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Thanks fiona, from "Sir Q and Me" for the warning message that just makes me melt. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quick Score- Heroin Joe & Mearr

So I have a rare extra warning for this piece of fiction today. Normally the sex and BDSM are obvious enough and anyway I have the lovely little warning that Fiona from "Sir Q and Me" said I could use too. But today, there's also a level involving drugs. You see, I felt compelled to write a piece with Vala under her birth name of Mearr, well before The Queen noticed her. You meet Heroin Joe briefly at the beginning of "Out of the Night: Book One"- don't worry, you'll see him again... and again lol. He's got a good cock. :D

Heroin Joe grasped Mearr's hand. He pulled her after him into the line of trees.

"You have it?" Mearr demanded.

"Please say it in German. Makes me wanna fuck you." Joe grinned down on Mearr.

"Haben Sie es?" Mearr growled out the "es," the "it" as she looked at the bulge in his jeans, thinking on the promised coke and the condom she hoped he remembered.

"Some day you gotta teach me German!" Heroin pushed Mearr to the ground. Her legs splayed across the ground, giving him a view of her lips, her cunt, everything so ready for his cock. "Yeah, I got it." He pulled a little baggie of coke out of his back pocket.

Mearr licked her lips, her gaze moved from his crotch to the coke. "Want it!"

"How much?" Joe pushed his jeans to his ankles before kneeling between Mearr's legs.

Mearr reached for Joe's legs and pulled her body against him, her open, wet cunt riding against his naked thigh. "Give it to me!"

Heroin wrestled with the condom package for a moment before getting his cock wrapped up. He grabbed Mearr's hips and pulled her up onto his cock. Laughing, he rolled them over so he was on his back among the leaves and patchy grass. He pulled his shirt up around his neck.

Mearr started to thrust down onto Joe's cock, her eyes locked on the baggie.

Joe opened the zipper and poured a little coke onto his chest. "Want it?"

"Ich will es," Mearr groaned before she leaned over Heroin's chest. She pressed down one nostril and breathed in deep, pulling the coke into her as she rode his cock, reveling in the double pleasure.

"Yeah." Heroin gripped one of Mearr's hips and helped her bounce up and down on him. He poured more coke, this time near one hard little nipple.

Mearr grinned. This time, she cleaned the coke up with her tongue, grinding against him, biting on the nipple, just little, just enough to bring moans to his lips. "I love fucking you. You feel so good beneath me."

"It's a good place to be." Joe relinquished the baggie to Mearr.

"Fick," Mearr muttered. She sprinkled come coke over Heroin's face. She kissed, licked, breathed in over his face. Her body vibrated, her breath rapid. "Ich werde kommen."

"Like that. Like that word. Come on me." Heroin's eyes rolled back into his head as he shuddered under Mearr.

Mearr emptied the last of the coke on Joe's chest. She pressed down the other nostril and sucked the gorgeous powder into her body, her brain. She clamped down on his cock, wringing every bit of pleasure out of his cock that she could. She threw back her head with what would be a howling moan if it wasn't for the worry of calling a cop's attention to their fucking.

Joe grabbed Mearr's hips again. He held her still as he thrust up into her hard, groaning lowly, almost growling as he joined her in an orgasm.

Mearr fell forward onto Heroin. gasping for breath.

"Was that good for you too?" Joe laughed.

"Sehr gute." Mearr licked a last bit of coke off Joe's forehead.

"I don't know have of what you say in German, but it gives me the best orgasms every time."

Mearr joined Heroin in laughter. "Let's go to Night and get cleaned up. Daniel said he was gonna bring in some cake tonight."

"Sure." Joe watched Mearr tumble to the ground beside him before he starting cleaning up.
So I hoped you enjoyed that snippet that came to me :) Now move on to Patricia Logan's website - she's hosting day 4 of my blog tour for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One." While you're there, you should sign up to be a Loganite and get reading her books. I whole heartedly recommend any of her books. I'm quite a fan girl :D .


  1. Wow! ... and hot!! :)


    1. thanks, Roz :) I started with the image of her snorting the coke off his chest. LOL, I struggled though with coke/cock all short long :D