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Sunday, February 23, 2014

For some time spent with her girls...

I decided today to share an excerpt from the novella-in-progress that I'm writing. After winning a cover art-and-book-promotion package from Anastasia Vitsky's Love Spanks, focusing on FF fiction, I decided it was time to write. Of course my regular readers will understand how just 2 people in a relationship stops me :D . It made sense to me on a few levels to focus on Mandisa and her submissives Jinny and Chitra- they make up one of the all female groupings amongst The Queen's stable. I'm sharing here a short excerpt from the prologue where Mandisa asks him for permission to take her girls on an overnight vacation.


Mandisa leaned against the doorjamb of The Queen's den. "May I please come in, my Queen?"

The Queen looked up from the pile of papers on his desk. "Of course, sweet." He patted the empty desk chair beside him.

Mandisa walked to the chair and eased into it.

"Was there something you wanted?" The Queen rested a hand on Mandisa's arm.

"I know you're so busy with Vala and her training. If you're done using me and my girls"

The Queen arched an eyebrow.

"You aren't going to quibble about my word choice, are you, my Queen?" One corner of Mandisa's mouth lifted into a sarcastic smile. "You know how I used the word."

"Yes. Sometimes I just like a taste of your spirit. And for the time I have no plans needing you and your girls in Vala's training. But continue."

Mandisa nodded. "I have endeavored to listen to your guidance that I tend to be too strict, almost erotica levels of over the top with my domination, my Queen. I would beg to take Jinny and Chitra for an overnight stay at one of the tourist lodges."

"You must really want it if you are willing to use the word beg."

But yes, I need to get a bunch of other work off my plate so I can get back to this writing. ATM it's only 6 pages long, still short enough that when I have sat down to re-read before writing, I start at the beginning :D I am aiming for a novella though, maybe 20K to 50K words.


  1. This was great Joelle, I'm intrigued now how the overnight stay will work out! :) Wishing you the best as you continue writing this story.


    1. thanks, Roz. I decided since with the prize I won, that I wanted to focus on these three (that's Mandisa and her submissives Jinny and Chitra.) They're allowing me to do a lot of things. Mandisa's tendency to be too strict with them, even in The Queen's eyes, is a subplot in Vala's Story. Plus I get to do a lot of social justice thought with them- I didn't intend it, but I wound up putting a black South African (Mandisa), an African American (Jinny), and Chitra (Indian American) into one grouping in The Queen's stable. So amongst the 3 women, there's lots of thought and talk about issues of race.