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Monday, May 19, 2014

An 18-year-old Queen and Lady Audrey

When I sat down to write this, I had more questions than answers. Lots of talks with Vanessa C have given me thoughts of thoughts about how to work with Lady Audrey; you see, while I'd wanted her relationship with The Queen in my serial, because I pictured her as a transwoman, I was so nervous to "write her right," to be sensitive to transgender people. I ended up under-using her as a character in my worry. So after writing the snippet for the Hop Against Homophobia, I decided I wanted to spend some time with these two on the day The Queen turned 18; while I regularly broke laws around age and sex, I don't think Lady Audrey would. I was having such fun that you'll have to come back next Monday (maybe, if I don't give it to you before :D) for the coming...

"Hey birthday boy." Lady Audrey grinned at The Queen as he sauntered into her living room
"Hey lady mine." The Queen knelt between Audrey's legs, his knees pressed to the faux black leather of her couch.

Lady Audrey snorted before bursting into giggles. "And what makes you think you can get away with such a phrase?" She buried her hands into his hair, pulling him closer to her. Her large, supple lips hung in the air just before his. "I only said since you're turning eighteen today that I might let something happen after all your furtive attempts to see my naked body."

"And such a gorgeous body it is." The Queen tilted his head back into Lady Audrey's hands. "You know being trans does not make make me want you any less. Come, Aud, let me make you feel good."

"I don't know." She brushed her lips against his. "You seem to remembering that I'm one person you can't dominate.

"Are you going to tease me and make me beg like a little submissive?" The Queen rose until he knelt up. His arms encircled Audrey's waist. "Please," he whispered just before pressing a tentative kiss to her lips.

"I like to hear you plead." She kissed him hard then, her tongue claiming his mouth, fucking him as her fingers tightened in his hair. She pulled him up on the couch with her before pushing him against one couch arm.

"Now what should I do with this little eighteen year old body, huh?"

"I'm not all that innocent," The Queen joked.

Lady Audrey clicked her tongue. "Don't be so literal, boy, and there are surely things you haven't done." She traced one hardening nipple through the tightly stretched plain white shirt.

The Queen groaned and shifted his hips to bring his long legs up onto the couch, one on either side of her. "Aud?"

"Maybe I should take this shirt off you?" Audrey continued to rub and knead The Queen's nipples with her long fingers, his gasps of pleasure echoing between them. She grabbed the bottom hem and pulled the shirt up. She leaned over to kiss his pale skin as the fabric pulled away. "You are a gorgeous boy." She traced one nipple with her tongue, the tip curling up as she teased him.

"Feels so good." He arched up against her mouth.

"Is this a hard cock pushing against me through your jeans?"

"Yes! You make me so horny!"

"Poor boy." Audrey pulled The Queen's shirt up and off. "But I think I like you better naked. And weren't you wanting to take care of me?"

"Whatever you want." The Queen reached forward to clasp Lady Audrey's hips, sheathed in the brilliant red silk of her dress. He pulled one leg up against his stomach to let her stand. His eyes grew wide as she lifted the dress, revealing inch by inch of soft, hair-less skin. His gaze dropped between her legs as her cock came into view; it had to be as hard as his own. Then the smooth stomach. Then her ribs leading up and up.

"Please, Aud," he begged when she stopped shy of her beautiful breasts.

"Seeing them through my clothes isn't good enough?" Lady Audrey pulled her dress off and stood before The Queen, enjoying his study of her. "Now let's see about these jeans." She leaned over him. "Will you be able to wait long enough for me to get off too?"

"Yes, please, I swear!" The Queen moaned at Audrey's forceful hand rubbing at his cock through his jeans.

Audrey popped the button and the denim fell away from The Queen's skin. She dragged her fingers through the midnight black happy trail that tempted her to go lower. She grabbed the jean's waist and started pulling.

He lifted his ass off the couch and moved his hips, helping the jeans off. His cock sprung proudly from his body, so ready. He licked his lips as he stared between her legs.

"You want it?" Lady Audrey dropped onto the couch.

The Queen sprung forward, his mouth open. "Want you so bad. Wanna make you come."

"Down, boy." Audrey laughed. "Well maybe I fuck you. Come here," She lead him down to her cock with one hand grasping his hair. She sighed tremulously as his lips wrapped around the head of her cock, before sliding down the shaft, taking it deep into his mouth. "Good boy," she murmured. She loosened her hold on his hair as he found a rhythm, making love to her. He moaned, the sound muffled by her cock, and he shifted his hips again, trying to find comfort for his own hard cock.

The Queen wrapped his arms again around Lady Audrey's waist. The sounds of her pleasure echoed through the otherwise quiet room. His feet awkwardly hung off the couch that suddenly seemed too short. He lifted one hand to cup her balls, his fingers brushing the skin, teasing it.

"That's a boy. Listen to me. Just another moment of your wonderful month and then I want to fuck your ass."

"Mmhmm," came The Queen's immediate answer, his hands clasped behind her back. His ass lifted just a bit in the air.

She reached out to stroke his ass, her fingers pressing between the cheeks. "Yes, you have such a good ass. All these beautiful muscles. I wonder how such a lovely masculine man wound up with this heart-shaped ass that was made for fucking."

The Queen pushed down until he was deep-throating Audrey's cock. He groaned at the wetness of pre-cum sliding down his shaft at the thought of her inside him.

"Enough!" Audrey pulled The Queen up by his hair before pulling him against her. With his legs wrapped around her waist, she positioned him so she could pry his asscheeks apart.

(UPDATE for those reading after the fact- here's a link to part 2 http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/05/an-18-year-old-queen-and-lady-audrey_26.html )


  1. Ooh, very nice! :)

    1. thanks, Vanessa :) It's going well- not sure how much will be in part 2, but this is part of my newer thoughts that she wouldn't be the stereotypical transperson uncomfortable with her genitals. I was just glad to figure out the way to deal with him knowing her body's configuration- I totally didn't want to have them talk about it right before sex

  2. Very nice Joelle, love the dialogue!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) now if only I can finish a scene with Prisca and Adan for tomorrow so I can get back to these 4- I'm visiting at "A Touch of Flavor" with the piece. http://www.atouchofflavor.com/blog/