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Saturday, May 31, 2014

#SeductiveSnS ... review of "Healing Hark" by Dakota Trace

Seductive Studs and Sirens... a blog hop for LGBT romance, erotica, and erotica romance... 150 words of love from a non-heterosexual perspective. Enjoy my post and then check out the other hoppers with the links below.

"Healing Hark (Doms of Chicago #8)"- How wonderfully this book healed a place in me, if only for one day. Sometimes it's hard being a lifestyle submissive and waiting for your dominant to figure it out. I enjoyed this book in two readings, punctuated by some wonderful intimacy with my Master and a great night's sleep. True, I skipped ahead to this book, although Dakota assured me there wasn't any harm in that. :D I know I want to go back, pick up the rest of the series. Read my complete review here on Goodreads.

Friday, May 30, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Vala has thoughts on the Spanking Romance Review A to Z challenge

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Okay so Vala was already nattering this bratting at me last week, which was why I needed to find out if non-WIP or published book would work more than one week in a row :D And obviously I need a spanking as I scheduled this to publish too early. And already got a comment.

"Joelle, what are you doing? I spanked you so you could start writing, but you get into SpankingRomance Reviews A to Z spanking challenge? This isn't MY story. This isn't getting me laid."

"Vala, you know the challenge is important for me. The spanking community is a place where I belong; I don't have the support of The Queen's stable as you do."

Vala squeezed my ass warningly. "Get to writing!"

And now, my writing friends, I wanted to share a post I put up on Sunday. While I was hoping to get some more members for my fan club on MyAwesomeFriends.com, I also included a paragraph talking to other authors about MAF, which I've found to be a handy tool. http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/05/have-you-checked-out-my-awesome-fans-i.html

Thursday, May 29, 2014

#SRR ... the poly-triad that worked for awhile

Our wonderful host this month is Katherine Deane. I remember once I didn't take part- something specifically about domestic discipline- and she was bummed. So while I was unsure what I'd say at first, I got myself to buckled down and writing. Her topic is: The Vanilla Spouse: What happens when your significant other doesn’t share your fetish?

So I admit that I mess with a lot of Katherine's questions by the very fact of having lived as a polyamorous person from my teen years, even before I knew there was a word to describe a way of living other than the monogamy that I felt wasn't for me. I'm going to answer her questions thinking of my last polyamorous relationship that lasted more than a few weeks, more than "seeing if this will work."

A quick summary: I married a man who knew I identified as polyamorous and a BDSM submissive. He agreed to live with an open marriage that allowed me to meet my needs or for him to meet his needs in ways that worked for the both of us. So by fact of my reputation, I never had to have a "I want you to spank me" conversation with ex.

Interestingly the conversations we did have were about what needs we had that we could meet for each other. He didn't have a specific fetish identity although he found it interesting to see me engage in my interests. We also enjoyed a variety of each others' kinks- for instance, he would enjoy my exhibitionism while I'd enjoy him being the voyeur while I enjoyed sex with other women.

Early in the relationship with my ex, he had to walk me through the emotional issues of Tom (the dominant who was the first inspiration for The Queen in Vala's Story) deserting me; that isn't a story I want to tell here. Thankfully we met my Master at a goth club, although I already knew of Him by reputation. He gave me a few months of time to stop waiting for Tom to change his mind, but eventually His message of "shit or get off the pot" reached through my growing desperation around "Tom doesn't want me." It started off as vanilla sex. Then the day happened that I was riding Shaman, ex in the room watching, and in the middle of orgasm, I murmured, "Master." We were on our way to the collaring at that point.

Now I need to step back just a moment into those months. Part of my depression was the lack of my BDSM fetish needs not being met. Ex and I tried. We tried me acting as the Top and as the bottom to ex, not at the same time of course. Neither worked. I couldn't respect him as a dominant and I didn't gain anything more than a crass amusement as dominating him- so yes, for those who wonder, I'm not a switch, even if I can write them :D.

So to answer 2 of Katherine's questions, I understand what monogamy should be (happy, healthy, fidelous coupling), but I would never choose it for myself. It has never been at all a positive experience the few times I've tried it. However, if someone is monogamous or if they decide to break the agreed upon boundaries for their polyamory (that failure to keep poly-agreements is part of why ex is an ex), I feel that is cheating. Considering my strong feelings about what cheating is and against the act itself, I wouldn't get involved with someone who is not open to my kinks from the very beginning if monogamy was expected. At the price of losing my virginity to rape at 13, I figured out quickly what I actually wanted, both sexually and in life in general. And while it has made me a "sexual outlaw"- to borrow Pat Califia's phrase- I refuse to disavow what I want sexually, even if in the face of current relationship struggles with my Master, He isn't meeting the needs He could meet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#dungeoncrawl ... a post in which Joelle figures out who's fucking, enjoying BDSM with whom

Yeah for Romancing the Kink! I love crawling :D.

I'd had another thought for this Dungeon Crawl, but this has been bugging me. The Queen and Vala has been talking at me about The Queen's birthday and him growing a beard. I hope you enjoy! :) Sometimes what shows up in BDSM erotica/erotic romance, is all about hot sex and over-the-top BDSM activities. I wanted to show submissives/switches caring for their dominant.

And The Queen did need a birthday cake :D

I wasn't very good at drawing The Queen's pubic hair. But I have- count them :D- 2 cock-n-ball cakes because I hadn't noticed the package came with 2 pans. I've only frosted this one so far. Banana cake with butterscotch frosting and chocolate frosting for the pubic hair. My Master laughed when I asked if He'd share banana penis cake with me; teen is refusing to have anything to do with this one. :D

"Happy birthday, my Queen." Vala smiled up at The Queen from where she knelt between his legs.

"Thanks, my baby girl. And why does it look like my sweet slaves have something planned for me?" The Queen grinned as his gaze moved over Vala, Simon, Bandele, Soma, and Eoin. Six is a decent orgy.

"We just brought you breakfast in bed, my Queen." Simon wiggled his fingers along The Queen's jaw, his fingertips disappearing amongst the wonderfully coarse beard covering his beloved Master's face. He pressed an adoring kiss to the skin just above the line of hair. "Happy birthday, my Queen."

"Lay down with me. I am sure these four are skilled enough at serving that you can relax." The Queen pulled Simon down his bed and against his side. "So whose idea was this?" He teased Simon's neck with swipes of his beard.

Simon groaned, his body from ass to heels pushing down into The Queen's bed. "Ah—"

"Oh!" The Queen grinned. "I forgot how much my beard teases you. Was it good of me to grow it out?"

"Yes, my Queen." Simon panted for a moment, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks. "Bandele and Vala came up with the idea."

"I argued that maybe we shouldn't do candles though, my Queen." Vala giggled as she placed a bed tray over The Queen's legs.

The Queen chuckled. "I think I am doing fairly well for forty-four." Will that make any of them anxious? "I still turn you all on, don't I?" He held in further laughter as a charming sprinkling of red decorated Eoin's pale cheeks. "I know I turn you on, boy."

"Yes, always, my Queen." Eoin leaned against The Queen's stroking hand, his expression tense with building lust.

"So, a gift of un-commanded service?" The Queen arched an eyebrow as busy slave hands set a plate, silverware, his favorite large blood red coffee cup, and a small drinking glass in front of him. "Anything more planned?"

"Maybe, my Queen." Vala returned The Queen's grin as she shimmied her hips in his direction.

The Queen caught Vala's hand and forced her to stillness. "Tease."

"Only until you make me do something about it, my Queen." Vala leaned over to trace The Queen's fingers with the tip of her tongue, slowly moving from one finger to the next.

"Did you think this all up thinking on your birthday next week?" And how I will spoil my adorable baby girl? The smell of crispy bacon rose to The Queen's nose before he looked down to see a beautiful hash slipping onto his plate from Soma's serving spoon.

"But yes, we've planned some fun things for this afternoon, my Queen," Simon murmured as he prepared The Queen's coffee, his gaze moving between pouring sugar, creamer, coffee and The Queen's face. "Prince Synn is bringing his family. His and Sorcha's twins are looking forward to seeing Erik. We have cake and ice cream, a few flavors of each."

"Red velvet?" Yes, I did just sound like a six-year-old.

"Yes, I made sure to make one of them red velvet, my Queen."

"Bandele, massage my legs as I eat," The Queen ordered.

"Yes, my Queen," Bandele practically chirped as he moved to the end of the bed.

"What of the rest of the stable? Of what of you? Have any of you had breakfast? And where is Erik this morning that you are all naked?"

Soma giggled. "So many questions, my Queen."

I love her bit of confidence now. "And my questions deserve answers, yes?"

Soma chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. "I made the five of us breakfast while the others saw to yours, my Queen."

"And we told everyone else we hoped casual breakfast was good since we were bringing you breakfast, my Queen." Bandele paused with his large black hands moving up The Queen's leg, stopping just above the knee.

"Hoped? I love the word choice, my boy." The Queen took a big bit of the hash, enjoying each ingredient as the flavors mingled on his tongue. "I hope to shortly enjoy your gorgeous bodies."

Bandele leaned over to press his cheek against The Queen's calf. "I think we should all like to help you enjoy that, my Queen."

I wonder if this is what Audrey pictured for me when she named me The Queen. He adjusted his hips beneath the tray, his cock taking more interest in the naked slave flesh around him.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... How a fourth class slave eats

8 to 10 sentences of taboo sexuality, eroticism

I'm trying to finish up stuff for "Out of the Night: Book One" so I can get into publishing "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." Today for Taboo Tuesday, I sharing a snippet of "Gates"- I plan to publish the book in July, sometime in the fall at the latest. To make it within 10 lines, I edited out Vala's introductory attempt at pagan grace saying. The Queen starts.

"Your plate." He placed it on the floor in front of her.

"Thank you, my Queen." Vala lowered her gaze to her plate, everything in bite sized pieces so she wouldn't need to use her hands. At least it isn't soup that I have to stick my face half-into to eat.

Relative quiet again descended upon the room, except for eating noises.

Vala daintily picked up a mouthful of scrambled eggs, at the same time managing a bite of bacon. She whimpered softly. In her mind blossomed Raanan's fingers approaching her mouth clutching some eggs. The remembered feel of his touch inside her mouth stoked her arousal. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

My #HAHAT winner!

Yes, it is Memorial Day in the US, but that doesn't mean a "day off" for me- every day is a work day; I just carve some work-free time for myself, like attending service for the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship first thing this morning- we're an online church.

Now I've already emailed her directly, but Sarah Kalaitzidis won my prize. I would like to say though that if you've never looked at the Unitarian Universalist Service committee's store, you should take a look. They have fair trade, sustainably-made, life-supporting products. I'm meaning to buy my family fair trade coffee for Christmas. https://shop.uusc.org/

And even though most people's giveaways ended yesterday, it doesn't mean that you can't still read and appreciate the many things people posted about. Here is the link to my post, as well the link list at the bottom of all the other HAHAT posts. http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/05/hahat-3-doms-and-vala-consider-gender.html . Please remember that even straight allies are incredibly important.

An 18 year old Queen and Lady Audrey part 2

Okay so my teen was a freaking fictional sex interruptus- I swear he has a censor "mom's writing a good fuck so I'm going to interupt her." But I got back into Lady Audrey and The Queen fucking, enjoying each others' bodies. Some links for you: International Day against homophobia and transphobia, my blog post for the Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia (which inspired Lady Audrey and The Queen fucking), and here's part one of them fucking, because it was oh so good to watch them getting it on :D. I loved finishing this up, bringing them both to their wonderful orgasms, and those sweet moments of afterward. Enjoy!

refresh from last week
"Enough!" Audrey pulled The Queen up by his hair before pulling him against her. With his legs wrapped around her waist, she positioned him so she could pry his asscheeks apart.

 "Did you get my cock wet enough for your pretty ass?"

"Yes, I hope so," The Queen whimpered against her lips. He cried out as she lowered him down onto her cock. He shuddered against her. "I've dreamed of this moment." He looked into her eyes just before his eyelashes slipped down against his cheeks.

"This moment?" She wrapped her hands around his hips and held him still.

"Yes, this moment. Please fuck me. You feel even better than I imagined." He wrapped his arms around her neck and held on as she fucked him, thrusting in and drawing back so slow.

"Should I fuck my cum into you?"

"Yes, fill me, make me your bitch!" The Queen whimpered with hoarse moans as Audrey enjoyed his body.

"Lean back. I want you to fuck yourself on my cock," Lady Audrey ordered. She traced a dominating finger down the middle of his chest as he obeyed, his strong hands pushing into the couch.

He made small hip movements as he rode her, the sweat beading on his chest with his exertions. His expression tightened with his arousal.

Lady grabbed his cock and started to tease with slow strokes.

"Aud, gonna come if you keep doing that."

"I hope so." Audrey laughed. "Come on, boy. Fuck me good."

The Queen grunted, the muscles of his torso straining beautifully as he worked himself on Lady's cock. He focused on the beautiful fullness of her cock filling his ass. "So good," he grunted.

Audrey stroked faster, her hand gripping him harder, her fingers clutching at the head of his cock. She clutched his hip with her free hand. A beam of sunlight danced across his stomach suddenly. She groaned, her eyes rolling up into her head.

"Yes, fill me, please!" The Queen thrust his body onto Audrey's cock and joined her in shuddering as the cum spurted out of his cock, quickly covering them.

"Come here." Lady gathered The Queen up into her embrace and held him tight. "Happy birthday, my boy."

"Thanks," The Queen gasped, his face pressed against her shoulder. "I can't imagine a more perfect present."

"What about your Tommy, now that you've found him again?" Audrey blinked her eyes.

"He might take some time to understand non-monogamy, but he'll get there." The Queen kissed Lady Audrey's lips, moaning into her mouth. "And he'll love you too."

"Gonna spend the night with me, boy? Can I have my adorable little queen curled up against me?"

The Queen laughed. "You do remember what many 18 year old boys' sex drives are like, right? I wouldn't leave your bed unless you kicked me out of it."

"Sweet. You know how to make a girl feel good." Lady moved her hips a bit and their sharp moans harmonized at their cocks teasing each other. "Let's move to my bed then. I'm ready to make my birthday boy come again."

"However you want me. Just please let us fuck until we are too exhausted to do anything but sleep."

Audrey kissed The Queen's forehead. "I'd be happy too. Good thing I picked up that hot tub cheap. I think we'll enjoy it at some point."

The Queen pressed himself against Audrey's chest. "I knew making love to you would be a little piece of heaven."

"And well worth waiting for?"

"Yeah. More than worth it. I think I could even switch for you, be the adoring subbie boy you want."

Lady squeezed The Queen's ass in both her hands. "I'll hold you to that."

"Please." The Queen shuddered as Audrey's softening cock slipped from his asshole. "Your bed? Please?"

"Sure." They groaned again as he backed up on the couch from her. "I'm gonna make you scream before the night's over."

Friday, May 23, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Because I don't know :D

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

So Head Mistress Blake said I could let Vala out to brat :D. Life in my household is still sucking pretty hard, but Vala lets me know that's not a good excuse not to be writing. Maybe I'll go do the spanking A to Z challenge writing now?

"Let's pretend like this is during/after Week-long."

I sigh. "Sure, Vala."

Vala pats her lap.

Now Vala is going to spank me? What has this world come to? I'm reminded that I created Vala not to be quite as petite as myself when the first slap meets my naked ass.

"You need to finish something, write something new, so you have something to share on Saturday Spankings. You hear me?"

"Yes, Vala."

I have a guest :D- Touch OF Flavor: A Kink Conference for Everyone

 I am so excited for this conference. I so wish it wasn't states away from me. But it is wonderful to see people educating about kink. Please visit their website- http://www.atouchofflavor.com/

A few years ago “kink” wasn’t a word in common use. It was something “those people” did behind closed doors, and only talked about amongst themselves. Then came 50 Shades of Grey and overnight kink became THE topic of conversation. Enough copies of the book have been sold in the United Stated to provide a copy to one third of the adult population. Say what you want about the writing (it sucks) or it’s portrayal of BDSM (which is worse), but in less than a year the book singlehandedly thrust kink into the mainstream. I suddenly found myself unable to walk through a mall without hearing people talk about Dominance and submission. My local clothing store featured t-shirts with “DOM” written on them and purses with “his slave” daintily written in gemstones. As someone who has been involved with the kink scene for 10 years this left me with mixed emotions. The fact that people were finally able to talk about kink and their sexual desires in the open was definitely a good thing, but along with the interest came a wave of people who have learned everything they know about BDSM from a work of fiction

The drastic flow of so many new and uneducated people presents problems we’ve never faced before. The many who somehow find their way into the community don’t have the slightest clue about vital topics such as consent, negotiation, or etiquette, while those who don’t find the community wing it at home with zero education, and the entire community is branded with the result when something goes horribly wrong.

We decided to build an event that could satisfy everyone from the experienced kinkster to the person whose only experience with kink has been that infamous book. The first part was simple if not easy: we selected a variety of local and nationally known presenters such as Danarama, Sir Guy, Mollena Williams, Catherine Gross, Professor Oni, and created a schedule of over 55 classes ranging from introductory classes to advanced.classes like Binding the Eel, Female Ejaculation, Fucksaw Mania, and Hands on Hypnosis. We then threw in a variety of special events including a kinky talent show, a pool party, a TNG mixer, Cigars  Boots, and Chocolates, Speed Dating, a massive Dungeon Gala with over 9500 square feet and 50 pieces of furniture, and viola! Something for everyone.  

Where it gets interesting is letting people know about the event. Of course, we know where to find the kinksters and they know where to find us, but what about those people who most need the education? They’re not on Fetlife, not at parties, and not at happy hours. The first year we had this event we quickly realized that if we wanted to teach these people we needed to reach these people the way they’re used to being reached. We became one of the first (if not THE first) kink event to publicly advertise and yes, work with the media. It’s tricky and not something we generally recommend people in the community do, but it’s necessary for what we’re trying to accomplish and so far we’ve  done a pretty good job of it.

The end result?

Touch of Flavor. We’re returning to Baltimore July 4th-7th bigger and better than ever. This is the one event you don’t want to miss this summer and tickets are going fast, so don’t wait.  CLICK HERE NOW to learn more and get your tickets.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

BDSM- is it a choice or something you're born with?

I know I've read about this in a number of places, from various theoretical and philosophical shades of non-heterosexual, non-mainstream, non-monogamous thinkers. Coming out in the 1990s as a bisexual woman (before bi-curious or hetero-flexible were common terms, not that I'd have happily used either word), I have my own thoughts of course. Like I find "marriage equality" to be a focus that doesn't directly affect me or even concern me as much as transgender people being able to use public accommodations (like bathrooms) safely, the issue of homosexuality being a choice or something you're "born with" makes me what to scream "why does it matter?" That very question has been used against bisexual, pansexual, queer-identifying people like me- and from both the heterosexual and lesbian/gay communities. "Why don't you decide? You can't be gay AND straight."

Now that paragraph was focusing on sexual orientation as determined by one's sexual/romantic interests as determined by gender- yes, I've been reading so much of Kate Bornstein's writing as well as working with my transwoman character Lady Audrey, so I'm questioning the whole notion of sexual orientation that is based on gender. That was a lot of words to say I'm moving beyond "sexual orientation" in my post :D . However when I'm asked of my identity, I will say that I'm queer, poly, and kinky. Yes, I'm used to the discomfort at my word choice, having to explain what I mean.

You see, in many ways I mess up the "born with" defense that many lesbians and gays seem to want to use in garnering equal rights for themselves. And yeah, I mean "themselves"- too often the B & T (bisexual and transgender) in the "LGBT community" are left out. In case you don't already know what I'm talking about with "poly" and "kinky," I'm saying that polyamorous (I believe in and live with the philosophy that responsible non-monogamy is possible- and for me, a positive, preferred thing to monogamy, serial or otherwise) and live with engaging in BDSM as a part of my identity (no one forced me to be a BDSM submissive and no one fact in my past has led me to embracing this part of me either). I cannot and choose not to separate being poly or kinky from my identity, from my sexuality. Notice that I said "my identity" first- because I also want you to know that being poly and kink aren't just about sexual activity for me. They talk to whom I love, how I order my life. I'm not asking anyone to live as I do, but to respect how I live, just as a person living the societal norm of monogamous heterosexuality expects respect.

Taking a step further with this, looking at BDSM identity, I want to talk about how I've been discriminated against by people who claimed that my saying "I am a lifestyle submissive" is talking about sex, talking about what (to them) is better left in the privacy of the bedroom. I reject this assertion. I am not talking about sex by identifying as a lifestyle submissive any more than a gay man is when he says "I'm gay." Yes, that could seem silly, given the nature of my blog- I openly, often graphically talk about sex and BDSM activities, sometimes including myself and my real life Master. Although if you've read my blog more than a handful of times, you know that I'm just as likely to have a totally non-sexual posts that talks about nothing specifically graphic, just how BDSM "makes the house run," as it does in my case.

It has also not been a secret on my blog (or anywhere else in social media that I engage with people) that I've been having a hard time since November. One thing after another has led me to describe my life as "a soap opera so bad that I'd write in to complain to the show's writers if they actually existed." Through this, I've struggled to come to terms with my roles as "submissive," "wife," and "caregiver." Outside of BDSM, people might not give as much attention to different roles we engage in as humans, but those roles are there in stark relief to be considered for BDSM practitioners, especially those who incorporate it into "a lifestyle" as I do- see, there it is, lifestyle equals choice equals preference- or does it? Another metaphor that I've constructed using the example of being LGBTQIA- you can be in the closet all the to being the "person who leads the parade." It's based on a person's comfort level. Well when it comes to BDSM, I'm closer to the "person who leads the parade." The idea of living as a "vanilla" person, as someone who does not engage in BDSM is painful, emotionally unfulfilling for me. And while I may say to my Master "I don't think that's a good idea" (to something He wants to do that may or may not be a good choice based on His current health issues), I am still mostly happy to end that sentence "... Master."

Being a lifestyle submissive is every bit as much "me" as my funny looking toes, my petite body, my interest in learning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#dungeoncrawl Two women enjoy sex and BDSM #FF #BDSM

Thanks to Romancing the Kink for hosting this wonderful crawl

Adan- Irish- female- little fire. Prisca and Adan are a domme/submissive couple at the beginning of Vala's Story.

Adan pressed her lips against Prisca's soft shoulder. Thanks goodness I belong to a beautiful domme who doesn't mind affection. She took a deep breath, centering herself in her spirituality and her submission before opening her eyes.

"Morning, lovely girl. I wondered how long before those green eyes would focus on my face." Prisca kissed Adan, a soft press of feminine lips. She continued to tease at her girl's lips with the tip of her tongue.

"Just a moment, my Lady, as I collected myself for the day ahead."

"Ah yes, the day ahead. Should I treat you now, so you behave yourself, or tell you a reward you can earn?"

Adan imagined a blush the shade of a frozen cherry drink, so Prisca had identified the color of her blushing. "Did you want an answer or just to make me anxious with your question, my Lady?"

"What snark!" Prisca threw the covers back before pushing Adan onto her stomach. She delivered a pleasingly harsh slap to the left cheek.

"Please forgive my mouth, my Lady," Adan murmured. Shit! That was a little too close to what she's been trying to train me out of.

"Not quite erotic romance drivel to warrant a punishment." Prisca laughed and patted Adan's ass, the touches playful. "Your tone at least was snarky enough to amuse me."

"I love you, my Lady." Adan giggled as Prisca pulled her close for an awkward hug.

"Love you too." Prisca leaned over Adan. She dripped kisses along the girl's spine from top to bottom, from neck to asscrack.

"My Lady," Adan gasped at Prisca's tongue pushing between her asscheeks. She groaned as one beautifully feminine finger moved over her moist asshole, slipping into her. She lifted her hips, offering herself more fully to Prisca.

"You are a horny little girl." Prisca slid a second finger into Adan's asshole. "Moan for me. You aren't having a shy morning again?"

"No, not shy, my Lady," Adan whimpered. Not gonna look at my brother in the next bed. He's too busy with Kaya anyway.

"That's right." Prisca smiled knowingly. "He's too busy begging Kaya to care what we're doing. And you obviously hope that I grant you release somehow."

"Yes, please, my Lady. I wanna come, my Lady." Goddess, please let that have been the right pleading.

"My girl." Prisca slowly fucked Adan's ass with her fingers. "I do enjoy when you let me know with your words that you're a randy girl who wants to be fucked until she comes."

Adan pushed back onto the loving fingers penetrating her ass. No guilt. I left that behind when I left Catholicism behind. But it's so good to enjoy something so naughty. No, it's not naughty, not if my Lady enjoys it. She bit her bottom lip, trying to stem the tide of intruding thoughts.

"Good girl. The only permission you need is The Queen's and then mine that comes from him." Prisca eased her fingers out of Adan. "But you know what happens when you start thinking too much about guilt."

"Yes, my Lady." Adan mewled with apprehension. She struggled onto her hands and knees on Prisca's bed, beside her domme. Her legs shook as she lifted one to the pillow, as she lowered her crotch over the mouth that she knew would tease her, tempt her, drive her insane. She leaned back just a bit before pushing her labia apart with her fingers. The fingers in my ass made my pussy wet, like my Lady knew it would.

"Say it," Prisca ordered, her eyes shining as she gazed up at Adan's quivering lips.

"My Lady, I beg you to lick my pussy, suck on my clit" Adan licked her lips as the dirty words dripped past them, as her Lady, as The Queen had forced her to through many an orgasm denied and then finally given. "I beg... you to suck on my clit and fuck my asshole with your fingers until you are kind enough to grant me the orgasm I'm begging for, my Lady."

Prisca lifted her head to brush the tip of her tongue across Adan from clit to cunt. Her tongue stabbed into her girl's cunt, pressing against skin and muscle, teasing nerves.

"Please, my Lady," Adan begged, her lips still parted.

Prisca reached around Adan to stroke her girl's creamy skin, the fresh cheeks only baring that one smack. She hummed as she sucked the hardening clit between her lips, her fingers inching back into Adan's asshole.

"That feels so good, my Lady. Your touch feels so good, my Lady. I'm so grateful for this pleasure you're giving me, my Lady." Adan breathed in deep. Naughty thoughts equal graphic talk before I can earn my release. Graphic. "I beg to feel your tongue trace along my lips, pushing them around as you enjoy what I should remember is gorgeous because we're all born of the Goddess and the God, my Lady. I beg to feel you biting on my clit, just enough to remind me of the sweet pain you can give me, my Lady." She groaned as Prisca's thrusts into her ass grew harsher, more claiming.

Prisca caught Adan's inner lips between her teeth and then soothed the bit with her licking tongue. She fucked her sweet submissive's cunt with her tongue, matching pace with the fingers pushing deep into the once virginal asshole.

"My Lady!" Adan's thighs tensed. "So close to coming when you do that, my Lady. I love to think about my mouth on you, tasting your pussy, giving you pleasure with my mouth, my Lady. As soon as you've made me come, I wanna make you come so hard, my Lady. Please, I beg, my Lady."

Prisca's mouth returned to Adan's clit. She sucked, hard, sucked until Adan's thighs relaxed as the girl started fucking her domme's face, almost unable to do anything but reach for that orgasm. She blinked her eyes twice, the signal that Adan should come as soon as the pleasure overwhelmed.

Adan threw back her head, the slender curls of candy apple red hair moving over Prisca's hand, arm, wrist.
Prisca pushed another finger in, three fingers pushed deep into Adan's asshole.

"Yes, please, I beg, thank you, my Lady, please! Coming, my Lady. I love when you force me to come on your face like this, my Lady. I'm your slut, my Lady. Love being your slut, my Lady. Thank you for making this orgasm last and last, for torturing me with this heavenly orgasm, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady."

Adan fell forward, her forearms slamming onto the soft white wooden headboard of her Lady's bed.

Prisca's fingers stilled inside Adan. "Good girl," she murmured against her submissive's wet body, her tongue swooping down to collect the orgasmic fluid that her sub could no longer deny her.

So yeah, that was long :D. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd written "What was waiting for The Queen" to ponder what was happening at the mansion the morning he brought Vala home in "Out of the Night:Book One." This doesn't quite match with the snippet of fiction there, but it's leading there :D.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... review of "Disabled Desires Volume 1 (Wheelchair/disabled erotica)" by BJ Slippy


Sometimes a sexual taboo becomes one because we don't want to talk about "it." I find that's the case with erotica/erotic romance where one or more characters are in some way differently abled, or disabled- I prefer the former term. I have to look more, but this was a good start for finding short stories, anthologies etc that contain erotica that focuses on differently abled people. I was happy to find "Disabled Desires 4..." by BJ Slippy, even if I had complaints that led me to giving 4 instead of 5 star review. Read my full review here on Amazon.

Now if you haven't gotten to my "Hop Against Homophobia" post- showing a little fiction with 2 cisgender men, 1 transwoman, and 1 one cisgender woman, you can do that here: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/05/hahat-3-doms-and-vala-consider-gender.html

Monday, May 19, 2014

An 18-year-old Queen and Lady Audrey

When I sat down to write this, I had more questions than answers. Lots of talks with Vanessa C have given me thoughts of thoughts about how to work with Lady Audrey; you see, while I'd wanted her relationship with The Queen in my serial, because I pictured her as a transwoman, I was so nervous to "write her right," to be sensitive to transgender people. I ended up under-using her as a character in my worry. So after writing the snippet for the Hop Against Homophobia, I decided I wanted to spend some time with these two on the day The Queen turned 18; while I regularly broke laws around age and sex, I don't think Lady Audrey would. I was having such fun that you'll have to come back next Monday (maybe, if I don't give it to you before :D) for the coming...

"Hey birthday boy." Lady Audrey grinned at The Queen as he sauntered into her living room
"Hey lady mine." The Queen knelt between Audrey's legs, his knees pressed to the faux black leather of her couch.

Lady Audrey snorted before bursting into giggles. "And what makes you think you can get away with such a phrase?" She buried her hands into his hair, pulling him closer to her. Her large, supple lips hung in the air just before his. "I only said since you're turning eighteen today that I might let something happen after all your furtive attempts to see my naked body."

"And such a gorgeous body it is." The Queen tilted his head back into Lady Audrey's hands. "You know being trans does not make make me want you any less. Come, Aud, let me make you feel good."

"I don't know." She brushed her lips against his. "You seem to remembering that I'm one person you can't dominate.

"Are you going to tease me and make me beg like a little submissive?" The Queen rose until he knelt up. His arms encircled Audrey's waist. "Please," he whispered just before pressing a tentative kiss to her lips.

"I like to hear you plead." She kissed him hard then, her tongue claiming his mouth, fucking him as her fingers tightened in his hair. She pulled him up on the couch with her before pushing him against one couch arm.

"Now what should I do with this little eighteen year old body, huh?"

"I'm not all that innocent," The Queen joked.

Lady Audrey clicked her tongue. "Don't be so literal, boy, and there are surely things you haven't done." She traced one hardening nipple through the tightly stretched plain white shirt.

The Queen groaned and shifted his hips to bring his long legs up onto the couch, one on either side of her. "Aud?"

"Maybe I should take this shirt off you?" Audrey continued to rub and knead The Queen's nipples with her long fingers, his gasps of pleasure echoing between them. She grabbed the bottom hem and pulled the shirt up. She leaned over to kiss his pale skin as the fabric pulled away. "You are a gorgeous boy." She traced one nipple with her tongue, the tip curling up as she teased him.

"Feels so good." He arched up against her mouth.

"Is this a hard cock pushing against me through your jeans?"

"Yes! You make me so horny!"

"Poor boy." Audrey pulled The Queen's shirt up and off. "But I think I like you better naked. And weren't you wanting to take care of me?"

"Whatever you want." The Queen reached forward to clasp Lady Audrey's hips, sheathed in the brilliant red silk of her dress. He pulled one leg up against his stomach to let her stand. His eyes grew wide as she lifted the dress, revealing inch by inch of soft, hair-less skin. His gaze dropped between her legs as her cock came into view; it had to be as hard as his own. Then the smooth stomach. Then her ribs leading up and up.

"Please, Aud," he begged when she stopped shy of her beautiful breasts.

"Seeing them through my clothes isn't good enough?" Lady Audrey pulled her dress off and stood before The Queen, enjoying his study of her. "Now let's see about these jeans." She leaned over him. "Will you be able to wait long enough for me to get off too?"

"Yes, please, I swear!" The Queen moaned at Audrey's forceful hand rubbing at his cock through his jeans.

Audrey popped the button and the denim fell away from The Queen's skin. She dragged her fingers through the midnight black happy trail that tempted her to go lower. She grabbed the jean's waist and started pulling.

He lifted his ass off the couch and moved his hips, helping the jeans off. His cock sprung proudly from his body, so ready. He licked his lips as he stared between her legs.

"You want it?" Lady Audrey dropped onto the couch.

The Queen sprung forward, his mouth open. "Want you so bad. Wanna make you come."

"Down, boy." Audrey laughed. "Well maybe I fuck you. Come here," She lead him down to her cock with one hand grasping his hair. She sighed tremulously as his lips wrapped around the head of her cock, before sliding down the shaft, taking it deep into his mouth. "Good boy," she murmured. She loosened her hold on his hair as he found a rhythm, making love to her. He moaned, the sound muffled by her cock, and he shifted his hips again, trying to find comfort for his own hard cock.

The Queen wrapped his arms again around Lady Audrey's waist. The sounds of her pleasure echoed through the otherwise quiet room. His feet awkwardly hung off the couch that suddenly seemed too short. He lifted one hand to cup her balls, his fingers brushing the skin, teasing it.

"That's a boy. Listen to me. Just another moment of your wonderful month and then I want to fuck your ass."

"Mmhmm," came The Queen's immediate answer, his hands clasped behind her back. His ass lifted just a bit in the air.

She reached out to stroke his ass, her fingers pressing between the cheeks. "Yes, you have such a good ass. All these beautiful muscles. I wonder how such a lovely masculine man wound up with this heart-shaped ass that was made for fucking."

The Queen pushed down until he was deep-throating Audrey's cock. He groaned at the wetness of pre-cum sliding down his shaft at the thought of her inside him.

"Enough!" Audrey pulled The Queen up by his hair before pulling him against her. With his legs wrapped around her waist, she positioned him so she could pry his asscheeks apart.

(UPDATE for those reading after the fact- here's a link to part 2 http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/05/an-18-year-old-queen-and-lady-audrey_26.html )

Friday, May 16, 2014

#HAHAT ... 3 Doms and Vala consider gender, sex

If you're here because you expect that I'm taking part in the Saturday Spankings blog hop, follow this link to find out what authors are participating this weekend.

If you're here because you expect that I'm taking part in the Seductive Studs and Sirens blog hop, follow this link to find out what authors are participating this weekend.


I decided on this little taste of four of my characters from my serial, Vala's Story for the Hop against Homophobia and Transphobia- sometimes it's easier to teach with a story :D . Things aren't always so clear on gender, sexuality in my story worlds, so don't jump to any conclusions please. This is most definitely tamer than what I usually write :D- there's only some kissing and talk. Just in case you are unfamiliar with some terms, cis is short for cisgender- in other words, not transgender, identifying with the gender announced at birth.

Vala gazed up at the three doms, standing there at the end of The Queen's bed, studying her. But in their preoccupation, she in return got to study their naked bodies. After the time spent shopping with the lovely transwoman domme, helping her through the upsetting moment of "which bathroom do I use in public?"- Vala was still curious. The Queen's love who identified as a transwoman. Her glorious light brown skin that Vala struggled not to use foods to describe- serious thought from Mandisa's teaching about identity swirling in her head. Model perfect, that's what she'd thought as Lady Audrey stepped into The Queen's mansion that first time in her experience.

"I dare say that Vala has forgotten about us in her enjoyment of Lady Audrey."

Moisture collected in Lady Audrey's eyes. "What do you see when you look at me, Vala?"

Vala licked her lips. "An amazingly beautiful woman, my Lady."

Lady Audrey tightened her grip on The Queen's waist.

"Look at us here." Prince Synn grinned at The Queen and Lady Audrey. "Not a het in the room."

"Not a het?" The Queen echoed, his eyes large and pleading.

"Well I love touching you and being touched by you. Doesn't that make me not straight?" He pressed an adoring kiss to The Queen's lips.

Lady Audrey snorted, breaking the moment. "Can't we just ignore the labels as others would try to give us for the moment. There's a beautiful girl waiting on the bed for our attention."

Vala met Lady Audrey's gaze. "Thanks, my Lady. You're incredibly beautiful too, my Lady."

Lady Audrey laughed softly. "Such a flatterer."

Prince Synn leaned his head on The Queen's shoulder. "Did you hear about the first InternationalDay Against Homophobia being planned for next May 17?"

"Yes, love." The Queen relinquished his hold on Lady Audrey to turn to face Prince Synn. "Looks like the women are about to give up on us. Quiet now." His hands moved into Synn's hair, pinning the man in place for a long, exploring kiss.

Vala giggled into Lady Audrey's kiss. "Sometimes they need led, don't they, my Lady?"

"Sometimes. Now you be quiet too, no words, while I enjoy you."

The Prize Part :D

I'm sure there's plenty of adages about authors not mentioning religion- if they want to sell books. Well I'm bad at that. You see, I'm a proud Unitarian Universalist, even if there's still a lot of education needed for many in the religion- I say that as a polyamorous and kinky person who finds those parts of my identity are not welcome in too many UU circles. However, when it came to choosing a prize for this hop, my first thought was of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. While I could give you a whole historical lesson, I'll limit myself to the fact that the group started during WWII with Unitarians helping people to escape Nazi persecution. So I went to their online shop http://shop.uusc.org/default.asp to see if they have any LGBT-themed items; I figured they would. I found this fun 6" rainbow-bead bracelet. http://shop.uusc.org/product-p/th-brb.htm . It has the additional activist benefit to me of the bracelet being made by a Guatemalan cooperative that is working to support widows and young women. So go ahead and check out the Rafflecopter give away for the bracelet- I promise you that you'll find different sorts of entry winning options than most hops. :D And of course you have until midnight EST on 5/25 to work through the entry activities- so go out and do some education & activism!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Support or promote... when talking about sexuality not your own

1. to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for.
2. to sustain or withstand (weight, pressure, strain, etc.) without giving way; serve as a prop for.
3. to undergo or endure, especially with patience or submission; tolerate.
4. to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction: They supported him throughout his ordeal.
5. to maintain (a person, family, establishment, institution, etc.) by supplying with things necessary to existence; provide for: to support a family.


1. to help or encourage to exist or flourish; further: to promote world peace.
2. to advance in rank, dignity, position, etc. (opposed to demote ).
3. (Education) to put ahead to the next higher stage or grade of a course or series of classes.
4. to aid in organizing (business undertakings).
5. to encourage the sales, acceptance, etc., of (a product), especially through advertising or other publicity.


So after being irritated by yet another flame war on yet another list serve of a minority group I'm part attacking another minority group I'm part of, I wanted to go to a dictionary and look up the words support and promote. As you can see at the top, that is how dictionary.com defines the words. Now without breaking the confidentiality of anyone in this newest listserve flame war, I want to focus in on those two words because one of the most tired (in my less than humble opinion) arguments that get trotted out is the idea that someone doesn't want to promote BDSM (or whatever sexual identity/activity/identity in general) that they don't like/agree with/sympathize with. These two words' definitions aren't as far apart as might be good, but that doesn't mean (in my understanding) that supporting and promoting BDSM and BDSM practitioners are the same things. I feel that my right to identify as a lifestyle submissive is every much as valid as is a gay man's right to identify as gay; sadly however, it seems that "people into BDSM" are the current group that gets very little support, sympathy, or respect. If you've read anything I've written before, you probably have seen my identity phrase- "I'm a queer, poly, kinky woman." I live on multiple "margins." So when I see the fight happen again and again in "polyamorous circles" about kink identity, that hurts me deeply. I feel like one part of my identity is telling the other that it has no right to exist.

Back to support, promote- why does saying something like "I support a person's right to engage in and/or identify as a kinkster [ie BDSM practitioner]" equal promoting BDSM? When I say that I support lesbians, I'm not saying that all women should be lesbians- I am not promoting lesbianism. I am saying that lesbians has a right to exist and be happy. Neither am I saying how to be a lesbian, how a lesbian should behave or that I agree with all things lesbians do. I actually don't- I have a specific problem with lesbians separatists, with the idea of choosing to be a lesbian because any romantic/sexual interaction with a man doesn't support women's liberation. There are types of BDSM that I don't like, don't agree, choose not to participate in- as long as everyone is consenting, I don't quibble about the right to engage in BDSM. Of course there's always exceptions, things to be discussed. Around the idea of "consent," there is a lot of disagreement. I do not agree with the people who will say that my use of my Master's title in front of non-BDSM people is violating their consent; a man calls his wife "my wife" in front of me- just because he is in the mainstream and I am not does not make him right and me wrong.

I support a person's right to engage in a modern monogamous, vanilla heterosexual relationship- read my vent about such relationships yesterday before you think I'm promoting such a relationship.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The failure of modern vanilla relationships- or why BDSM relationships are my preference

Funny story- when I made the tag on this collar, my then-husband made little pouty type noises. I looked at him and said "We're in a vanilla marriage- I DO NOT belong to you in the same way I do to Shaman."

"Never thought I'd feel so ashamed... My sweet prince, you are the one... Never thought all this could backfire... Me and my valuable friend can fix all the pain away... Never thought you'd fuck with my brain... So before I end my day, remember..." Placebo, "My Sweet Prince"

http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/placebo/mysweetprince.html . There you can read a transcription of the song's lyrics. I'm amused by what I'm not sure is a mistake or not where vain is written where I think the word is vein. Now this song was on their album "Without You, I'm Nothing." I love everything on that album, although when I want to hear this song, normally I want to go to YouTube.com and find a recording of this song performed live- Brian's performance of this song brings so much to me. If you read the comments on YouTube, you'll find many arguments over the meaning of the song- if it's a simple love song, or about heroin. Brian has even spoken on this in interviews that are quoted in various comments.

Those lyrics at the top are among the lines in the song that most often really catch my attention, bring out the most emotional response from me as I'm listening. At 36, I have plenty of experience with love (especially "love gone wrong"); I also have plenty of experience with drug abuse. While today it's a matter of balancing how many energy drinks I have, I do have a history that includes a variety of illegal drugs. "... fix all the pain away..." I also understand reaching for something, someone to fix all the pain.

So yes, I did just vent about "there is no ALWAYS in BDSM" yesterday, but even with that, I think what I've seen of modern vanilla relationships in the US over my life makes me prone to say BDSM relationships tend to be better, however issues like negotiation, contracts, discussions etc are handled in BDSM relationships (as opposed to casual BDSM interactions/scenes). Of course there are relationships that disprove my feelings; sadly as with news ("bad" news takes precedence over "good" and "heartwarming" news) it's easier to find the bad than good.

Are you wondering why I started this post with the lines from Placebo's "My Sweet Prince"? While Brian's talked about it being funny to him to think on couples singing this song to each other, these lines add up to me as "unacceptable in a romantic relationship baring their negotiated presence in a BDSM relationship." To me, a vanilla relationship shouldn't make either person ashamed- beyond basics like "I lied, I feel shame until I tell the truth." I'm sure if you look up stuff about domestic violence, you'll find things like "a relationship shouldn't make you ashamed." However it seems things like shame, manipulation are all too common (and treated as no big deal) in vanilla relationships; I consider jewelry commercials like the round we just got through with mother's day and husbands being prodded to go buy expensive jewelry.

Another two examples of behavior that's expected (it seems) of men and women in monogamous, heterosexual pairings that piss me right off in vanilla situations... there's this insurance company commercial, hell if I remember the company. But some reward check has arrived and the "husband' and "wife" are doing rock-paper-scissors for it. The husband wins at first with rock, but wife quips "wife beats rock." That "wife beats..." seems all too common in many different threads of media and society. Should we take this as an example of how "women's liberation" has succeeded? I think not because if the point of women's lib was just to exchange "men in control" for "women in control," that's not a revolution I support.

The second example comes from a humorous exchange that happens all too often when I'm with my Master at a gaming store- He likes to joke that He played Dungeons and Dragons before it was even called that name. So I'm the non-gaming wife/slave of a gamer; I'm also often one of if not the only female in many of the stores go to with Him. So my Master will say "I'm going to this event, are you?" to a guy friend, who at least half the time will reply "Wife/girlfriend says I can't/would be pissed if I did etc etc." Now here either my Master or I will most often respond with a joke, me maybe with an arched eyebrow. Master: "Glad I don't have that problem." And yes, even friends who know the nature of our relationship will sometimes look at me with these confused experiences that just make me laugh more. See, to me, the way these men talk about their wives/girlfriends overruling their ability to go to a gaming event, it sounds like a dynamic that I find okay only within a negotiated BDSM relationship.

Did you notice that "negotiated" in my last sentence? That's the crux of the matter to me- the way too many vanilla, heterosexual, monogamous relationships are conducted nowadays still have various power imbalances (more often than not leaning toward the woman, baring problems that institutionalized sexism still causes for women) that are not discussed openly- beyond stand up comedians that is.