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Friday, March 21, 2014

An experiment in conversation and sanity

So as you can see, Iona and Greta weren't quite sure of the conversation that I wanted to have and it did range a bit, but with "Out of the Night: Book One"'s re-release, I was thinking on Iona walking to The Queen and Vala and what Iona must have been thinking.
Joelle, are you sure? Iona looks at Greta, one eyebrow arched.

My Lady, let's try, okay? We did talk that night anyway, about what we thought of Vala in that first day, my Lady. Greta looks at me, making the smallest nod.

We're good then?

Oh, okay... give me a moment to put myself back then, before my dearest Vala was even the switch in the room beside mine. Iona licks her lips.
So very beautiful. Almost a fragile beauty, like my Lord Tommy, that's what I thought of her as I watched Vala cuddle against The Queen's side, so unsure to meet us all, especially with formal introductions as pleased him that day. I had to prevent the lip biting that wanted to come to me at her gaze, so obviously, so openly taking me in, as if she wanted to devour me.

What of the moment when The Queen talked about your sleeping problems?

With his comments on me wanting to join them in bed? Goddess, I nearly swooned. The images that came to mind in that moment, The Queen, Vala, their bodies twined with mine. Iona kisses Greta's cheek. The four of us have spent many a wonderful time in bed together.

I noticed my Lady noticing Vala. Greta laughs. To see such desire. I felt a small moment of unease, monogamous conditioning trying to rear its ugly head. Of course I was thrilled at Vala's beauty; she is an incredibly beautiful woman, in so many ways. I think my vantage point of "fourth class slave" allowed me to guess at, to see things well before the three of them did. Like Vala's special, growing love for my Lady Iona in those first days after The Queen had collared Vala. But I certainly did wonder- would I wind up with a domme and a sister slave that I'd have to nurture through nightmares?

Oh hush! I don't have nightmares quite as often as I use to. Iona wraps an arm around Greta's waist.

But they still do happen sometimes, my Lady. They can leave me feeling pretty powerless, and not in a good way either, my Lady. Greta leans against Iona as if to ease the frown from her beautiful domme's face. Then to add Vala's nightmares, my Lady? Although at least I had my training in helping rape survivor's to help her, but that only goes so far, my Lady.

But now she has Soma and Eoin to ease her through those nightmares. The poor Queen. Iona giggles. She uses her sleeping board as rarely as I do. Thankfully he prefers "slave in bed to cuddle" and doesn't think too much of our lack of board use.

I still wonder what it was like while she was still Mearr, at the Manhattan loft, my Lady. Greta clears her throat. Are you ever going to finish that WIP and let us read it, Joelle?

And why would I do that, Greta? I just read a conversation with you that we wrote for my blog and you were pretty snarky at me. But I'm trying. I have too much on my plate. If I can get through Vala's Story, I'll get back to that WIP. Since I have it, Week-long, and Book of Meeting to work on. And please remember, the story is complex. I enjoy dipping into many pools of experience, making for a complex story-telling process. And look at you, Greta, not properly using Vala's title now.

Greta snorts. Think on what time period you want us thinking about- I'm supposed to say "my Lady Vala" while thinking on her as a submissive with less authority than myself?

You made the change with Abrecan when he was demoted, did a better job remembering to drop Tommy's title during those weeks when he was being punished for being a humongous brat.

My. Lady. Vala. Does that make you happy?

Iona, would you please punish Greta for being a mouthy brat?

Iona nods at me before patting her lap. Her gaze steady, she watches Greta for a moment before threatening Across my lap before you earn yourself more punishment than I planned to give. Joelle is right; I should have corrected you on Vala's title before this.

Greta glowers at me for a moment. Yes, my Lady. She lays herself across Iona's legs. She reaches behind her to lift her dress and piles it on her lower back. She places her hand on Iona's comforter, partially covering a bright sky blue butterfly.

I draw in a breath. I press my thighs together.

Without warm up, Iona brings her hand down on Greta's ass. The sounds echo as the spanking continues. Is Vala in the same class as you that you can speak of her without a title?

No, my Lady. Please, I'm sorry, my Lady. I'm sorry, my Lady.

I watch subtly reddening skin. Is that maybe enough, Iona?

Maybe. Iona rubs Greta's skin, her hand slipping down to trembling thighs. Are you quite done, Joelle, in asking for remembrances? I'd very much like to enjoy my aroused submissive here?

I grin. I guess. It was interesting to hear some of your thoughts on that first day, about Vala. Thanks. Enjoy Greta. She does look properly subdued at the moment.
Today I'm visiting Jolynn Raymond's blog to talk about the sixteen introductions The Queen makes for Vala, introducing his slaves to her. Instead of Saturday Spankings and Seductive Studs and Sirens this weekend, I'll be hosting my own post about the balance of fantasy and reality in Vala's Story and then on Sunday, I'll be out visiting again, this time on Katherine Deane's blog to ask the question- how long will you wait for sex?

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