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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Do you wanna excerpt of "Out of the Night: Book One"? :D

Let me see what Vala's up for. I saw her in my imagination yesterday, as Iona, as Abrecan, as The Queen each tried to help me deal with my mood, my slump, my anxiety over personal stuff. Personal stuff that I'm not sharing? Gods for forbid :D It's not like many things at all are really TMI in my book. <snorts>

Okay, Vala here- you can see that Joelle needed me to take over for her, right? I was surprised to find the little crowd of comforting her last night. So sweet to see Iona nuzzling up against her neck. So the blog tour's going- after you're done here, you should hop over to Katherine Deane's blog to read Joelle's post "How Long Will You Wait For Sex?" You'll get a little snippet of "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" in addition to an "Out of the Night: Book One" in the post because Joelle had something to teach about in the post. I mean, you've read some about The Queen, right? That long gorgeous jet black hair. His smoking hot ice blue eyes. That body to die for, all muscles, strength, and the amazingly erotic smattering of teasing body hair that draws the eye to just the right spots? Draws me to stroke his skin, whenever he'll allow. Sighs- you wouldn't know he just threw me down on my bed a few minutes ago and fucked me senseless? :D I guess it's only good since Joelle was clinging to the bathroom door as her Master used his hairbrush on her ass and backs of her legs. Sighs. <My Queen, please a flogging now?>

So you wanna excerpt? Another one beside what Joelle already shared over at Katherine's? Why don't you just get down on your knees and beg for it? I'd like to see you, hear you begging for it? :D I'm naughty, aren't I? Being a switch has suited me quite well though.

Not an except but a snippet of fiction- fiction, yes? because I'm a fictional character even though Joelle treats me like a living person?- I'll flash back to early early in the days when The Queen brought me home, before Tommy helped me figure a new name.

"Beauty boy, do you have to have his permission first, or can we just go fuck? 'Cause I'd love to fuck you."

Tommy gazed at Mearr. His lips parted. Fuck. What a song for shuffle to play now. When I'm concentrating on not fucking the girl and Brian starts singing "Pure Morning." "No, I don't specifically need The Queen's permission now, but why would you want to fuck me? So far, you've been flirting with him hardest." He drew closer to her. Gods, fresh female flesh, perfumes, turned on. He cupped her cheek and lowered his lips. "Fuck? Have sex? What are you asking for?"

Mearr tossed one arm around Tommy's neck and used it to pull herself up against him, her breasts pressed against his silky smooth chest. "Fuck me! On a bed, the floor, I don't care. Just fuck me hard and get us both off quick."

Tommy laughed darkly. He snatched a condom from a near-by table before pushing Mearr to the floor. Thank you, sweet Goddess, for The Queen thinking to grant permission for this sort of thing. Condom on, he pulled them both to the floor.

Sighs. Yes, my Lord Tommy's an awesome fuck too. Maybe I'll see if he'd like me and mine in his bed tonight.
I'm at Katherine Deane's blog today, asking "how long would you wait for sex?"

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