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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#dungeoncrawl Two women enjoy sex and BDSM #FF #BDSM

Thanks to Romancing the Kink for hosting this wonderful crawl

Adan- Irish- female- little fire. Prisca and Adan are a domme/submissive couple at the beginning of Vala's Story.

Adan pressed her lips against Prisca's soft shoulder. Thanks goodness I belong to a beautiful domme who doesn't mind affection. She took a deep breath, centering herself in her spirituality and her submission before opening her eyes.

"Morning, lovely girl. I wondered how long before those green eyes would focus on my face." Prisca kissed Adan, a soft press of feminine lips. She continued to tease at her girl's lips with the tip of her tongue.

"Just a moment, my Lady, as I collected myself for the day ahead."

"Ah yes, the day ahead. Should I treat you now, so you behave yourself, or tell you a reward you can earn?"

Adan imagined a blush the shade of a frozen cherry drink, so Prisca had identified the color of her blushing. "Did you want an answer or just to make me anxious with your question, my Lady?"

"What snark!" Prisca threw the covers back before pushing Adan onto her stomach. She delivered a pleasingly harsh slap to the left cheek.

"Please forgive my mouth, my Lady," Adan murmured. Shit! That was a little too close to what she's been trying to train me out of.

"Not quite erotic romance drivel to warrant a punishment." Prisca laughed and patted Adan's ass, the touches playful. "Your tone at least was snarky enough to amuse me."

"I love you, my Lady." Adan giggled as Prisca pulled her close for an awkward hug.

"Love you too." Prisca leaned over Adan. She dripped kisses along the girl's spine from top to bottom, from neck to asscrack.

"My Lady," Adan gasped at Prisca's tongue pushing between her asscheeks. She groaned as one beautifully feminine finger moved over her moist asshole, slipping into her. She lifted her hips, offering herself more fully to Prisca.

"You are a horny little girl." Prisca slid a second finger into Adan's asshole. "Moan for me. You aren't having a shy morning again?"

"No, not shy, my Lady," Adan whimpered. Not gonna look at my brother in the next bed. He's too busy with Kaya anyway.

"That's right." Prisca smiled knowingly. "He's too busy begging Kaya to care what we're doing. And you obviously hope that I grant you release somehow."

"Yes, please, my Lady. I wanna come, my Lady." Goddess, please let that have been the right pleading.

"My girl." Prisca slowly fucked Adan's ass with her fingers. "I do enjoy when you let me know with your words that you're a randy girl who wants to be fucked until she comes."

Adan pushed back onto the loving fingers penetrating her ass. No guilt. I left that behind when I left Catholicism behind. But it's so good to enjoy something so naughty. No, it's not naughty, not if my Lady enjoys it. She bit her bottom lip, trying to stem the tide of intruding thoughts.

"Good girl. The only permission you need is The Queen's and then mine that comes from him." Prisca eased her fingers out of Adan. "But you know what happens when you start thinking too much about guilt."

"Yes, my Lady." Adan mewled with apprehension. She struggled onto her hands and knees on Prisca's bed, beside her domme. Her legs shook as she lifted one to the pillow, as she lowered her crotch over the mouth that she knew would tease her, tempt her, drive her insane. She leaned back just a bit before pushing her labia apart with her fingers. The fingers in my ass made my pussy wet, like my Lady knew it would.

"Say it," Prisca ordered, her eyes shining as she gazed up at Adan's quivering lips.

"My Lady, I beg you to lick my pussy, suck on my clit" Adan licked her lips as the dirty words dripped past them, as her Lady, as The Queen had forced her to through many an orgasm denied and then finally given. "I beg... you to suck on my clit and fuck my asshole with your fingers until you are kind enough to grant me the orgasm I'm begging for, my Lady."

Prisca lifted her head to brush the tip of her tongue across Adan from clit to cunt. Her tongue stabbed into her girl's cunt, pressing against skin and muscle, teasing nerves.

"Please, my Lady," Adan begged, her lips still parted.

Prisca reached around Adan to stroke her girl's creamy skin, the fresh cheeks only baring that one smack. She hummed as she sucked the hardening clit between her lips, her fingers inching back into Adan's asshole.

"That feels so good, my Lady. Your touch feels so good, my Lady. I'm so grateful for this pleasure you're giving me, my Lady." Adan breathed in deep. Naughty thoughts equal graphic talk before I can earn my release. Graphic. "I beg to feel your tongue trace along my lips, pushing them around as you enjoy what I should remember is gorgeous because we're all born of the Goddess and the God, my Lady. I beg to feel you biting on my clit, just enough to remind me of the sweet pain you can give me, my Lady." She groaned as Prisca's thrusts into her ass grew harsher, more claiming.

Prisca caught Adan's inner lips between her teeth and then soothed the bit with her licking tongue. She fucked her sweet submissive's cunt with her tongue, matching pace with the fingers pushing deep into the once virginal asshole.

"My Lady!" Adan's thighs tensed. "So close to coming when you do that, my Lady. I love to think about my mouth on you, tasting your pussy, giving you pleasure with my mouth, my Lady. As soon as you've made me come, I wanna make you come so hard, my Lady. Please, I beg, my Lady."

Prisca's mouth returned to Adan's clit. She sucked, hard, sucked until Adan's thighs relaxed as the girl started fucking her domme's face, almost unable to do anything but reach for that orgasm. She blinked her eyes twice, the signal that Adan should come as soon as the pleasure overwhelmed.

Adan threw back her head, the slender curls of candy apple red hair moving over Prisca's hand, arm, wrist.
Prisca pushed another finger in, three fingers pushed deep into Adan's asshole.

"Yes, please, I beg, thank you, my Lady, please! Coming, my Lady. I love when you force me to come on your face like this, my Lady. I'm your slut, my Lady. Love being your slut, my Lady. Thank you for making this orgasm last and last, for torturing me with this heavenly orgasm, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady."

Adan fell forward, her forearms slamming onto the soft white wooden headboard of her Lady's bed.

Prisca's fingers stilled inside Adan. "Good girl," she murmured against her submissive's wet body, her tongue swooping down to collect the orgasmic fluid that her sub could no longer deny her.

So yeah, that was long :D. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd written "What was waiting for The Queen" to ponder what was happening at the mansion the morning he brought Vala home in "Out of the Night:Book One." This doesn't quite match with the snippet of fiction there, but it's leading there :D.


  1. wow, that was a slow sensual one. I love how Prisca is training Adan to talk dirty :D

    1. thanks for the comment, Tara :) it just made sense to me. I've had a few things sprinkled through Vala's Story with Adan that made sense to me- like Iona commented how the twins- Adan and her brother Ailin- were almost like the "perfect submissive" from BDSM erotica at first, so totally obedient. And yeah, there are occasional comments about their histories being Irish

  2. I love the names you come up with. Mine are all, "See Jane. See Jane fuck Joe. Look, there's Spot. He's peeing on the rug." Jane, Joe, Spot. Well played, Sheri. WELL PLAYED.

    1. lol well names are sometimes a thing. I had fun with names in Vala's world. Many of the slaves' endearments from The Queen are based on their names' meanings, although Adan and Ailin are simply "my elfin children" or divided by their genders when he's talking to them singly. and the wild world of so many characters :D I like Jane and Joe though :D

  3. I love the slow sensuality in this, the way they obviously adore each other and know how to please. Sweet but hot too. Thanks

    1. and thanks for the comment. I enjoyed showing dominance in an unexpected way

  4. Long - but very good! @SheriSavill - should I be worried that Joe is fucking me and we're watching Spot pee on a rug? Jane xxx

    1. thanks for the comment, Jane :D

    2. Oh Jane, sorry about that! Now that I think about it, wasn't it always "Dick and Jane"? Better for erotica, anyway. Heh. ;)

    3. lol Sheri, you made Jane worry. well yes, the kids' books were "Dick and Jane"- if you wanna write something very pedestrian, it's good for erotica. I'm still loving Lady Audrey's cock- now that makes me happy to type

  5. Wonderfully erotic as always along with the love being apparent between them. I also whole heartedly approve of requiring dirty talk before an orgasm is allowed. It's amazing how very wet it makes a woman when she's embarrassed by the nasty words coming out of her mouth.

    1. thanks for the comment, Jolynn. Interesting though to me, Prisca is trying to teach that such talk is not nasty. Or at least shouldn't be considered nasty. But Adan needs more training :D

  6. Loved this Joelle, very intimate and hot! Loved the slow sensual build up and hoe Prisca is training her.