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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#Taboo2sday - Abrecan loves his domme Prisca

Now if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I enjoy my blog hops. There's Saturday Spankings hop that goes live on Friday night followed early Saturday morning with the Seductive Studs and Sirens hop. #Satspanks, as we call it on social media, focuses on corporal punishment; #SeductiveSnS focuses on LGBT fiction. Sometimes I debate my place on both hops; sometimes my writing doesn't seem to fit either very well. Sometimes I think I love too many things that others find taboo or scary.

But when a friend posted about this new hop, Taboo Tuesday, I was very excited. Right now my focus is on my Vala's Story serial and as I get further into it, I push more and more "envelopes." I knew immediately what scene I wanted to snippet from; picking the snippet proved daunting however. On both those weekend hops, I've been sharing from "post ceremony celebrations." However, what I want to share with you belongs in neither of those hops. You see, Abrecan broke a very, very serious rule and has been demoted from The Queen's second class down to the fourth- as if he was a newbie submissive. After some hints from The Queen, Prisca gives Abrecan an enema, forces him to bring her to orgasm with his mouth while the solution is held in him by a butt plug. What I'm sharing with you here is toward the end of this scene.

Prisca moved around to the other side of the tub, yanked out the butt plug, and threw it aside. She walked back around the tub until she stood in front of him again, grinning.

Abrecan moaned, his gaze following Prisca.

Prisca knelt in front of him and grabbed each of his nipples between two fingers. "You may shit now."

Cringing, Abrecan cried as his bowels forcefully evacuated. "I... I love... you... my Lady," he whimpered, his lips trembling and his gaze fixed with awe upon Prisca's face.

"I love you too, my dirty little boy." Prisca leered. She grabbed his hair and slammed her lips against his trembling mouth as she smeared shit onto his hard cock.

What do you think Prisca will do next? :D

Now that you've enjoyed my snippet, please follow the link to enjoy the other wonderful authors taking part in this hop :).


  1. Brilliant! ooh, Joelle! Perfect snippet for today's hop!

    1. thanks :) when I was reading the scene and got to this, I just knew this is the one. You know, it's such a short moment in a long-ish scene, but it's certainly one of the things I think about when I say "this is why I'm self-publishing."

  2. Oh, yes, Joelle! Maybe Taboo Tuesday will give me the courage to write scat!

    1. It does make me think of maybe some short stories with various groupings within The Queen's stable- like a little side project... I can just hear my BR screaming "nooooo, you have to finish Vala's Story first" :D but one of the things I've played with in the relationship between Prisca and Abrecan after his demotion and their pairing is that a large dose of humiliation, although not quite to the point of stereotypical femdom, helps him in coming to terms with his addiction to pain killers, which is part of what got him demoted in the first place

  3. Wow Joelle! Very hot! I must admit though, personally I struggle with the thought of enema's. Um ... I hope Prisca orders a shower next! lol


    1. lol, of course :D Prisca, being a sensible woman, does the whole thing in the bathroom :D. I don't think Abrecan quite appreciated the cold shower she gave him though hehe

  4. I don't jibe with the enemas either, but lots of folks will and I applaud you Joelle. I love that you write dirty. :)

    P.S. I have a Fetlife friend who is all about water sports and she fascinates me.

    1. well I think sometimes with "taboo" things, we don't even start the conversation. because of the length of the snippet, you don't get to see that Prisca is wearing latex gloves, for instance. And like with watersports, my Master's still trying to understand... I adore them BUT not on the face, in the mouth, and please just in the bathtub where clean up is easy :D. Not to say that I'm horrified by water sports that don't fight my specific way to enjoy the kink, I know specifically what I want.