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Monday, March 24, 2014

What was waiting for The Queen

I was thinking about what it'd be like back at the mansion the morning The Queen brought Vala home and the rest of the stable waited for them. I wanted to follow Prisca and Kaya, Adan and Ailin- my twins and their dommes. Sighs, as it seems usual for me, I didn't realize it wasn't obvious that the women had their own twin in their own bed- that the 4 of them weren't all naked in bed together. But please enjoy my wander with these lovely submissives.

Prisca cuddled Adan against her body, the girl laying between legs, head against breasts. The sky blue comforter held them.

"Love you, my Lady." Adan smiled against Prisca's skin. She listened to her domme's heart beat, the slightly fast, but constant beat. She reached out to feel her brother's contentment. Still good?

I think we've heard each other enough times not to be discomfited, sweet sister. Ailin nuzzled against Kaya's neck. "Love you so very much, my Lady."

"Good boy." Kaya kissed Ailin's cheek. "Love you." She turned towards him and draped one arm over his still shaking body, her fingers pressing into his back. "Lovely, lovely boy, I didn't make you wait that long to come."

"You know you pull a special sort of submission from me, my Lady." Ailin brushed his fingers against Kaya's neck.

"So Kaya, casual breakfast this morning, with not knowing exactly when The Queen will be arriving with this new girl Vala."

So good to feel her arms wrapped around me still. I love how both our ladies love to hold us post-orgasm, brother. Adan lifted her gaze to Prisca's face to watch the beloved lips as the dommes talked.

"Are either of you excited? It feels like ages since we heard about this girl that The Queen wants us all to help nurture."

"I'm so excited, my Lady." Ailin lifted his adoring gaze to Kaya's face. "Our Lord Tommy mentioned to me that she almost looks like she could be our sister, my Lady."

"Older or younger?" Adan cracked, drawing giggles from the dommes.

"Well our Lord didn't comment on that, sister."

"What about you, sweet girl?" Patricia urged Adan to roll out of her bed.

"I'm most excited for Chitra, my Lady. When my brother and I finished our training and Chitra was alone in training, well maybe the training periods for Chitra and Vala will overlap, my Lady." Adan stopped in front of Prisca's closet. "What is your preference, my Lady, on getting dressed, breakfast?"

"Are any of us so hungry that breakfast can't wait until we're showered?" Kaya stood beside her bed as Ailin straightened the bedding.

The twins shook their heads, their hair rippling. "No, my Lady."

"Come on. Let's go shower." Prisca moved to Adan's side and grabbed her girl's hand. "We'll get dressed after that."

"Yes, my Lady." Adan happily sighed as Prisca lead her into the hallway.

"Such a good boy." Kaya kissed Ailin's forehead. "I think The Queen has some special training in mind for us, sweet boy."

"Really, my Lady?" Ailin blinked and then licked his lips.

"Yes, my love, and probably soon." Kaya buried her hands in Ailin's hair and held him close. "I do so love all your pretty hair, my sweet boy."

"Thanks, my Lady. I love your braids, my Lady." Ailin remained still in Kaya's embrace. "What pleases you most, my Lady? Are we showering now, my Lady?"

"Hm, yes." Kaya kissed Ailin, smiling down on him. "I think since you and your sister did such good jobs pleasing Prisca and I this morning that we can continue to be nice."

Ailin lowered his eyelashes.

"Such a gorgeous boy." Kaya rolled out of bed and then held out her hand toward Ailin.

Ailin smiled at the feeling of warmth wrapped around his body even as he left the cocoon of his lady's room with her.

Adan popped her head out of a shower stall, the clear shower curtain momentarily pushed aside. "My Lady, I started a shower for you."

"Thanks, good girl." Kaya squeezed Ailin's hand. "Come along, sweet boy." She led him into the steamy alcove. " She guided him under the falling water. She brushed the water away from his face. "I love you like this, when you're all hot and masculine."

"Yes, thanks, my Lady," Ailin groaned as he offered his semi-hard cock to Kaya's reaching hand.

"That's my boy," Kaya murmured. "Are you ready to come again so soon?"

"Yes, please, my Lady." Ailin gasped, his cheek pressed against the cool tile. "Please, my Lady, I beg, my Lady."

"It feels so much better when I make you come with my own hand, rather than ordering you to masturbate, doesn't it, boy?"

"Yes, yes it does, thank you, please, my Lady," Ailin whimpered. The whole of him was focused on Kaya's lovely small hand stroking his cock. "Please, my Lady, I'm so unworthy, but I need to come, my Lady."

"Why do you think you're unworthy?" Kaya dragged her fingers over Ailin's chest, caressing his pale nipples.

"'Cause I'm just a silly little slave, my Lady." His legs shook as the orgasm threatened within him.

"Who can judge you unworthy?" Kaya pressed her body again Ailin’s, chest to chest, as her hand continued to move.

"You or The Queen, my Lady."

"Not you?"

"No, my Lady. Sorry, my Lady."

"Come for me. Let me feel the warmth of your cum on my body."

"Yes, thanks, my Lady!" Ailin shuddered, the cum flowing from him. over Kaya's hand, onto her gorgeous chest simmering with water droplets.

"That's my boy." Kaya wrapped her arms around Ailin and held him against her.

Adan's giggles rang out.

Prisca stuck a hand into the stall. "We're off to get dressed."

"Ailin and I'll be there in just a minute," Kaya called out.

Prisca joined Adan in giggling. "We heard you enjoying your boy too."

"He's being a darling."

Prisca took Adan's hand in hers again. "Such a pretty girl."

"Thanks, my Lady." Adan smiled at Prisca. "I think you're the prettiest, my Lady."

"Flatterer." Prisca wrapped an arm around Adan's waist. "You're just hoping to be allowed clothes."

"Never, my Lady. I wouldn't tell you you're pretty just to get to wear clothes, my Lady." Adan grinned at Prisca. "Anyway, did The Queen announce any preference, my Lady? Should we all be dressed so Vala isn't too overwhelmed, my Lady?"

Prisca shrugged. "If we're supposed to be dressed, no upper class slave has told me. But my beautiful girl, I do want to enjoy you in a sundress. We have that cream colored one we just got you."

"Oh, thanks, my Lady!" Adan danced into the room after her domme. Brother?

Prisca threw open her closet. She pulled on a black tank top and a mini skirt before grabbing the mentioned sundress. "Here." She handed the dress to Adan, shuddering softly when the women's hands slid across each other.

"Love you too, my Lady." Adan slipped the dress over her head and let it fall to her ankles.

"Perfect." Prisca kissed Adan's, the lip so soft and warm. "Love you too. Sometimes it feels like you've been mine forever." She gathered her girl into her embrace and they swayed against each other, to beat of their gentle kissing. "I want you to be perfect today, as perfect as you can be. Be good, be precious when The Queen arrives. He'll want to introduce us all to Vala."

"Yes, my Lady," Adan murmured into Prisca's mouth.

"What would you like to wear, dear?" Kaya called out as she and Ailin entered the room.

Ailin smiled quick at his sister. "Something simple, please, my Lady."

Kaya pulled out a dresser drawer. She pulled out a pair of brown corduroy pants. "There." She moved to her closet. "And a shirt." She grabbed masculine-cut forest green shirt, tossed it to Ailin, before returning to look into the dark closet. "And a dress for me." She clambered into the light brown tunic dress.

"And now we're ready for breakfast." Kaya patted a familiar hand against Ailin's ass.

The dommes moved their submissives into the hallway.

The sound of skin hitting skin rang out in the otherwise empty wing. In Gaelan's voice, a desperate sob echoed.

Prisca arched an eyebrow at Kaya.

Something's wrong, sister.

Yes, brother. But what?

"Come on, let's hurry down for breakfast." Kaya smiled at the twins and the group started down the stairs into The Queen's room.
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  1. I love this little snapshot into the lives of The Queen's slaves. The dommes obviously love their slaves very much. I love the fact that they're all comfortable enough with each other to share a room. I especially enjoy that little trick of the twins for talking to each other. I'm loving your characters and your series and look forward to seeing more of all of them.

    1. thanks for the comment, Annikka. You'll love when we get to the Book of Meeting and The Queen noticing their "conversation"; I think it's Ailin who turns a pretty shade of red in embarrassment at him noticing it :D. I enjoyed having Adan check in with her brother; I'd guess that Prisca making love to her would make Adan pretty loud lol. But then it leads me to thinking about their communal bathroom in the quarters- I know personally that would be no issue for me, but I'm sure all the slaves have to come to place of being okay with it.