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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Are you ready?

So if you're not a regular reader of the Saturday Spankings blog hop, you might want to go back and read my snippet from this weekend. For the first SatSpanks' of my blog tour for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One," I shared a snippet of the first time The Queen engaged in a serious and complete with Vala as his submissive- before then, she'd seen him dom his slave Tommy and Simon, had engaged in vanilla (although sometimes rough) sex with him, but never BDSM.

Readiness of course can be about many things. Right now I'm reading Jaye Peache's "Trust Me to Keep You." It's the first book in a series; I'm not sure atm how many books she's put out in the series or how many she plans to. Right now, I'm enjoying as her dominant and submissive learn each other as a new D/s couple, as he learns to deal with things from her past that affect her submission currently.

With two decades' experience, I've thought of readiness in regards to quite a few different pieces of BDSM. While I'd dreamed of being submissive 24/7, I'm not sure I was really ready. There were so many pieces of lifestyle submission, the running of a dominant's home, that I simply wasn't ready for, that my childhood hadn't prepared me for. Thankfully my Master was patient as I learned to cook (and doubly thankfully, He didn't want fussy, fancy food) and He continues to be patient as I try to use things like Flylady to overcome my nature to "organize by piles" and to clean just here and there.

Of course that's a sort of readiness that most don't think about with BDSM and is certainly not what The Queen was talking about with Vala in the scene from Saturday. In specific, he was discussing an article about rattan canes with her. My understanding is that rattan canes are often harsher than other types of canes, especially if wielded with force. My Master doesn't actually have a thing for canes, although I enjoyed the period of time when He was borrowing a kendo training sword from a friend- at least that's what I believe He had; it was some sort of kendo tool anyhow. But then we were also playing harder back then; I wouldn't be ready for that harsh level of play right now.

Readiness can be about being ready for different implements and the amount of pain they can deliver. It can also be about levels of dominance and submission. The first place my mind goes with this is 24/7 submission- BDSM erotica so often makes it look easy; I've tried, in my erotica, to show that there are varying levels of struggle with "feeling submissive" and that this isn't a concern just of the submissive. If the dom isn't acting "dominant," this can cause issues for the submissive.

When The Queen asks Vala if she's ready, I wonder how many uses for this question from a BDSM perspective were in his mind...
Today I'm being hosted by Felicity Nichols for my post about "What makes a sex scene?" I'm sure I'll be pondering that more as I talk to Iona for my "conversation with a character" post for tomorrow.

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