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Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing Process Hop!

So I was tagged by Sue Lyndon- http://www.suelyndon.com/ - and for this fun hop is why I'm taking a week off some on-the-blog fiction (but I have ideas in mind :D ) Thanks for the tagging, Sue.

1) What am I working on?

My blog posts (I keep a schedule and try to post more days than not), "The Beginning of Knowledge: Book Four" of my Vala's Story serial, "Mandisa Cares for Her Girls" (a FFF BDSM novella), blog tour posts for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One." Those are at the top of the work pile of WIPs.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well I have maybe 177 words of blurb on how I tend to be different on my blog in the right margin. Thinking on "Knowledge," the main things are The Queen's gender, the queer and poly focus of the book, including one transgendered character. I also push envelopes, like on knife play, in this book.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Oh, so many reasons. I'm thinking a lot on the social justice piece, having talked about it with my character Mandisa on Friday. I'm doing a re-write on "Knowledge," part of which is increasing and improving the time I spend with my transwoman character, Lady Audrey, who is a friend/love interest for my cisgender, bisexual dominant The Queen. There's also the fact that I love BDSM sexuality, including being a voyeur of situations which I'm not the right gender to enjoy.

4) How does your writing process work?

No outlines done beforehand and copious notes. LOL. Well that's a simplification, but I tend to be working on multiple things at a time. Like I have multiple tabs open in Chrome atm and multiple files in OpenOffice open, so whatever I want to work on might be ready at a moment's notice. Sometimes I have several images in mind before I write, sometimes I only have the kernel of a thought- like I only have the starting point of what I want to write next Monday in mind.

And for next week, March 10th, I'm tagging Annikka Woods. Annikka Woods is the pen name for Alison Guynes. She loves cats, fantasy, and science fiction and is also working on her first novel. Her website is http://lifewritingandmiscellany.blogspot.com/ .

So I'm just tagging Annikka- so many of my other writer friends had already gotten tagged and I got tired of asking, but I knew Annikka would enjoy it.


  1. Thanks for participating, Joelle! You sound like me - multiple projects going at the same time. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to focus on just one thing, LOL.

    1. yeah, I can't imagine focusing on one thing either. my Master is always lecturing me about multi-tasking :D enough days I do it well, but once I've failed to catch one "ball" it can fall apart pretty quick

  2. Interesting that you work on so many projects at once. I wish I could do that!

    1. I don't know if it has to do with my bipolar, but somehow I just can't not work on more than one thing. There are days when one sort of writing works for me, and other days, I need something else. It's like I said to my BR this morning when she asked me how my day was so far- "proof positive that bipolar moods often don't have any reason"- while I've been depressed and avoiding sex writing, this morning I was happy and ready for work. Other than waking up to The Queen writing scenes for me to enjoy, I can't say what may have caused the good mood

  3. Your method is so different from mine. I have to focus on one project at a time. When my publisher is editing one, I'm working on another, but once the edits come back, the focus goes right back to the first book and doesn't waver until the edits are done. I like to be able to wash my hands of one book before moving to another. I think your projects take a lot of courage, Joelle. I totally respect you for doing what you do.

    1. thanks, Patricia. Remember that, at least on Vala's Story, my book baby, I'm self-publishing. So all deadlines are self-imposed, other than "I need to get books out if I want to build and keep a fan base." Since I have all 9 planned books of the serial done in at least rough draft, it behooves me to move as quickly as humanly possible while retaining good writing.

  4. I like how you mention 'talking' to your characters. It's amazing how real they become to us over the course of time it takes to create and write about them.
    You don't use an outline or keeps notes... I don't outline either, but I do jot down some notes here and there when I'm not writing.
    Do you find that by not making any type of outline it's hard to come up with an ending to your stories? I always get stuck when trying to find the end.

    1. Actually I keep copious amounts of notes lol. To keep all the details straight- just in The Queen's world. :D. I have file upon file of them. Even a spreadsheet or two- like for cleaning. The Queen's 'number two slave"- Simon- is the one who makes sure that the mansion stays cleaned and I have a spreadsheet lasting the entire time of the serial showing who'd be cleaning what.

      Getting to the ending isn't necessarily hard, but it is a wandering process for me. Like I've been discussing a major development in the serial with my BR and I had to admit to her that if there's warning signs of this mini-climax are there, I'm not entirely aware of them because I didn't plan to do to him what I ended up doing to him- and that's the most of the tease that you're getting :D I think more than anything that endings surprise me.

    2. I get the feeling theirs going to be some interesting kink-style cleaning in this serial... lol. I don't know a lot about Simon, yet. I look forward to meeting him.
      I know what you mean about doing things to your characters that you didn't plan on doing. Sometimes I think the characters just take over and start doing what they want, when they want.

    3. well the joke between my BR and me as she's been helping me with the cleaning scenes that I'm writing is "and another cleaning scene that wasn't really about the cleaning written." One included a snippet of hardcore BDSM play even, but not directly involving the cleaning lmao
      well you know, it doesn't entirely help when your dominant in the story is based in part on your previous dom and your current Master :D The Queen has morphed into his own person lol
      but if you head over to my SeductiveSnS, you're likely to see more of Simon. I end up showing him on there much more. Vala can be quite the voyeur and one of her favorite things to do is watch Simon and Tommy, whether they're making love or engaging in BDSM

  5. I try to keep notes and thoughts and deleted scenes, but I keep losing them, LOL.
    VERY creative brain here! You should see my sewing room!

    Thanks for sharing, Joelle!!!

    1. I get lost in my own files, Katherine :D and I keep deleted scenes too. although I don't always keep the ones I thought I did. Like I kept telling my BR about a scene I thought I'd kept but I didn't but she agreed the word addition wasn't needed anyway lmao
      it was great fun to do. thanks for the comment