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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Queen and I touch bases- and he's a smart mouth :D

Chocolate dessert- because that's what The Queen wants so he gets it :D

Thanks for putting on "Vikings." And for having the sense to wait until commercial break to start writing.

Laughing. Well the show is as good as porn for me... just watching Rollo coming down the hill riding that horse, the way his furs highlighted the breadth of his shoulders. Grins.

So I take it you plan to beg your Master for something when he gets home? Returns grin.

One can hope. Now what about the friendly babbling you've been doing at me all day?

Chuckles. Okay so let us wave hello to Shelly Douglas and Sheri Savill (remember to add the links to their websites when you move this to your blog creator.)

Snorts. Really? You think I need a reminder?

Shut your mouth, bratty girl! If I was your master... And also ms mouth, I was just trying to be a gentleman because Shelley was so friendly on your blog post to ask after me and Sheri enjoyed so that she mentioned me. "Ahim?" That was a priceless moment. (And now that you're setting this up, let me remind you to sign up for next week's crawl, maybe you could share the sign up link here?) Now shush- "Vikings" is back on.

Okay, ready now? Rolling my eyes. Yes, Sheri's "Ahim" was a riot. She's good for that. So you started talking at me this morning; do you have anything on your mind other than the fact that friends of my blog gave you some humanity and gave your correct gender?

And you go back to Facebook to talk with another friend when you've asked me a question. By Woden! But you do need a trip over your Master's lap.

And you think just because he's been added to your character, that I've put his words into your mouth at times, that you can speak to me so? By Woden is right! You should watch your mouth.

And what of the comfort recently?

Sighs. That only counts so much. Tommy gave me him and Abrecan making love to wake up to one morn and all he asked was I finish from what he'd shown me, and to write it. And I'll have you to remember that you got to enjoy it in the end, once I figured out where Tommy was going with the session. And I did thank you by the way.

You still need to write stuff down for Annikka to read.

Yeah and I still have blog work, three pieces of fiction to write, and still have blog tour pieces to write. In addition to everything else I do. If you haven't noticed, I don't have Simon and a dozen other slaves to back me up. It's just me here.

And why are you considering taking a word count to see how long we've been talking?

We've? And screw you, I didn't almost title you there, even if it kinda almost bopped through my head.

Snorts. "that's the way The Queen wants it and that's how he gets it"- did you not just put me into that "Cool Hand Luke" quote? And we both now that with you not yet at one full page, with the spacing you are employing for our conversation, it is far from "too long for one blog post." Although if you're going to work on next week's post. Since you have not asked me for a specific help. I did want to tell you that I am intrigued by the "Knowledge inserts" that you wrote this week, especially the padded room scene with Tommy. I think that you would do well writing that aftercare scene you keep imagining would be good for the Dungeon Crawl.

You're probably right. Okay. Time to get this on the blog. Then maybe I'll see about some fiction. I still need to figure out Monday and Tuesday. Any taboos you'd like to break on Tuesday?

Let me think on that. And for Pete’s sake, give Annikka the moment to read this and she might have suggestions.

And who's calling whom mouthy? Okay. Yeah. Thoughts and links and shit. Laughs.


  1. That dessert!!! WANT. GRABBY HANDS. Chocolate, nature's most perfect food! Thanks for all the link-love and stuff, Joelle. Damn! :) Awesome Cool Hand Luke-age, too. I love that movie. What we got here ... is a fail-yuh ... to communicate.

    1. yes, a big failure :D The Queen told me I was a tease when I picked up that dessert pic- I think he made Simon go make raspberry chocolate heart tarts again hehe.. and it's off to try a new (to me) energy drink. I am so sad that Saturday Spankings will have to wait until Monday morning