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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Astray... astraying?? Did Joelle create a new verb? She announces a blog tour stop

So Joelle told me that under my birth name, Mearr, I managed to lead her friend LA Cloutier astray (you can read about the astray-ing in the comments section, although I suggest enjoying the aftercare first). I'm quite proud :D. This is Vala speaking btw. Poor Joelle, with the books and books of my serial, getting them out so people like poor LA can enjoy the orgy of story-telling, BDSM, and fucking. Fucking and orgies are always good :D. At least I think so and there are few things I enjoy so much as being in a bed with The Queen, Simon, and Tommy. oooops heheh- one of the guys might beat me for not using respect language. You see my shivering in my boots, right? oooops again... not wearing a stitch! lol!

But now I only wanted to babble a bit. Today is Sunday and on the blog tour for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One" of *my* "Vala's Story" serial has stopped on Casey McKay's website (Joelle will update to the tour's post when she gets it). Hey Casey! I do love it when Joelle takes us on your website; I always have such fun there and I love your site's theme! Thanks for hosting. And tour people, go enjoy the post and enter the prize giveaway- 2 copies of the book, $10 gift certs at Blushing Books.com and AllRomanceEbooks.com are up for grab!


  1. LoL, nice to hear from Vala :) I did visit the tour :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) I'd been debating what to do on this day- Sunday is normally my "excerpt day" but mostly I just wanted to announce the stop on Casey's blog. Then the funny happened in the conversation with LA on the Dungeon Crawl post. Yup, :D I shared an aftercare scene that's going to go in "Book 6" lmao. Did you like the "I hide, I hide?" Tom sure did lol