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Monday, February 10, 2014

Greta comforts Iona

okay sorry to Tara and Roz who commented on the old post, but I meant to delete a draft post, but my Master talked to me at the wrong moment and I deleted the wrong thing. So anyone at this point will get just the story....

Iona screamed into the dark silence of the living space.

"My Lady," Greta murmured as she pulled her domme into her arms.

Iona pressed her face against Greta's chest. "I couldn't stop it. The cars hit so hard. My mom died this time."

Greta rubbed her hand up and down Iona's back. "My Lady, I saw you talking to her just the week before The Queen collared me."

The small lamp beside the bed turned on suddenly, showing The Queen and Erik.

"Someone was worried about his mommy." The Queen placed Erik on the bed, who crawled to Iona.

"Come here, sweetie." Iona pulled Erik between her and Greta. "Mommy just had a bad dream like I sometimes do." She wiped a hand across her face. She hugged Erik, her face pushed against the top of his head.

The Queen wrapped his hand around Iona's leg. "Was it the same dream?"

Iona lifted her face from Erik. "Yes, sir."

"Iona, can I get you something? Maybe some milk, Iona?" Greta licked her lips. But my Lady has been nightmare-free since he collared me.

"Some milk, please, sweet." Iona gave Greta a one-armed hug before acknowledging The Queen's touch with a small smile.

Greta slid out of the bed and carefully made her way to the kitchen area.

"Nightmare?" Brenna asked as she moved alongside Greta.

"Yeah. Grab Erik a sippy? He'll probably want a drink with his mom." Greta pulled a gallon of milk from the fridge.

"Sure. I got it." Brenna moved to the cupboards.

Iona sipped her milk. "Thanks, sweet." She placed her head on Greta's shoulder.

"Looks like a little boy has decided to join you in bed." The Queen pulled the comforter over Erik.

"At least he's sleeping good, my Queen." Iona's bottom lip trembled slightly. "Brenna, go lay back down. I think the three of us adults are plenty capable of taking care of a sleeping toddler."

"Of course." Brenna gave Iona a quick hug around the shoulders. "If you're not up to it after some more sleep, we can go to the zoo tomorrow."

"We'll see." Iona smiled as Brenna returned to the single bed beside Erik's crib.

"Let us take Erik's fine example." The Queen climbed in beside Erik.

Iona handed her empty glass to Greta before laying back on the pillow she shared with Erik.

Greta turned toward the nightstand. Why a nightmare now? The glass carefully placed on a coaster, she rolled on the bed toward Iona. "May I please hold you, my Lady?" she whispered.

Iona took Greta's arms and pulled it over her. She pushed back into the spoon of Greta's body.

"We can call your parents in the morning, my Lady."


Greta brushed her fingers over Iona's cheek. "You're safe, my Lady."

"I know," Iona whimpered. "But what if the dream comes back? I don't want to see that again."
Greta kissed the back of Iona's neck.

Iona rolled underneath Greta's arm, turning to face her sub. "Please don't let me go."

"I won't unless you order me to, my Lady." Greta hazarded a soft kiss on Iona's lips. "My Lady, maybe we could go to a bed on the next floor up and I could give you pleasure that would help you sleep?" Daring as a sub, yes, but my Lady needs care.

Iona cupped Greta's cheek with one hand. "Just be careful getting out of bed so we don't disturb the guys."

Greta smiled at The Queen and Erik, both sleeping so hard. She crept to the side of the bed before placing her feet on the floor. My Queen didn't order against this and I'm only obeying my Lady's pleasure at my suggestion. She offered Iona her hand and helped her Lady to the floor.

The women crept out of the living area, out the door- Greta closed it gently- before continuing up the stairs to the next floor.

Iona stepped before Greta onto the landing. "Brave of you to suggest this."

"Your scream, my Lady." Greta blinked away the tears collecting in the corner of her eyes. I've never heard your scream like that, my Lady.

Iona opened the door and pulled Greta inside. "You want to give me pleasure?"

"Yes, my Lady." Greta lifted Iona's hand to her lips and pressed an adoring kiss against the knuckles.

Iona smiled mysteriously as she relinquished Greta's hand to walk to the nearest made bed. Then a candle flamed into life.

Greta returned Iona's smile. "Yes, my Lady." She watched her domme scoot backwards up the bed to lay down against the pillows.

"I lit the candle for a reason, sweet."

Greta licked her lips. But you can't mean... "Yes, my Lady." She knelt between Iona's spread legs. She leaned over to sprinkle kisses on the soft skin. You always smell like the most beautiful flowers, my Lady. She kissed her way up to stop at the inner thighs.

Iona moaned. She tilted her hips.

"Yes, my Lady." Greta delighted in caressing, first Iona's lips, then pressing in, feeling for clit. One finger slid into Iona. When did you start to get wet, my Lady?

"Candle," Iona gasped.

Greta scrambled over Iona toward the nightstand. "Love you, my Lady." She dropped a kiss onto one hard nipple.

"Yes!" Iona pressed up against Greta.

Greta gazed down on Iona, her body feeling alive in the moment more than it ever had. She wrapped her hand around the white taper candle.

Iona murmured sleepily, not quite words.

Greta brushed her nails over some dried candle wax on Iona's chest. My sweet domme. However does she do it? I'd never thought that as her submissive that I'd still get to watch the wax gather and then drip onto her body.

"Love my girl," Iona mumbled before turning on her side toward Greta, an arm thrown lazily over her waist. She made the cutest little snore, yawn noise and then settled into Greta's embrace.

What a perfect life, The Queen my Master and this sweet, loving woman my domme. Why'd I wait?

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