your cock thrusts up into my cunt. "I can't help. You gotta fuck me."
I whimper. "But my hands are bound, Master."

"You have strong legs."

I bit my lip at my retort to Your truthful comment. Of course I can't help but fuck You, Master. It's been way too long since I had You inside me. I slowly swing my hips- not at all enough to make me come, but enough to give You pleasure. My thighs twitch as You pull the plug a bit out of my ass before shoving it back in.

Your hands return to my hips and pull me hard down onto Your cock. Your fingers push painfully into my skin as I start the small gyrations again.

The guttural noises of my pleasure cannot begin to be described accurately with words. "Master, please, want Your cock, rather than this plug."

You laugh softly.

I pull up, my thighs tight. I whimper.

You pull the plug out of me. Your thumb, palms slide down my right cheek. You pull me open.

"Please, Master." I move back slowly, hoping You are holding Your cock still for me to impale myself. I'm just too horny now. I cry out, the sound bordering on pained as the head of Your cock pushes into my asshole. But I'm moving too fast to agonize over the burn, Master. I want to be full of Your cock.

Your groan matches mine as I'm seated fully on You. "Lay back."

I awkwardly straighten my legs, nestling them on either side of Yours. Focusing on muscles I haven't used in awhile, I lower myself onto You, feeling the press of more and more body hair until Your gorgeous chest hair cradles my upper back.

You encircle me with Your arms. One moves to my breasts, the other travels between my legs. Your fingers pinch and pull my nipples, left and right, over again until I'm crying out with each bit of pain. You push my pussy lips apart.

"Master, please!" I'm so close to coming, if You do what I'm hoping You will.

"Need to come?" Your fingers maul my clit as one slips into my cunt.

"Yes, please, I beg to come, Master. Please!" How quickly the desperation builds in me, Your fingers, Your cock. I'm heading into overload.

"Not yet!" You get even rougher, Your fingers on my nipples as harsh as a clothespin. You lift Your other hand and the slap brings a scream from me.

"Please, I need to come so bad, Master!" I can feel the orgasm just out of my reach.

"When I come in your ass." Your cheek presses against my head, Your lips so close to my ear.

I push back on Your cock. I wanna come, wanna feel You come, Master. I groan at the fullness of You pushing two fingers into my cunt; I'm held back and front by You. I focus on my pelvic muscles, tightening them against Your fingers, cock.

"That's how much you want it?"

"Yes, please, Master. Want You to fill my ass with Your cum, Master. Please, Master!"

You grunt; I hope. Your fingers ratchet up the pain. "Come, wench."

I shudder against You, feeling Your cock pulses inside me as I bask in the orgasm rushing through me. "Thanks, Master. Love You, Master."


Aren't I such  tease? You get to read my Master and I reaching our orgasm, but for what happened in even the next moment after I thanked Him, you'll have to come back tomorrow :D.

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