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Monday, March 31, 2014

A little bit about Chitra and her first collar

I so love my beta reader Annikka. She and I were talking about our blog posts (she writes fantasy and her blog is here) and I'd asked what sort of extra-novel fiction she'd like to see me do for this Monday. I often use these times to explore further some things that I didn't take the time to do directly in the Vala's Story serial, like the multi-part story "The Queen watches Mearr" (set in story-time before the beginning of "Out of the Night: Book One." Link to thefirst part is here- I recommend it; I had so much fun writing those pieces of my characters!) This week she suggested I do some prequel work with Chitra. At the moment, I only have "Out of the Night: Book One" published and even Annikka as my BR hasn't gotten further than the fifth book in the serial. She said she'd like to see more of Chitra. Now find you, I'm actively working in book 4, while she's back in book 3 after I'd done some serious re-writing, so I said "but I just saw Chitra!" I did, a bunch of her, in book 4 lmao. I'm still gonna have some fun with Chitra here for you though.

First I'm going to share a snippet of "Chitra's Meeting," from the "Book of Meeting" (its release is planned after all 9 planned books of Vala's Story has been published.) A bit of set up: Kaya and some other slaves were at The Queen's California townhouse. She saw Chitra and invited her to dinner. She thought The Queen would enjoy Chitra, so she asked for permission to bring the girl to the party before the monthly stable meeting. Chitra asked to speak to The Queen on the phone before flying across the country on his private jet. Here they are talking over dinner at a steakhouse.

"So would you tell me about your previous BDSM experiences?"

Chitra nodded. "I've been a regular at a few clubs, scened at such places, Sir. I've had a few 'play collars' from doms at the clubs, Sir. It was 'just at the club' type stuff, Sir. I had a short, rather serious flirtation with one dom, but after some reading, I realized that he hadn't been appropriately forward with me, hadn't walked me through before-scene negotiation, Sir." She blushed. "It seems I was taken for a naive girl whose consent wasn't considered necessary, Sir."

"I am sorry to hear that." The Queen ran his fingers over Chitra's hand. "It pleased me that you wanted to speak with me before getting on my jet."

Chitra lowered her eyelashes. She studied his large hand, the way it dwarfed hers. Pulling in a gasping breath, she lifted her gaze to his face. "I'm glad... you were... pleased, Sir."

"I do so love the simplicity of your submissive gestures."

and Chitra, with The Queen's temporary collar

Mandisa smiled down on Chitra. "Such a lovely thing to collar a submissive." She lifted her smile to The Queen. "Thank you, my Queen, for letting me make this beaded collar for her."

The Queen held Mandisa's hand. "I did not want to assume. After all, you are not Masai, but South African. At least you have never mentioned identifying with a specific tribe. I am just a white American trying to be sensitive here."

"Of course, my Queen." Mandisa lay her head on The Queen's shoulder. "No tribal thing to remember with me to be sensitive; that is something that has slipped my mind over the years." She straightened up. "But we have a darling girl waiting for us."

"Please explain the beads' meaning again."

"Among some other meanings, yellow and orange are most commonly thought of with hospitality. A lovely way to think of the domestic services a submissive provides, don't you think, my Queen?' The Queen nodded and Mandisa continued, "Green is about well-being and prosperity. As in the greenness of grass, the wealth of land."

The Queen released Mandisa's hand to take the beaded choker in two hands. "I have never done a temporary collaring in quite this way."

"I thank you, my Queen, and my Lady Mandisa for taking this time to teach me, to help me decide if I'm ready for such a commitment." Chitra let her gaze move over The Queen and Mandisa.

"Gather her hair up for me."

Chitra moaned at Mandisa's rough hands picking up her hair, piling it on top of her head.

"I think I will enjoy seeing you in my training collar as well." The Queen lay the disk of beaded necklace against Chitra's chest, the beads sparkling in the light. He pulled the two circular ends against each other and secured them with a tiny silver padlock. "Beautiful." He watched Mandisa drop and then run her hands through the girl's long black tresses. "What do you think, my dear?"

Mandisa returned to The Queen's side. "Yes, beautiful, my Queen. I believe Jinny and I will have hours of fun, once you release Chitra to my room."

The Queen chuckled. "I think you have worried our darling girl."

Chitra licked her lips. "Ah, just wondering what my Lady might mean by enjoying, my Queen."

"Tomorrow night, I want her in my bed, but for now, Mandisa, take and enjoy your girl. Dinner will be casual tonight."

"Yes, thanks, my Queen." Mandisa grabbed up Chitra's hair again. "Come along."

Chitra stumbled to her feet, whimpering. "Yes, my Lady."

And next week, I'll continue with what happened some time after the collaring :D (UPDATE for your reading pleasure :D here's the link to the second part of this series.)


  1. This was great Joelle, love the collar and explanation.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) This was a fun writing- reminds me I need to make time for the novella with Mandisa, Jinny, and Chitra :D