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Monday, February 3, 2014

Settling into their home

So I probably debated about this piece far more than I needed to. I want to start off by admitting that there's no overt kink activity, no graphic sex happening here. Erik, The Queen and Iona's toddler, is with them, as well as Greta and Erik's nanny, Brenna. I asked my BR- am I being too self-serving here, writing and planning to post this on my blog? Plus this is a longer bit of fiction. However for those who enjoy learning about characters, who want to dip their toes into The Queen's world, this will be enjoyable, just in a different way. And to say there's nothing "overt," nothing "graphic" happening doesn't say that nothing is happening. I hope for at least one more piece focusing on Greta early in her collaring.

If you want to catch up quick with the pieces with Greta- First came the waking up scene in Iona's bedroom, then a casual breakfast in the kitchen, followed by an intense love (or was it just sex) scene in The Queen's bed. The week before that, Greta found out that even in the shower, The Queen can teach. And last week, there was some candle play. (Quick note- Erik is being raised bilingually and The Queen is the parent speaking in the non-community language- German in this case.)

Set some days after Greta's first day as The Queen's slave. They are at his four-floor Manhattan loft building.

Greta held the heavy glass door open, smiling as The Queen passed her with Erik as securely in his arms as a toddler might allow.

The Queen dropped a kiss onto Greta's forehead. "Excited for the new living situation?"

"I'm intrigued, Sir. Just Iona, Erik, Brenna, and I in the loft while these initial stages are happening at your mansion, Sir?"

"Well with the demolition going on, it is safer for Erik." The Queen started up the stairs to the second floor of the building. "You may be three capable women, but I still would not want all that worry, constant watching even more than normal with a toddler to be your main thought."

"Vati!" Erik squirmed as if to escape The Queen's embrace.

The Queen set Erik on the floor before the door to the second floor living space. "Mama ist da drin."

Erik struggled with the shiny brass doorknob for a moment before opening the door and running in.

"Now remember, all four floors have been child-proofed although most of the things you will need to live are on this floor."

"Yes, my Queen," Greta murmured, her voice soft so it didn't carry to Erik, who'd thrown himself into Iona's arms.

Iona looked up from hugging Erik to beam at The Queen and Greta. "Everything's ready, Sir. I have lunch waiting for us." She gestured at a small-ish red plastic table that was set with plates, silverware, and serving bowls of steaming food.

"Why didn't you wait until The Queen got me here so I could do this work, Iona?" Greta frowned. I could have served, my Lady.

"Hush." Iona released Erik and walked to Greta before wrapping her arms around her girl's waist. She whispered, "You'll serve when I choose; it's not yours to decide."

"Yes, my Lady," Greta whispered back.

Brenna bustled into the living space out of the in-closed bathroom. "Sir, Greta, good to see you made it." She stopped beside Erik's high chair and removed the tray. "Ready for lunch, bigger boy?"

"Bren!" Erik lifted his arms toward Brenna.

"You and Brenna must have been working on this all morning. Thank you." The Queen caught Iona up in his arms and lifted her into a tight hug. "I love you, my beautiful little slave," he murmured.

"I love you, my Queen," Iona replied, her lips pressed against his jaw.

Greta watched her doms. This is why I submitted to him. He's always so loving.

The Queen squeezed Greta's hand before he slid into one of the matching plastic red chairs. He gestured at the empty chair beside him. "Sit," he ordered, his gaze still on Greta.

"Yes, Sir." Greta licked her lips as she obeyed and Iona eased into the chair on the other side of him. Have my wonderful dominants been playing that my Lady has to be careful sitting? She suppressed a giggle. She pressed her lips together, but her attention switched to hyper-speed as she tried to figure out what would most please The Queen and Iona, while not being against what was appropriate in front of Erik.

Brenna reached for the serving spoon sitting in a bowl of green beans. "Here you are," she said as she placed the sauced veggies on Erik's tray.

"Is he doing any better with the fork yet?" Iona asked.

"A little."

The Queen smiled at Greta. "I would like some green beans." His smile danced in his eyes and the slightest, cutest dimples came into his cheeks.

Oh my word, my Queen! You are so impossibly gorgeous when you do that! Greta returned his smile even as her hand moved as if of its own accord to serve beans onto his plate.

"I seem to remember green beans being among your favorite vegetables." The Queen dragged his hand up Greta's thigh under the table.

Greta blinked her eyes, lest she make some inappropriate noise in front of Erik. "Yes, you're right, thanks, Sir."

"Relax." The Queen caressed Greta's leg. He leaned over to kiss her cheek. "Do not worry so about behaving right at the moment. This is a learning day, with no punishments possibly earned while Erik is here. We know you have limited experience with children, let alone acting like a proper submissive in front of one."

Greta blinked again, her lips trembling. "Yes, thanks, Sir."

Iona glanced at Greta. "Good girl," she silently mouthed.

Greta tilted her head forehead slightly, blushing.

"Greta!" Erik squealed, laughing when her startled gaze stopped on him. "Bitte?" He pointed at the tray of bread near her.

Iona joined Erik in giggling. "He's still managing bitte instead of please. It's too cute."

Greta picked up the crusty dinner roll and stood before leaning across the table to hand it to Brenna, who passed it to Erik. Her gaze moved over her plate, empty except for a pile of green beans, as she sat.

"Here, sweet." The Queen kissed Greta's cheek as he placed a cutlet of meat on her plate.

"Thanks, Sir." Greta licked her lips. Just eating, normal family lunch even if our family isn't normal. She started to nibble on the green beans. She surreptitiously watched The Queen and Iona. But The Queen ordered me to relax. I'm not obeying very well.

The Queen tucked an errant curl behind Greta's ear. "Would you like some stuffing too?"

"No, thanks, right now, Sir." Goodness! Learning to switch between different titles might drive me insane.

"We even have some dessert, Sir." Iona giggled as she ate her food
"Dessert?" The Queen arched his eyebrow.

Brenna joined Iona in giggling. "I found a dessert book that Simon had left here. There was a chocolate ice cream cake that looked easy enough for us to make it. It might not be as pretty as he'd make it though."

The Queen held Iona's hand where it rested on the table. "I am sure I will enjoy it, however it looks." He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.

How odd to see him making such a submissive gesture.

"Is it ready?"

"But sir!" Brenna gasped at her tone and started again, more evenly. "That wouldn't be a very good example to E-r-i-k."

"We have eaten our green beans," The Queen announced, grinning. He gestured at Erik's tray empty of whole beans, just smears of sauce and pulverized vegetable parts.

"Beans?" Erik echoed.

"Nein, Schokolade, mein Leibling."

Greta laughed softly. I love seeing him just be dad sometimes.


  1. I really enjoyed this Joelle, loved the interaction between them and how they handled things in front of Erik. A nice 'softer' side to the Queen in this piece. I liked how attentive he was to both of them.


    1. thanks, Roz :) I think for those of us who live ttwd, BDSM or a similar lifestyle within a relationship, we get to see these softer sides to the dominant in our lives and too often, it can be lost in fiction, with alpha heroes and such. With The Queen, I wanted a complete man. The one who can joke with his toddler about chocolate ice cream cake even as the nanny fusses at him. As well as the whispered explanation to Greta that he was teaching her on behavior, not giving any punishments because she needed to learn a bunch about serving him and Iona in ways that are proper in front of a toddler.