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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#taboo2sday ... Watching?

So Emily Tilton inspired me in this post- I like how the taboos she shows often enough seem rather tame to me :D. No offense to Emily- we need all levels of taboo after all. But now, watching or actively being a voyeur, extracting sexual arousal, enjoyment from watching another engaged in something intimate? I have a harder time seeing the taboo; after all, I live in a clothing optional household. A family friend just came over while I was wandering around with just a shirt on. He's used to my clothing optional nature so he probably didn't even notice my bottom-less-ness. I didn't put bottoms on until my dog started to whine- it is cold outside and in my nice, quiet suburb, me going outside half naked would be an issue. I decided to snippet from a spin off of my Vala's Story serial. My lines came from "The Book of Meeting," a collection of short stories about "the ones who made it into The Queen's stable," with two surprise entries. The lines specifically come from "Adan and Ailin's Meeting." They're my twins- a fraternal set- introduced in "Out of the Night: Book One." I even have a post towards the later part of my blog tour about the twins- I was blissfully unaware of a taboo I was messing with.

From the WIP "The Book of Meeting"--

Ailin gazed up at The Queen and Adan.

"This is one of my sleeping boards. I use them frequently in training." The Queen wrapped his arm around Adan's waist. "Is this a new experience for you? Being aroused, naked, and restrained?"

"Yes, Sir," Ailin whimpered as he groaned and writhed against the board as much as his spread-eagled body could.

The Queen smiled down on Adan. "Well let us leave your brother here. I wanted you to see this, to know what you are getting into if you beg my collar, but I do not wish to push your boundaries too far yet."
Please enjoy the other hoppers and don't forget to check out my blog tour announcement- there's a chance for prizes :).

Suzy Ayers wonderfully hosted me today to talk about rules and how BDSM is not inherently abuse. Thanks for hosting me, Suzy!


  1. Oh, neat. You know I love those soft edges that the hard stuff seems to have. . . :D

    1. thanks for the comment, Emily. yes, the soft edges can be quite intriguing too. I can't wait until people get to read my post- for the blog tour- about the twins. I really didn't realize I was pushing any big taboos lol. I mean, siblings see each naked, right? And especially twins. I can imagine their parents giving them baths together until at some point they'd be "too old" for that.

  2. Taboo is such an interesting term as it means something different to each person. In the religion I grew up in, oral sex was a taboo. Hell, even sex was taboo if it wasn't missionary position for the purpose of making a baby.

    Of course, missionary position is a bit of a no for me too...but that's just because it's boring as hell.

    I love how we all show different levels of 'taboo'.

    1. thanks for the comment, Raya. Yeah, even "universal taboos" can be thought differently of by different communities. I was pondering a scene in my 3rd book in my Vala's Story serial and the rule on ARe about "no scat." Does one moment, one line of "she smeared shit on his cock" amount to scat? I wonder :D

  3. Hi Joelle, it is interesting isn't it. What is taboo to one person or society is not to another. Nice snippet ... ooh twins!


    1. yup, The Queen's Irish twins :D that's actually a line about them in one book, although I forget which lol. thanks for the comment, Roz. I've had a lot of fun with these two. And I love re-reading their meeting story that I snippetted from here. lots of awwww moments