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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#dungeoncrawl Aftercare!

Aren't I a tease :D ? I'm not sharing the padded room scene (that's to be inserted in one of the later books in the Vala's Story serial)- it's on my blog some months back... but this is an aftercare scene that I wanted to add. Please enjoy this time with The Queen, Simon, Tommy, and Vala; it was fun to write, although as I said to my BR- "Well it's just a rough draft because you and I have to get to book 6." (We're only on books 3 and 4 in our work). Although while you wait, you can get started with "Out of the Night: Book One" (just re-released and available atm on Smashwords- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/417778


The Queen pulled the comforter tighter around Vala, pulled her against him. "What a good baby girl," he murmured as he pushed on the floor to start the rocking chair moving. He kissed her forehead.

"The rocking chairs were a wonderful addition. Interesting just to have them in the hallway though, my Queen." Simon stroked Tommy's hair as he held the boy to him.

"Gives easy access for anyone having used these playrooms. We need to go look at another two chairs though; I want them for my bedroom too."

"Yes, my Queen." Simon brushed his fingers over Tommy's face, making soft cooing noises. "I'm so proud of how you helped The Queen and pleased him, my boy."

"Thanks," Tommy whispered.

"You sound like you could use a drink, good boy." Simon helped Tommy to sit up just a bit. With one stiff leg holding the chair still, he lifted the mug to the boy's lips. "Sip. It's hot still."

Tommy obeyed Simon, his bottom lip pressed to the black mug. He took the first small drink and then another, when it proved not to be too hot.

"That's a good boy, sipping your hot chocolate."

Tommy made a small whimper and Simon took the mug away, replacing it on the tray table between him and The Queen. He sighed as Simon restarted the gentle rocking of the chair.

"How are you doing, my love?" The Queen gazed down on Vala's face.

"Very good, thanks, my Queen." Vala shuddered against The Queen. "I love you, my Queen."

"I love you, my baby girl." The Queen pressed a soft kiss to Vala's lips. "Are you thirsty or hungry?"

"Thirsty... my Queen." Vala dragged her tongue over her dry lips. "Please, my Queen."

"Yes, my girl." The Queen lifted a blue mug off the table. "Sip."

Vala leaned forward to take the first sip and moaned deep in her throat as the warm drink slid into her.

"Sweet girl." The Queen smiled as he watched Vala continue to drink. "We have some nibbles when you are ready."

Simon laughed.

"What?" The Queen rolled his eyes at Simon.

"Nibbles? Not something I'd expect you to say unless you were talking to Erik, my Queen." Simon popped a small cube of cheese into Tommy's mouth.

"Vala liked it." The Queen took the mug away from Vala.

"Yes, my Queen. It was cute, my Queen." Vala pressed her cheek against The Queen's shoulder. She lifted her head to kiss his cheek. "Thanks for holding me, my Queen."

"Of course. We played pretty hard, didn't we?"

Vala shuddered against The Queen again.

"Sh. I have you, pretty girl." The Queen kissed Vala again. "Do you think maybe we should all take a soak?"

"Maybe we could use tubs in the quarters' bathroom, my Queen? Then my Lords Simon and Tommy could share a tub and we could be in a tub beside them, my Queen?" Vala pulled her bottom lip between her teeth for a moment. "Unless you'd care to switch who held my Lord Tommy and who held me, my Queen?"

The Queen chuckled softly. "What do you think, Simon?"

"Well maybe if Tommy and Vala are good subs and finish their food and drink, my Queen. I'm not sure how ready either of them are to move or to help carry all this stuff I brought them." Simon patted Tommy's cheek before feeding him another cube of cheese.

Tommy nuzzled against Simon's neck. "Thanks, love," he murmured.

The Queen watched Simon, smiling.

"What, my Queen?" Simon's forehead cutely scrunched with his question.

"Just enjoying watching you doing aftercare. It has been sweet to see you learn that skill over the years." The Queen wrapped the comforter tighter around Vala. "Are you my good little girl?"

"Try to be, my Queen." Vala's eyelids fluttered as she again settled into his embrace.

"Not minding my cum smeared all over your precious body?"

"Never, my Queen. It's comforting, my Queen." Vala turned her face to it pressed against The Queen's shoulder. "Thanks for the rocking, my Queen. It feels nice, my Queen."

"Of course. Such a sweet, sweet girl." The Queen kissed Vala's forehead. "My sweet girl." He grabbed a large strawberry. "Bite," he murmured.

Vala obeyed as he slipped the ripe berry between her trembling lips. She delicately pulled the fruit into her mouth.

The Queen traced the strawberry across Vala's lips as she chewed, leaving a trail of juice. He then teased her lips with his tongue, plunging in for a kiss.

Vala moaned into The Queen's mouth.

"Pretty, pretty girl."

Vala trembled. "Love you, my Queen."

"Love you."


  1. Joelle, I just adore the way your voice sounds like NOBODY else's. The Queen and Vala are marvelous creations.

  2. Such a sweet and special aftercare scene. :)

    1. thanks, Normandie :) don't you like the "nibbles" too :D ?

  3. This is so sweet, Joelle. I like the rocking chairs. Yes, every room should have one. Aftercare is very important in any relationship. You did great with this.

    1. thanks, LA. yeah, rocking chairs just seems like such a good thing. my Master has a "big man" Lazy Boy... a rocker, recliner. it is so nice. I'm so glad you all are reading what I intended; I wasn't so sure and had pondered adding some of The Queen's thoughts. Then from a btdt perspective, I keep thinking that Vala is talking too much too soon.

    2. Why do you think she's talking too much to soon? I think the dialogue is good.

    3. Well I may be trying to put my own experience of aftercare on this. In the padded room scene that this is the aftercare for, the level of BDSM activity that The Queen subjects Tommy and Vala to is such that I'd be non-verbal for quite awhile if my Master did it to me. So while I agree- I do like the dialogue I have- I keep thinking that I need to lengthen the time, especially before that one long paragraph where Vala is being cute answering about soaking in tubs

    4. Great.. now you have me wanting to know what happened in the padded room.
      I'm learning so much about the characters from your blog but I know I've not read all the snippets. I'm not sure what point in the story this is from. So with that in mind I went over to smashwords and started reading Out of Night. (Thanks Mearr... I got so caught up in it I forget what I was supposed to be doing this afternoon)
      I'm buying the book... I'm getting to really know and feel your characters. Now I need to understand the story.

    5. LOL Mearr led you astray :D and yeah that you want to buy the book. So a quick timeline for you- "Out of the Night: Book One" is the book I just re-released. "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" should be headed to formatting then being released in a month or two. Beyond here, it's still rather tentative. "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" is with my BR. I'm working on "The Beginning of Knowledge: Book Four" around blog tour stuff and other work. "A Dance of Cultures: Book Five" is waiting for both of us. After that there is the no-working-title "book 6," that will contain the padded room and this aftercare. And psssst- there're 3 books planned after these mentioned books :D

    6. Why would you do that to me, Joelle? WHY? Book 6.... I have to wait until BOOK SIX.. to find out the intensity of what went on prior to the aftercare excerpt?
      I read 9 in total on smashwords. I'm really excited for you Joelle and glad that you have book one revised and back up for public consumption.
      Are you going to be publishing on amazon as well? I bought "Out of the Night" from smashwords but I'm in love with amazons one click. (yes, I'm lazy that way... I like clicking it and then seeing it materialize right before my eyes on my kindle..I get a real kick out of it.)
      Now I have to go find the USB cord for the kindle so I can transfer the file and finish reading it on my couch later instead of in the hard computer chair. LOL.

    7. Go on Facebook- I was nice and shared the link to the first part of the padded room scene- I shared it on my blog. But yeah, you have to wait a bit. I am getting to Amazon, B&N, and ARe- my formatter gave me all the stuff, I just need to get it together. But yeah, I here you on the one click :D I appreciate it too.

  4. I have two rocking chairs. Never thought of them in this light before but you've kindled a notion or two... Inspiring stuff. Love it

  5. Great excerpt, Joelle.

    And I must get a rocking chair.

  6. loved the visual, Joelle.
    It seemed to intimate, and relaxed.
    And I love the strawberry.
    There is nothing quite as sexy as feeding another.

    1. thanks, Katherine :) I enjoyed picturing the hot chocolate :D definitely, on feeding each other. Like I imagined Simon's fingers as he put the cheese into Tommy's mouth :D

  7. What is it about strawberries? Soooo very sexy :)

    1. Yeah, I don't know either, Christina, but I think many people find them sexy, especially the way I used them. And thanks :)

  8. I agree with Emily, your voice is YOU and nothing else like it, Joelle. I need to learn to do this, to find this. I know what I hear in my head -- but somehow it doesn't come out on the page quite the same sometimes. Often. At all? I don't know, but this is cool, the way you tell this story! Popping the cheese cubes. The whole thing has such a mood to it, a pace, a rhythm, something like that, fitting the aftercare vibe so well. Very glad you are crawling with us.

    1. aww thanks, Sheri :) for you, something you might try, is telling your stories into a recorder and then transcribing them. My Master is a wonderful DM; I love watching Him run a game- I miss when He could find a good group of gamers to play D&D, but He does well with stories for Warhammer. That said, He can tell these wonderful stories in role-playing, miniature wargaming, but He struggles to write a story down.

      yeah, cheese cubes :) I liked the sipping of the hot chocolate. The Queen and Simon often employ an almost ageplay with Vala and Tommy, especially in moments like this when the subs are in dire need of aftercare :D