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Friday, May 16, 2014

#HAHAT ... 3 Doms and Vala consider gender, sex

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I decided on this little taste of four of my characters from my serial, Vala's Story for the Hop against Homophobia and Transphobia- sometimes it's easier to teach with a story :D . Things aren't always so clear on gender, sexuality in my story worlds, so don't jump to any conclusions please. This is most definitely tamer than what I usually write :D- there's only some kissing and talk. Just in case you are unfamiliar with some terms, cis is short for cisgender- in other words, not transgender, identifying with the gender announced at birth.

Vala gazed up at the three doms, standing there at the end of The Queen's bed, studying her. But in their preoccupation, she in return got to study their naked bodies. After the time spent shopping with the lovely transwoman domme, helping her through the upsetting moment of "which bathroom do I use in public?"- Vala was still curious. The Queen's love who identified as a transwoman. Her glorious light brown skin that Vala struggled not to use foods to describe- serious thought from Mandisa's teaching about identity swirling in her head. Model perfect, that's what she'd thought as Lady Audrey stepped into The Queen's mansion that first time in her experience.

"I dare say that Vala has forgotten about us in her enjoyment of Lady Audrey."

Moisture collected in Lady Audrey's eyes. "What do you see when you look at me, Vala?"

Vala licked her lips. "An amazingly beautiful woman, my Lady."

Lady Audrey tightened her grip on The Queen's waist.

"Look at us here." Prince Synn grinned at The Queen and Lady Audrey. "Not a het in the room."

"Not a het?" The Queen echoed, his eyes large and pleading.

"Well I love touching you and being touched by you. Doesn't that make me not straight?" He pressed an adoring kiss to The Queen's lips.

Lady Audrey snorted, breaking the moment. "Can't we just ignore the labels as others would try to give us for the moment. There's a beautiful girl waiting on the bed for our attention."

Vala met Lady Audrey's gaze. "Thanks, my Lady. You're incredibly beautiful too, my Lady."

Lady Audrey laughed softly. "Such a flatterer."

Prince Synn leaned his head on The Queen's shoulder. "Did you hear about the first InternationalDay Against Homophobia being planned for next May 17?"

"Yes, love." The Queen relinquished his hold on Lady Audrey to turn to face Prince Synn. "Looks like the women are about to give up on us. Quiet now." His hands moved into Synn's hair, pinning the man in place for a long, exploring kiss.

Vala giggled into Lady Audrey's kiss. "Sometimes they need led, don't they, my Lady?"

"Sometimes. Now you be quiet too, no words, while I enjoy you."

The Prize Part :D

I'm sure there's plenty of adages about authors not mentioning religion- if they want to sell books. Well I'm bad at that. You see, I'm a proud Unitarian Universalist, even if there's still a lot of education needed for many in the religion- I say that as a polyamorous and kinky person who finds those parts of my identity are not welcome in too many UU circles. However, when it came to choosing a prize for this hop, my first thought was of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. While I could give you a whole historical lesson, I'll limit myself to the fact that the group started during WWII with Unitarians helping people to escape Nazi persecution. So I went to their online shop http://shop.uusc.org/default.asp to see if they have any LGBT-themed items; I figured they would. I found this fun 6" rainbow-bead bracelet. http://shop.uusc.org/product-p/th-brb.htm . It has the additional activist benefit to me of the bracelet being made by a Guatemalan cooperative that is working to support widows and young women. So go ahead and check out the Rafflecopter give away for the bracelet- I promise you that you'll find different sorts of entry winning options than most hops. :D And of course you have until midnight EST on 5/25 to work through the entry activities- so go out and do some education & activism!

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  1. I feel all human being are equal, and should be treated equally irrespective of their sexual preferences.

    No. I haven't got the opportunity yet, but would like to.

    I am straight, but I do always try to support LGBT community by writing about them and taking part in blog hops like this. I speak to my friends about it too (generally to the homophobic).

    1. thanks for the comment, Ray. It's good how more people are starting to feel that about sexuality. Sometimes just talking about equality so others can see it is the best we can do :)

  2. OMFG this hop is huge! I don't have time to go read anyone else's stuff, but I'm here on your site and supportive and leaving my usual inane non-comment, just to let you know I was here, I read, I'm goofy, and I'm here. Oh wait, already said I was here. More caffeine. Now. Carry on with your bad-ass selves. I'm "hopped" up on caffeine. That should count for something. Bzzzzz!

    1. thanks for the comment, Sheri :) yeah, it's good to see so many signed up :) and I had fun with these 4. Thinking of doing so more with them for next Friday. I love how Lady Audrey doesn't have time for The Queen and Prince Synn to be babbling :D

  3. I always enjoy the fluidity and tenderness of your characters. Theirs seems to be a perfect world in which the thought of needing to be gender identified is a curious notion.

    1. thanks for the comment, Jolynn. These 4 together just excite me so as an author. Especially working with Lady Audrey- she gave me a piece of monologue that I'm going to share next Saturday for SeductiveSnS. But she actually talked about the world and how she's created a safe bubble for herself. I'm intrigued to turn it into dialogue between her and Vala for the serial. but really, I think too much focus is put on sexuality and gender. I forget whose Hop post it was, but she talked about "a world as it should be." Yeah, I think I've tried to do that some

  4. Great snippet Joelle, loved these 4 together and the intimacy between them.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. I can't wait to do more with them and this scene

  5. Thanks for making me think. There's more even as a straight ally that I can do. lena.grey.iam@gmail.com

    1. and thank for the comment, Lena. It's good to think :). But then I've been accused on over-thinking :D atm I'm reading Kate Bornstein's "My Gender Workbook"- I identify as a cisgender woman, but I can't stop myself from asking why I'm a woman.I'm learning to enjoy working with Lady Audrey. It can be amazing what an ally- to any minority group- can do.

  6. Replies
    1. and thanks for the comment, Caddy :) I loved working with these 4 :)

  7. Thanks for participating, Joelle. :)

  8. Thank for joining in the hop Joelle.

  9. Although I am straight, I do try to promote LGBT community and their issues as much as I can.

    Every human being is equal in my eyes, irrespective of their sexual identity.