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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sundaes anyone?

So I wandered and played. I had no clue where I was actually going. Do have fun reading the first part first if you haven't yet- http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-little-cuffed-ankle-bondage-d.html . I'm not sure what I have here, but sex, bondage, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and chocolate syrup are a great mix if you ask me... and obviously The Queen agrees :D.

"I think we all need chocolate ice cream sundaes." The Queen grinned at Simon.

Adan giggled and her hand moved against Ailin's leg.

"Hey! What are you fingerspelling down there?" Simon pressed his toes against Adan's thigh.

"I'll sign it again for you, my Lord." Adan smiled coquettishly at Simon. She lifted her hand. She formed the ASL for "D," "I," "S," and "H."

The Queen snorted. "We shall see."

Kaya gestured at the living wing. "The kitchen, my Queen?"

"Sure." The Queen started walking with Simon and Kaya walking on either side of him. "Now, sweet Adan, why did you decide to fingerspell that? Being changed to our ankles is one thing, but you were never ordered to silence."

"Um, well, I didn't expect my Lord Simon would notice, my Queen." Adan tilted her head slightly as she gazed up at The Queen with an adoring expression. "It struck me as a funny possibility, my Queen."

"So you pictured Simon drizzling chocolate sauce over you and then licking it off?"

"Maybe a bit, my Queen." Adan pressed her cheek against Simon's naked leg. "I certainly wouldn't beg you to stop, my Lord."

"Flatterer." Simon took The Queen's hand in his. "I did buy more sundae toppings last grocery trip though, my Queen, including a few flavors of ice cream. How does chocolate chip cookie dough sound?"

"That is so teasing, my Lord." Kaya took Simon's other hand.

"Oh that's right." Simon grinned at Kaya. "That's your favorite ice cream flavor too. Maybe a scoop right on your belly button that one of us can enjoy eating off of you?"

"If it'd please you, my Lord."

"What do you think, my Queen?" Simon laid his head on The Queen's shoulder. "Although I was suspecting the chained ones would be the plates." He grinned as Adan pressed kisses to the tops of his feet.

"Chocolate sauce." The Queen sat down on the kitchen floor and pulled Prisca onto his lap; her chains pooled around, beneath her.

"My Queen," Prisca whimpered.

"The chains cannot still be cold," The Queen teased as he dragged one length across her naked back.

"Not cold, but heavy, my Queen."

"I do love having you so close like this." The Queen kissed Prisca's forehead then her lips, his arms wrapped around her. "Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes, my Queen." Prisca shuddered against The Queen. "My Lord?" Her shudders morphed into writhing undulations as something cold, wet, and sticky dripped down her back.

"Now that is a lovely thing." The Queen pushed her down flat across his lap. Tongue and lips got active against her skin, cleaning up the thick chocolate syrup. "Got that ice cream?"

Ailin groaned, drawing The Queen's glance; Simon was popping a ball of ice cream onto the boy's stomach. Melting drips coursed down his lower belly, onto his balls.

"Please, my Lady," Ailin whimpered.

"But our Lord's only put one scoop on him." Kaya leaned over to lick a trickle of ice cream, a path of chocolate chips standing out, from along Ailin's inner thigh.

"Where would you like your first scoop, my Queen?" Simon knelt in front of The Queen, Adan near-by, hungrily studying Prisca.

"Right here." The Queen traced a line across the small of Prisca's back, a sexy little chocolate-free spot.

Prisca arched her back, shoving her ass up toward The Queen and Simon. Her thighs parted and she moaned loudly.

"She agrees, my Queen." Simon laughed and popped the ice cream into the spot.

Melting ice cream quickly trickled down Prisca's hot skin.

The Queen traced Prisca's ass with his tongue, licking away the cream, teasing with his teeth at a clump of cookie dough. He dipped his tongue between the cheeks, letting it fall down to brush over her lips, still wet from her earlier fucking.

Adan leaned forward to kiss Prisca, the women's tongues tangling as if to release Prisca's growing arousal.

"Now a little for me." Simon dropped a scoop of ice cream onto Adan's chest; the girl screamed into her domme's mouth. "Good, good idea, my Queen. The bondage and the sundaes."


  1. What yummy fun! lol. Enjoyed this Joelle. Now I suddenly want some ice cream!


    1. thanks, Roz :) The Queen does love his desserts- good thing he has all his slaves to keep him active and fit :D