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Thanks fiona, from "Sir Q and Me" for the warning message that just makes me melt. :)

Friday, February 28, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Why so flustered? :D

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to Love Spanks relaxing the word limit rule, we're farther along in this scene then I expected :D. If you want a refresh first, here's the 1st snippethere's three weeks ago (which is longer thanks to Love Spanks), two weeks ago, and then here is last week.

Scene set up: The Queen and Prince Synn arrived at the pool area in The Queen's mansion to find Raanan and his submissive Gaelan doing something sexual under the water. More fruits of my rewrite in this snippet where we mostly get The Queen and Raanan talking, but The Queen is a master (pun intended :D)

Update on this WIP- I finished the last rewrite to find myself over 80K words! It's been delivered to my BR so hopefully that'll mean I can get things going again on my re-release of Book 1 and blog tour and then Book 2.

"Why so flustered, my boy? We both know you like a good flogging." The Queen popped Raanan's ass with the flogger.

"Confused ... my... Queen."

"About what?"

"What you want, what Vala wants, what you'll allow, my Queen."

"Now was that so hard to say?" The Queen flogged the soles of Raanan's feet.

Conversation with Mandisa- social justice, BDSM, and women

So here's pics of the shirt that Mandisa and I talked about. I do like my statement t-shirts. I haven't actually worn this one out of the house yet. Maybe to the mall? Maybe I'll be lucky and that cute girl at the Spencers that my teen could even tell I found her cute, but I couldn't manage to say anything non-business transaction related to her. But with no further ado, Mandisa (2nd class slave in The Queen's stable who is in direct domination over Jinny and Chitra and the focus on my FFF novella-in-progress) and I have a conversation.

The back of the T is farther down the page.

How can you invite me to a conversation when you've been avoiding my story?

It's not like that, Mandisa. You know why I've been avoiding your novella. The Queen told you, right?

Yeah, he told me. But it that's the issue, why wouldn't spending time with my girls and I be a good choice? Especially since you know, beyond the all female interactions, you will get to think and write social justice stuff with me.

But I still haven't dealt with Tony's comments in response to Lena's comments in the album about my newest statement t-shirt.

Do you even know what you think? You've always been ambivalent on anything that comes from feminism. Do you know if the idea of privilege is a basic feminism thought? Or does it come from the radical feminists that you so despise?

No, I don't know that and I'm not even sure where to start looking.

Do you need to have that knowledge to decide your feelings on the idea of privilege? Or do you even find it necessary to make a definite decision? You know, you spend even more time than I do pondering these things around identity, privilege etc than I do! And I told my girls they need to stop me sometimes LOL.

Too bad I don't have any girls to tell me to stop.

Oh stop your moping. That pretty author friend of yours is right. You need to gather up some courage and tell a woman you find her attractive.
By the way, I love what you did in the inserted section with Lady Audrey for "Knowledge"- that was sweet how neither she nor The Queen wanted to stop the phone call. I bet you Annikka loves it.

But it's easier to look at profile pictures of my fellow authors and just dream, without taking the chance of being rejected. It's bad enough with the struggles that Shaman and I are having now. I'm still feeling like a useless, piece of shit slave who can't do anything right. As much as I want a woman to be in love with as well, I'm not sure I can handle it at the moment. I look at the complexity I created in The Queen's stable and sometimes I think only a Mormon fundamentalist practicing plural marriage can even imagine half of what it's like to have so many strands of relationship. I'm not sure whether you all have it easier or hardier than those living plural marriage as a principal since the only child you all have to be concerned about is Erik and those polygamists often have as many as a dozen or more children- it's like you're the inverse of each other- one with more kids and one with more adults. I guess at least adults can understand, sometimes.

What can you do to feel better about what happened with your Master last night? And don't you try to take all the blame either! You live lifestyle BDSM but as you're trying to write us all as complete people, not erotic romance caricatures, you aren't a caricature; you're a person. And I imagine for you, stuck in that conservative hellhole, as you've called it, without the support of sister or brother slaves or even a vanilla girlfriend, that life is even rougher than for my little Chitra.

I don't know how to fix it. I'd just turned off my sex drive. I didn't want to add stress to my Master's already too full plate, but I just want sex and BDSM. And I feel so guilty for being selfish. Wondering how He's even going to be feeling after this short day to day. The caregiving- because that's almost more how the "shower? leg massage? foot bath? food? drink? ice pack?" litany feels, more than just serving my Master- feels is just weighing on me. I should be joyfully serving; why am I not?

Ugh, child... you just get this up on your blog, let Annikka read it, and get back to work on the cleaning scene. The Queen will take care of you and Vala.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dungeon Crawl hop- what a heavy bondage

Yes! It's a new hop. I just had to when Sheri Savill moved from serious talk to creation. Jolynn Raymond posted about it on her blog here. When I read this- "What’s a Dungeon Crawl? Well, it’s like a blog hop, but we … crawl. Because it’s BDSM! We like dark dungeons. Whips and chains! Yes!"- well snarky bitch Joelle almost came out :D. So I set out to write a piece for the crawl- because indeed I do love to crawl- that wasn't going to have anything dark about it. Well The Queen decided otherwise, but you still have 763 of fun, sexy writing to read. I'm thinking I may continue on Monday, letting anyone who's interested see what happens in the small playroom nicknamed "Island Paradise." :D So enjoy this piece please and then go enjoy the other hoppers, or are we crawlers rather than hoppers? My Master does get amusement watching me hop around.


The Queen paused in front of the door to look over his shoulder. "Hurry up." He grinned at Vala.

Vala moaned around the ball gag. She struggled under the strict bondage.

The Queen studied his girl. Large, black ball gag stretching her mouth. Her head hung forward, her hands twitching in the fantastic historical, wooden yoke that Ely had made. Her legs shook above the huge leather cuffs connected with just three chain links to make it a hobble. The entirety of the bondage had tired her to the point that she no longer rocked her hips to change the sensations from the vaginal and anal plugs that filled her, held in place by the fearsome straps of the leather cream-colored chastity belt.

"I cannot believe I left these alone." The Queen chuckled before bringing his hands up to cup Vala's breasts. He collected some of her drool with one hand and smeared it across her nipples. "You are my beautiful little girl."

Vala trembled as if she wanted to lean into The Queen's hands.

"How you hate to wear a gag that makes you drool like this." He brushed his fingers over her tight lips. "On all fours," he ordered and took a step back.

Clumsily Vala lowered herself to the floor. The yoke bumped against the door before she crept back a foot or so.

"You look so good like that." The Queen leaned over to brush his hand across her ass. He shook out the cat in his hand, the thin blacks braids shivering in the air. He held the the tips for a moment before delivering the first lash across Vala's back.

Vala groaned and swayed.

The Queen dragged the tails over her ass before delivering a harsh switch of the cat.

Vala screamed behind her gag.

"Good girl." The Queen dropped the cat to the floor and knelt beside Vala. He undid the lock on the yoke, opened it, and pulled it away from her.

Vala moaned in gratitude. She nuzzled the top of her head against The Queen's arm.

"Yes, such a good girl." His fingers worked on the gag's buckle, pulling at her hair where it had gotten caught.

Vala whined at the extra pain. She coughed delicately when The Queen pulled the ball out of her mouth. She rubbed her lips together, as if to whip away the drool on her cheeks.

"Let me get that." The Queen smeared her drool over her cheeks and forehead.

"Thanks, my Queen." Her head hung again when he released it.

"Of course, my love." He moved to her feet. His keys appeared again to unlock the ankle cuffs. He sat on his ass before collecting his seemingly boneless girl onto his lap. "I do love how malleable you become with this level of bondage."

"Please you, my Queen," Vala mumbled.

"Yes, you do." He held her tight to him. "But we need to remove this belt now before we go in and enjoy the sand."

Vala glanced up at The Queen, her expression a mixture of awe, arousal, and humility.

He loosened the buckle where it pressed into her skin just above her navel. The straps moved away. "Do you beg to be unplugged?"

"Yes, please, my Queen. Rather your cock inside me, my Queen." Vala's eyes remained big as she gazed at his face.

"When you beg so pretty." He slipped the plug out of her cunt and smiled at her writhing body. He continued to move the belt away until he could grasp the base of the anal plug. "My cock, rather than a plug?"

"Yes, please, my Queen. I love your cock, my Queen." She gasped as he eased the plug out of her ass.

He placed the belt and plugs into the pile of bondage he'd removed from his adorable little slave. He lifted her against his chest before rising to his feet. "Wrap your legs around my waist."

Vala swung in The Queen's grasp into the ordered position, whimpering at his cock poking at her butt.

"Shortly," he promised as he opened the door. "But I want to lay on this blanket first." He crossed the sand to a large red blanket stretched across the sand. "And I think I just want to enjoy your beauty heightened by this submissive mood for a bit first."

"Yes, my Queen." Vala shuddered against the blanket, curled up to The Queen's side. "Thanks, my Queen."

The Queen gathered Vala up into his arms and held her. "You are very welcome, my baby girl. I love you."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... Dirty Girl


So Monday morning and I was struggling to think of what to share. Of course this is without even mentioning that I had 3 blog hops to choose from- Topic Tuesday, Taboo Tuesday, and TMI Tuesday. Well last night The Queen kept intruding into my consciousness while I was trying to get to sleep, giving me this. And yes, this seemed right for this hop :D. This isn't from a WIP, just what The Queen insisted I write and I was pissed off enough to listen to him.

The Queen shoved Prisca against the wall. "What should I do to you?"

Prisca whimpered in her shocked arousal.

Hands on her shoulders, he pushed her to her knees. He pulled out his cock and pissed on her.

Prisca's whimpers became moans. She screamed when he pushed her to floor.

He kicked her legs apart and thrust his cock into her. "Love to fuck you when you're dirty."

Now please go visit the other hoppers for hot taboo fun

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sundaes anyone?

So I wandered and played. I had no clue where I was actually going. Do have fun reading the first part first if you haven't yet- http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-little-cuffed-ankle-bondage-d.html . I'm not sure what I have here, but sex, bondage, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and chocolate syrup are a great mix if you ask me... and obviously The Queen agrees :D.

"I think we all need chocolate ice cream sundaes." The Queen grinned at Simon.

Adan giggled and her hand moved against Ailin's leg.

"Hey! What are you fingerspelling down there?" Simon pressed his toes against Adan's thigh.

"I'll sign it again for you, my Lord." Adan smiled coquettishly at Simon. She lifted her hand. She formed the ASL for "D," "I," "S," and "H."

The Queen snorted. "We shall see."

Kaya gestured at the living wing. "The kitchen, my Queen?"

"Sure." The Queen started walking with Simon and Kaya walking on either side of him. "Now, sweet Adan, why did you decide to fingerspell that? Being changed to our ankles is one thing, but you were never ordered to silence."

"Um, well, I didn't expect my Lord Simon would notice, my Queen." Adan tilted her head slightly as she gazed up at The Queen with an adoring expression. "It struck me as a funny possibility, my Queen."

"So you pictured Simon drizzling chocolate sauce over you and then licking it off?"

"Maybe a bit, my Queen." Adan pressed her cheek against Simon's naked leg. "I certainly wouldn't beg you to stop, my Lord."

"Flatterer." Simon took The Queen's hand in his. "I did buy more sundae toppings last grocery trip though, my Queen, including a few flavors of ice cream. How does chocolate chip cookie dough sound?"

"That is so teasing, my Lord." Kaya took Simon's other hand.

"Oh that's right." Simon grinned at Kaya. "That's your favorite ice cream flavor too. Maybe a scoop right on your belly button that one of us can enjoy eating off of you?"

"If it'd please you, my Lord."

"What do you think, my Queen?" Simon laid his head on The Queen's shoulder. "Although I was suspecting the chained ones would be the plates." He grinned as Adan pressed kisses to the tops of his feet.

"Chocolate sauce." The Queen sat down on the kitchen floor and pulled Prisca onto his lap; her chains pooled around, beneath her.

"My Queen," Prisca whimpered.

"The chains cannot still be cold," The Queen teased as he dragged one length across her naked back.

"Not cold, but heavy, my Queen."

"I do love having you so close like this." The Queen kissed Prisca's forehead then her lips, his arms wrapped around her. "Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes, my Queen." Prisca shuddered against The Queen. "My Lord?" Her shudders morphed into writhing undulations as something cold, wet, and sticky dripped down her back.

"Now that is a lovely thing." The Queen pushed her down flat across his lap. Tongue and lips got active against her skin, cleaning up the thick chocolate syrup. "Got that ice cream?"

Ailin groaned, drawing The Queen's glance; Simon was popping a ball of ice cream onto the boy's stomach. Melting drips coursed down his lower belly, onto his balls.

"Please, my Lady," Ailin whimpered.

"But our Lord's only put one scoop on him." Kaya leaned over to lick a trickle of ice cream, a path of chocolate chips standing out, from along Ailin's inner thigh.

"Where would you like your first scoop, my Queen?" Simon knelt in front of The Queen, Adan near-by, hungrily studying Prisca.

"Right here." The Queen traced a line across the small of Prisca's back, a sexy little chocolate-free spot.

Prisca arched her back, shoving her ass up toward The Queen and Simon. Her thighs parted and she moaned loudly.

"She agrees, my Queen." Simon laughed and popped the ice cream into the spot.

Melting ice cream quickly trickled down Prisca's hot skin.

The Queen traced Prisca's ass with his tongue, licking away the cream, teasing with his teeth at a clump of cookie dough. He dipped his tongue between the cheeks, letting it fall down to brush over her lips, still wet from her earlier fucking.

Adan leaned forward to kiss Prisca, the women's tongues tangling as if to release Prisca's growing arousal.

"Now a little for me." Simon dropped a scoop of ice cream onto Adan's chest; the girl screamed into her domme's mouth. "Good, good idea, my Queen. The bondage and the sundaes."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

For some time spent with her girls...

I decided today to share an excerpt from the novella-in-progress that I'm writing. After winning a cover art-and-book-promotion package from Anastasia Vitsky's Love Spanks, focusing on FF fiction, I decided it was time to write. Of course my regular readers will understand how just 2 people in a relationship stops me :D . It made sense to me on a few levels to focus on Mandisa and her submissives Jinny and Chitra- they make up one of the all female groupings amongst The Queen's stable. I'm sharing here a short excerpt from the prologue where Mandisa asks him for permission to take her girls on an overnight vacation.


Mandisa leaned against the doorjamb of The Queen's den. "May I please come in, my Queen?"

The Queen looked up from the pile of papers on his desk. "Of course, sweet." He patted the empty desk chair beside him.

Mandisa walked to the chair and eased into it.

"Was there something you wanted?" The Queen rested a hand on Mandisa's arm.

"I know you're so busy with Vala and her training. If you're done using me and my girls"

The Queen arched an eyebrow.

"You aren't going to quibble about my word choice, are you, my Queen?" One corner of Mandisa's mouth lifted into a sarcastic smile. "You know how I used the word."

"Yes. Sometimes I just like a taste of your spirit. And for the time I have no plans needing you and your girls in Vala's training. But continue."

Mandisa nodded. "I have endeavored to listen to your guidance that I tend to be too strict, almost erotica levels of over the top with my domination, my Queen. I would beg to take Jinny and Chitra for an overnight stay at one of the tourist lodges."

"You must really want it if you are willing to use the word beg."

But yes, I need to get a bunch of other work off my plate so I can get back to this writing. ATM it's only 6 pages long, still short enough that when I have sat down to re-read before writing, I start at the beginning :D I am aiming for a novella though, maybe 20K to 50K words.

Friday, February 21, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Just Swimming?

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

If you look in my right hand margin, you'll see my "How I see things" blurb. It's a bit edited and reorganized from the blurb I did have several weeks at the beginning of my Saturday Spankings' posts.

Thanks to Love Spanks relaxing the word limit rule, we're farther along in this scene then I expected :D. If you want a refresh first, here's the 1st snippethere's two weeks (which is longer thanks to Love Spanks), and then last week is here.

Scene set up: The Queen and Prince Synn arrived at the pool area in The Queen's mansion to find Raanan and his submissive Gaelan doing something sexual under the water. Thanks to Love Spanks, the section of the scene where Prince Synn and Gaelan were able to settle in to watch the show in one large snippet. I shared in the comments' section of last week that I'd been doing some editing on this scene and in this snippet, you get to see some of the fruits of that rewrite.

"What were you and Gaelan doing when we arrived?" The Queen popped each of Raanan's calves with the flogger.

"Just... swimming... my... Queen." Raanan panted between each word.

"Just swimming?" The Queen asked as he flogged Raanan's back. "I think you were also enjoying your boy."

"Yes, my Queen. Thanks for such a... good boy, my Queen." Raanan awkwardly turned left when that side of the pool ended.

#SRR ... When Shaman is 60, He'll do cartwheels 'cause I'll look 30, probably


And because I'm a dork- thanks for hosting us this month, Patricia Green

Being of an Age and Domestic Discipline: a discussion about how one changes as a DD partner over the years of a relationship.

When I sat down to write this, I re-read Patricia's comments that she posted with the topic on Spanking Romance reviews. I really focused on that "You're 30 and DD is a big part of your life." Then I started to talk to my beta reader about it. I said- I think I understand something that's different for me than many other women in TTWD. I started young. Like I surprised the president of the LGBT group at college by coming out during a freshman icebreaker thing. For him, it took getting to college to come out of the closet even to himself; I'd already been out of the closet 3 years by the time I got to college. So when Patricia talks about DD and being 30, to me it's like "oh I just finally admitted to my husband that I wanted spanked." And again, I knew years before I even met Shaman that I wanted lifestyle BDSM." (so that's slightly edited from the messenger conversation into a narrative thing :D ) Shaman- that's my Master's nickname, if you haven't seen it before- I didn't have to tell Him I was polyamorous or into BDSM when we met; by nature of where and how we met, He already knew these things about me.

Now I start by giving that explanation because at the ages of 21-ish and 29-ish, my Master and I started our relationship. Here we sit at more than a decade later and of course we're different. Our relationship started as a polyamorous triad with my ex-husband and I was desperately sick with an addiction to legal stimulants (largely mini-thins) as well as engaging quite successfully (IMHO) in my anorexia- my Master remembers a girl whose ribs He could count easily. I weighed maybe 90 pounds. While we were involved for many months before it, we count January 2001 as our anniversary because I have a poem I wrote Him dated to then when I was expressing my feelings over just being His- as far as cisgender males were concerned. I have a lot of chronic health issues and that has certainly affected our relationships, how we engage in BDSM, and will continue to over the years. We were recently talking about the Wii Fit and how He could use it to way Himself; well He remarked on how a .2 pound increase can mess me up emotionally for days. Anorexia, remember? Well one self-care thing I've started is only weighing every few days, if not once a week, which is not what that silly Wii program recommends.

He's 44 now to my 36. He's of the mind that He wants to eat what He wants, not go out of His way to exercise (well He's delivering mail now so it's not like He needs to exercise outside His job anyway); I have to admit- that terrifies me. The notion that He doesn't want to take care of Himself so He'll live longer, healthier etc. I sometimes "wife" at Him by doing things like giving Him a multivitamin to make sure He even takes one. But I do wonder sometimes; despite my chronic health issues- I'm small, don't weigh a whole lot more than what's recommended for my height, age, build. I eat a largely plant-based diet, some days I'm coming very close to a vegan diet. So yeah, my title jokes about Him doing cartwheels at 60 because I look 30 (even though I'll be 52 at that point), it scares me to think that He probably won't be able to do things like cartwheels, if He even lives to 60. I worry if we'll manage to still be having sex at those ages, if He'll be healthy enough to spank, to flog, to fuck me.

Veering in a slightly different direction, I want to talk about pornography for a moment. Shaman prefers to watch more mainstream male/female porn, with maybe anal being quite a preference. On the other hand, my preference is to watch all male porn, especially of the "Daddy" sub-genre. These often showcase scenarios involving a mature, hairy man who may appear to be in about his 50s or 60s having sex with a slightly younger (maybe 30s or 40s) man. There is commonly an overlap between the "Daddy" and "bear" porn genres; I'm happy to watch either. While my Master prefers to see "sexy young women" having sex with your "average straight porn" guy, the porn I prefer often shows larger men, more hairy men, men who have large stomachs. I can see my Master's "40-something" body in these porns and they turn me on; the men in His preferred porn turn me off. I talk about this because the "eww, old people having sex" isn't an issue for me. I hope to be an old person healthy enough for sexual activity.

I'm going to swing back to DD now. I now I've said this before, but I think it stands repeating here- I always thought I was "into BDSM," but the more I read about DD, the more it seems that what Shaman and I have is closer to DD than BDSM-as-it-is-practiced-now. We don't role play; we simply are who we are. That means I enjoy Him just taking me sexually. It means He expects me to do what He tells me to do more often than not. And it means a hundred more things that we didn't take the time to write in a slave contract. Sure we don't use the same words- Shaman is my Master, not "Head of the Household," although He certainly behaves as such. But how important are those words when it comes to practices and emotions? Not very, I'd argue.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No, female/female stories shouldn't have to have a warning label- people should grow up

yes, maybe my title isn't a good teaching tool to deal with homophobic people, but my tolerance for such is pretty low at the moment.

So I may wander a bit and you'll most certainly be given links to follow. I may even find I need to do two posts.

Let's start with the recently released "Milestones"-a DD anthology. One reader gave it a three star review, based largely on the fact that she didn't like Anastasia Vitsky's female/female story "The First Submission," which is a prequel to her "Becoming Clissine," the first book in her Bastia series. Her plan for the series is to look at a world where heterosexuality is illegal and against the religion of the world. Yes- for my regular readers- you'll get to read my review soon for "Milestone," which I'm reading and enjoying at the moment as well as "Becoming Clissine," when I can get it onto my reading schedule as it's already on my Kindle.

I've posted about Anastasia before on my blog; I appreciated meeting her shortly after I started hanging out in the spanking community. She started off with the focus on non-sexual female/female spanking fiction- this made her very unique in a male/female dominated gender. Being a queer female myself, I often relied on Anastasia'sblog and books to "get my f/f fix"- whether she was writing something sexual or not. Now I think it was Alta Hensley- another author in the story who just happens to write m/f fiction- who talked about not wanting to put a warning or to exclude Anastasia's story from the anthology- that what ever the genders involved, the book was meant to be a domestic discipline anthology and all perspectives were welcome. I like that. I don't think they should have had to warn "there's two women getting it on" for some person's delicate sensibilities who happens to think that "lesbian sex is icky"- yes, I've seen grown adults type that phrase. Pisses me off!

Now this comes on the heels of the Love Spanks blog hop. Anastasia puts in some amazing work to organize different hops for the spanking community. This one was focused on female/female spanking fiction. While you can't take part in the prize earning at this point, you can still follow the links to read the stories of all the authors who took part. I was sad that I didn't really have anything sizable that was "just f/f" to share; you see, at least in Vala's Story, which is my current focus, the genders are all around. There's The Queen, the cisgender male. Vala, a cisgender female, and her cis female domme Iona. A score of guys that are The Queen's slaves. Lady Audrey, the transgender female friend and lover of The Queen. Sometimes, based on what I share on the various blog hops I take part in, it can look like I write a lot more male/female and male/male. Of course now I'm fixing that :D. I did win a prize in the Love Spanks blog hop, but more than that, after reading all that f/f fiction for Love Spanks, I wanted to write some of my own. So I've taken an all female triad from The Queen's stable and I'm writing a novella with the three lovely ladies.

So yes, females involved in romantic or sexual situations are a taboo to some people. As I say in my blurb in the margin, we need to learn to move past taboos.

A final thought, I read a blogpost about taboos that announces an upcoming series on Jolynn Raymond's blog. Here's the link for you. I think I have some more to say about taboos, but I'm going to save that until next week because, yes, it pisses me off how the label of taboo comes with such judgment and any number and gender of people in love, even two women, is a beautiful thing to be respected in my less than humbled opinion.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... With a rag, The Queen reassures Synn

For this week, I decided that I didn't want to continue on with Prisca and Abrecan. I just finished the re-write of a lovemaking scene in my WIP "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" of my Vala's Story serial. Yes, anal anything is quite the taboo to most people. Synn is The Queen's best friend and has just admitted to being attracted to him. The Queen is taking his time giving Synn as much pleasure as possible before attempting anal intercourse. He has Synn laying on his stomach when this happens.

"Thomas?" Synn whispered.

"What, lovely boy?" The Queen dragged his finger up and down the crack.

"I... um.... dirty?"

"Sh." The Queen grabbed a moist washrag from the nearer nightstand. With one gentle hand, he spread Synn's asscheeks and carefully cleaned him. "Sex is often messy business. Do not be ashamed of your body. You cannot imagine how very special your trust makes me feel."

Monday, February 17, 2014

A little cuffed ankle bondage? :D

So when I posted a snippet of The Queen and Prisca from the WIP "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" on the Saturday Spankings blog hop, it seemed a lot of people were particularly taken by his threat to chain her to his ankles if she ever avoided his summons again. I hadn't thought of how being chained to The Queen's ankles could be fun; although I admit, with my Master's new job requiring so much walking that I'm massaging His legs every day after work, I can imagine being one of The Queen's slaves and hungrily watching his legs move in front of me as I struggled to keep up. Cold shower time, at least for me :D you might need one after you read this :D And yeah, I plan to keep writing; you'll just need to wait until next Monday for more bondage fun with the 6 in the following scene...

The Queen grinned down on Prisca. "My beautiful slave. My lovely girl." He hugged her to him.

"Love you, my Queen," Prisca replied, returning his grin with an adoring smile. "May I ask to what we girls owe yours and our Lord Simon's presence this morning?"

"I had a desire." The Queen kissed Prisca's cheek. "A desire to test a bondage idea and I thought you'd enjoy."

"But we didn't want to leave out the twins or Kaya so I volunteered to help." Simon dragged his fingers up and down Adan's stretched out body, still bound to her sleeping board.

"I am ever so grateful we were picked for you to enjoy your idea, my Queen." Prisca giggled and curled one leg across The Queen's legs.

"I knew you would be." The Queen caught Prisca's lips in a bruising kiss. He feasted on her mouth, penetrating her with his tongue as his hand moved down to clasp her ass. He pushed her off him to her back. He reared up on the bed to kick her legs apart before he thrust his hard cock into her cunt.

Prisca released a pleading gasp. "My Queen!"

The Queen grabbed Prisca's arms in one hand and pushed them down to her pillows above her head.

"You will come after we try out the idea."

"Yes, my Queen." Prisca wrapped her long legs around The Queen's hips, pulling him deeper into her.

"Good girl." The Queen's eyes slid closed for a moment as he enjoyed the quivering woman beneath him. "I almost think I wanna fill your body with my cum more than I want to try out my idea."

"Whatever pleases you, my Queen!"

The Queen jumped off the bed, leaving Prisca writhing and moaning, although her hands remained above her head.

"I got the cuffs, my Queen," Simon offered as he moved beside The Queen. "Did you decided on one or two?"

The Queen's grin returned as he studied the supine Prisca. "Two. I think one cuff and shorter chains would be if this was meant to be punishing, but I want her and I to enjoy this."

Prisca's questioning gaze fell on The Queen's face, as if trying to discern his meaning and failing in her aroused haze.

Simon handed The Queen two large red leather cuffs.

"Red, my dear?" The Queen brushed his fingers over Prisca's parted lips, his thumbs dipping into her wet, sucking mouth.

Prisca hazarded one last lick before The Queen withdrew his thumb. "I do so love red, my Queen."

The Queen lifted one foot onto Prisca's bed and started on the cuff.

Prisca watched his curiously. "The cuff on you, my Queen?"

"You will see shortly and I know you will be mindlessly begging for release before we are done." The Queen chuckled at Prisca's obvious mix of disappointment, arousal, and curiosity.

Prisca moaned as The Queen changed legs and put the second cuff onto his other ankle.
"To the floor, my girl, on all fours."


Prisca whimpered and whined as she slid her body to the floor and into the ordered position. "Thank you, my Queen," she moaned as he secured a cuff on her wrist. She lowered her head and waited. She felt her hips to move and the powerlessness of her arousal prevented her from stopping the motion.

"I love how bondage turns you on just that much more, my little slut." The Queen patted Prisca's head, his fingers moving through the nubs of slightly grown out hair.

"Yes, my Queen. Please, my Queen." Prisca groaned to hear and see the heavy-looking metal chains moving over the floor, the links strong, demanding her attention, obedience.

"Ankle cuffs, my Queen?" Simon's voice sounded behind her.

"Yes, sweet. How are you and Kaya doing?"

"You've been enjoying Prisca so much that Kaya and I plus the twins are all cuffed." Simon chuckled when Prisca lifted a confused expression to him. "She's getting started with the chains, my Queen."

The Queen took Prisca's chin in one hand and forced her to look up. "I think you are getting turned on just looking at the chains, little girl."

Prisca pressed her chin into The Queen's palm. "Yes, my Queen. Are you going to chain me to your ankles, my Queen."

The Queen stroked Prisca's lips. "Yes. Should I plug you first? Or leave you empty and wanting?"

"Empty and waiting on your pleasure, please, my Queen." Prisca moaned as the chains moved beneath her. She swallowed the saliva pooling in her mouth when the click of the attaching link clicked the first time, the chain laying against The Queen's ankle.

Simon's hands moved amongst the chains as The Queen rose to his feet.

"Now you." The Queen grabbed the pretty deep burgundy dog collar gracing Prisca's neck and pulled her to her feet by it.

Prisca moaned and swayed against The Queen.

"Oops. Not all the way up." He laughed as he pushed her back to her knees and pulled her against his cock.

Gasping, Prisca opened her mouth to take The Queen's beautiful cock into her mouth. She sighed at the taste of her on him and sucked, hard, enjoying how he filled her mouth, how her sucking made him groan.

"Good girl." The Queen cupped Prisca's cheek as she lavished attention on his cock. "I want you to suck the cum out of me, girl. Make me feel good." He leaned against Simon.

"She does have a good cock-sucking mouth, my Queen." Simon watched Prisca, moaning when she pulled back to reveal part of The Queen's cock.

"We will have a bunch more fun with them in a bit." The Queen glanced down at Adan, who knelt beside her domme as she was cuffed and chained to Simon. "I think Adan is feeling left out."

Simon patted Adan's head, the lovely red curls spilling through his fingers. "Would you like to please me?"

"Yes, please, my Lord." Adan gazed up at Simon with prettily parted lips.

The Queen groaned, his thighs visibly tense. "Swallow every drop," he ordered Prisca.

Prisca's throat moved rapidly as she struggled to swallow the wonderful gift of The Queen's cum. Her chains rustled as she held on to his hips, suckling him.

"Good girl." The Queen grinned at Simon. "Now let us take our lovelies to the garden to enjoy."

"Yes. Let's, my Queen. You ready, Kaya?"

Kaya laughed as she moved to stand beside the men. She looked down to see Ailin settling into a kneel beside Adan and Prisca. "Yes, my Lord."

Friday, February 14, 2014

#SatSpanks ... When the tips kissed

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I love the Saturday Spankings blog hop, but (and this isn't a "I feel unwelcome" type thing) I know my perspective is rather different than many of the other authors who share their snippets. My stories aren't heterosexual, even if I just show a man and a woman engaged in some interaction. "Sex" to me isn't just "penis goes into vagina." My focus, in life and in writing, is polyamorous and pansexual. Gender and sexual orientations and presentations are individual to the character being presented. Behavior also doesn't predict or determine gender- I may look like a heterosexual, monogamously married woman, but I'm queer and polyamorous. Naming, especially when a person takes a new name because of some factor in her/his/hir life, is a sacred thing. Yes, between The Queen's legs are a penis and testicles, but The Queen is still his name- the fact that a queen is usually a female does not matter nor determine his sexuality.

So it's back to just 8 sentences. I got just 8, right? Or does Headmistress Blake need to take me over her knee? I think I've forgotten how to count. :D But yes after you got to enjoy the long bit of Prince Synn and Gaelan settling in for The Queen to have his fun with Raanan, we're a bit more focused on The Queen and Raanan today. Enjoy!

If you want a refresh first, here's the 1st snippet and here's last week.

The Queen barked, "On your hands and knees!"

Raanan rose into position.

"Nice? Really?" Prince Synn watched, grinning, as Gaelan's eyes moved to Raanan and The Queen.

"You will crawl around the pool until I tell you to stop." The Queen tapped Raanan's ass with the flogger's handle. "Now!"

Raanan lurched forward, only to be rewarded with the flogger's first caress on his ass. He tried to escape the flogger, but it lovingly found his ass again, a few tips wrapping under him to kiss his balls. He let out a loud, pleading wail as The Queen flogged his thighs, forcing him ahead.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

An article about intersexed people

Well babies, but this article has some important comments about gender and relates much to how I see gender and how I utilize it in my writing. I recommend it to everyone.


Top, bottom; gay, BDSM

I just finished re-writing a scene for "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three." Wonder why I rewrote it? Well there were lots of reasons really. I realized that I hadn't adequately dealt with issues of consent, that I hadn't given a believable amount of preparation for an anal virgin's first time. There was also the fact that this scene is in The Queen's POV and I wanted to share some of his thoughts, show sides of him that Vala wouldn't necessarily see as his slave.

But as I was reading the beginning of the scene, I realized one extreme flaw in my perspective reading this scene. The words top and bottom are used by both the gay (especially male) culture and the BDSM community; according to this Wikipedia article on the subject, it's thought that in terms of BDSM culture that it's loan word from the gay culture. The Queen is a BDSM top as is Prince Synn. In terms of the sex that The Queen has with his male slaves, he is both a BDSM and a gay top- meaning that he is the sexual partner doing the penetrating. My problem in writing the scene came with Synn; in my head, I pictured him as a bottom, from both cultural perspectives. However, being a bottom in gay culture doesn't necessarily mean "submissive"- it just means being the one who receives penetration.

So in the re-write, I made Synn a more active participant :D Please enjoy this little lightly edited snippet :)

"If you want it to stop at any time just tell me," The Queen said as he closed his bedroom door and returned to the bed. He pressed Synn down onto the bed and sat next to him.

"No safe word?" Synn joked.

"Do you want one?" The Queen traced Synn's lips with a finger. "Is this BDSM? Two friends enjoying sex?"

Synn pressed a kiss against the finger. "Uh, enjoying sex?"

The Queen arched his eyebrow.

"Vanilla. At least to start." Synn drew in a deep breath and then slowly released it. "Stop's enough. For now."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Joelle Casteel- author of bdsm erotica: An enema for ownership? revisited

I've been really focused on writing- getting the blog tour posts ready for the re-release of "Out of the Night: Book One" and working hard on the rewrite of "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three." My writing has also been focused on the lengthy book of UUA history- "The Premise and the Promise: the Story of the Unitarian Universalist Association" by Warren R. Ross , a story of the consolidation of the American Unitarians and Universalists into the Unitarian Universalist Association. After yesterday's inaugural "Taboo Tuesday," I realized that the two commemorators who mentioned enemas, I really didn't respond to that part of their comments. I enjoy enemas, even if only by myself. So I decided to edit and reshare this post, "An enema for ownership?"- exhibiting a piece of extra-novel fiction  involving The Queen, Simon, and Abrecan in a taboo situation.

Even if enemas aren't "your thing," please take the time to look past the specifics acts to the relationships between the men...

and here is the link to that story for your enjoyment...

Joelle Casteel- author of bdsm erotica: An enema for ownership?: Now I've talked on humiliation through things like enema play in the past. You may remember that I shared I see that as only one possib...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#Taboo2sday - Abrecan loves his domme Prisca

Now if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I enjoy my blog hops. There's Saturday Spankings hop that goes live on Friday night followed early Saturday morning with the Seductive Studs and Sirens hop. #Satspanks, as we call it on social media, focuses on corporal punishment; #SeductiveSnS focuses on LGBT fiction. Sometimes I debate my place on both hops; sometimes my writing doesn't seem to fit either very well. Sometimes I think I love too many things that others find taboo or scary.

But when a friend posted about this new hop, Taboo Tuesday, I was very excited. Right now my focus is on my Vala's Story serial and as I get further into it, I push more and more "envelopes." I knew immediately what scene I wanted to snippet from; picking the snippet proved daunting however. On both those weekend hops, I've been sharing from "post ceremony celebrations." However, what I want to share with you belongs in neither of those hops. You see, Abrecan broke a very, very serious rule and has been demoted from The Queen's second class down to the fourth- as if he was a newbie submissive. After some hints from The Queen, Prisca gives Abrecan an enema, forces him to bring her to orgasm with his mouth while the solution is held in him by a butt plug. What I'm sharing with you here is toward the end of this scene.

Prisca moved around to the other side of the tub, yanked out the butt plug, and threw it aside. She walked back around the tub until she stood in front of him again, grinning.

Abrecan moaned, his gaze following Prisca.

Prisca knelt in front of him and grabbed each of his nipples between two fingers. "You may shit now."

Cringing, Abrecan cried as his bowels forcefully evacuated. "I... I love... you... my Lady," he whimpered, his lips trembling and his gaze fixed with awe upon Prisca's face.

"I love you too, my dirty little boy." Prisca leered. She grabbed his hair and slammed her lips against his trembling mouth as she smeared shit onto his hard cock.

What do you think Prisca will do next? :D

Now that you've enjoyed my snippet, please follow the link to enjoy the other wonderful authors taking part in this hop :).

Monday, February 10, 2014

Greta comforts Iona

okay sorry to Tara and Roz who commented on the old post, but I meant to delete a draft post, but my Master talked to me at the wrong moment and I deleted the wrong thing. So anyone at this point will get just the story....

Iona screamed into the dark silence of the living space.

"My Lady," Greta murmured as she pulled her domme into her arms.

Iona pressed her face against Greta's chest. "I couldn't stop it. The cars hit so hard. My mom died this time."

Greta rubbed her hand up and down Iona's back. "My Lady, I saw you talking to her just the week before The Queen collared me."

The small lamp beside the bed turned on suddenly, showing The Queen and Erik.

"Someone was worried about his mommy." The Queen placed Erik on the bed, who crawled to Iona.

"Come here, sweetie." Iona pulled Erik between her and Greta. "Mommy just had a bad dream like I sometimes do." She wiped a hand across her face. She hugged Erik, her face pushed against the top of his head.

The Queen wrapped his hand around Iona's leg. "Was it the same dream?"

Iona lifted her face from Erik. "Yes, sir."

"Iona, can I get you something? Maybe some milk, Iona?" Greta licked her lips. But my Lady has been nightmare-free since he collared me.

"Some milk, please, sweet." Iona gave Greta a one-armed hug before acknowledging The Queen's touch with a small smile.

Greta slid out of the bed and carefully made her way to the kitchen area.

"Nightmare?" Brenna asked as she moved alongside Greta.

"Yeah. Grab Erik a sippy? He'll probably want a drink with his mom." Greta pulled a gallon of milk from the fridge.

"Sure. I got it." Brenna moved to the cupboards.

Iona sipped her milk. "Thanks, sweet." She placed her head on Greta's shoulder.

"Looks like a little boy has decided to join you in bed." The Queen pulled the comforter over Erik.

"At least he's sleeping good, my Queen." Iona's bottom lip trembled slightly. "Brenna, go lay back down. I think the three of us adults are plenty capable of taking care of a sleeping toddler."

"Of course." Brenna gave Iona a quick hug around the shoulders. "If you're not up to it after some more sleep, we can go to the zoo tomorrow."

"We'll see." Iona smiled as Brenna returned to the single bed beside Erik's crib.

"Let us take Erik's fine example." The Queen climbed in beside Erik.

Iona handed her empty glass to Greta before laying back on the pillow she shared with Erik.

Greta turned toward the nightstand. Why a nightmare now? The glass carefully placed on a coaster, she rolled on the bed toward Iona. "May I please hold you, my Lady?" she whispered.

Iona took Greta's arms and pulled it over her. She pushed back into the spoon of Greta's body.

"We can call your parents in the morning, my Lady."


Greta brushed her fingers over Iona's cheek. "You're safe, my Lady."

"I know," Iona whimpered. "But what if the dream comes back? I don't want to see that again."
Greta kissed the back of Iona's neck.

Iona rolled underneath Greta's arm, turning to face her sub. "Please don't let me go."

"I won't unless you order me to, my Lady." Greta hazarded a soft kiss on Iona's lips. "My Lady, maybe we could go to a bed on the next floor up and I could give you pleasure that would help you sleep?" Daring as a sub, yes, but my Lady needs care.

Iona cupped Greta's cheek with one hand. "Just be careful getting out of bed so we don't disturb the guys."

Greta smiled at The Queen and Erik, both sleeping so hard. She crept to the side of the bed before placing her feet on the floor. My Queen didn't order against this and I'm only obeying my Lady's pleasure at my suggestion. She offered Iona her hand and helped her Lady to the floor.

The women crept out of the living area, out the door- Greta closed it gently- before continuing up the stairs to the next floor.

Iona stepped before Greta onto the landing. "Brave of you to suggest this."

"Your scream, my Lady." Greta blinked away the tears collecting in the corner of her eyes. I've never heard your scream like that, my Lady.

Iona opened the door and pulled Greta inside. "You want to give me pleasure?"

"Yes, my Lady." Greta lifted Iona's hand to her lips and pressed an adoring kiss against the knuckles.

Iona smiled mysteriously as she relinquished Greta's hand to walk to the nearest made bed. Then a candle flamed into life.

Greta returned Iona's smile. "Yes, my Lady." She watched her domme scoot backwards up the bed to lay down against the pillows.

"I lit the candle for a reason, sweet."

Greta licked her lips. But you can't mean... "Yes, my Lady." She knelt between Iona's spread legs. She leaned over to sprinkle kisses on the soft skin. You always smell like the most beautiful flowers, my Lady. She kissed her way up to stop at the inner thighs.

Iona moaned. She tilted her hips.

"Yes, my Lady." Greta delighted in caressing, first Iona's lips, then pressing in, feeling for clit. One finger slid into Iona. When did you start to get wet, my Lady?

"Candle," Iona gasped.

Greta scrambled over Iona toward the nightstand. "Love you, my Lady." She dropped a kiss onto one hard nipple.

"Yes!" Iona pressed up against Greta.

Greta gazed down on Iona, her body feeling alive in the moment more than it ever had. She wrapped her hand around the white taper candle.

Iona murmured sleepily, not quite words.

Greta brushed her nails over some dried candle wax on Iona's chest. My sweet domme. However does she do it? I'd never thought that as her submissive that I'd still get to watch the wax gather and then drip onto her body.

"Love my girl," Iona mumbled before turning on her side toward Greta, an arm thrown lazily over her waist. She made the cutest little snore, yawn noise and then settled into Greta's embrace.

What a perfect life, The Queen my Master and this sweet, loving woman my domme. Why'd I wait?

Friday, February 7, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Clumsiness is a problem

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I love the Saturday Spankings blog hop, but (and this isn't a "I feel unwelcome" type thing) I know my perspective is rather different than many of the other authors who share their snippets. My stories aren't heterosexual, even if I just show a man and a woman engaged in some interaction. "Sex" to me isn't just "penis goes into vagina." My focus, in life and in writing, is polyamorous and pansexual. Gender and sexual orientations and presentations are individual to the character being presented. Behavior also doesn't predict or determine gender- I may look like a heterosexual, monogamously married woman, but I'm queer and polyamorous. Naming, especially when a person takes a new name because of some factor in her/his/hir life, is a sacred thing. Yes, between The Queen's legs are a penis and testicles, but The Queen is still his name- the fact that a queen is usually a female does not matter nor determine his sexuality.

This week, I'm continuing with The Queen and Raanan. The Queen and his best friend Prince Synn arrived in his pool room to find Raanan and his submissive "just swimming" lol. The Queen's not upset, not really, he just wants Raanan to be his honest little submissive- indoor swimming pools are for fucking, right? :D You have to continue with some patience... eventually the pain will come- if you're just thinking on physical pain :D. Aren't you all glad that I "Love Spanks" means for no 8 sentence rule? I haven't gone all the way to the 2000 word max, but I've given you more of the scene, because this area of the scene is less about the flogging and more about Gaelan retrieving the flogger for The Queen.

If you want a refresh first, here's the link to last week's snippet.

Raanan scrambled onto the pool deck, Gaelan following behind him. With awkward movements, he crawled to the spot and sprawled across The Queen's feet.

"Such clumsiness!" The Queen teased. He grinned at Prince Synn. "What punishment do you think that clumsiness merits?"

"Something that reddens the skin nicely so he's ready when Vala gets back," Prince Synn suggested. He leered at Raanan as his pathetic moans echoed through the room.

"Gaelan, fetch me a flogger!" The Queen shoved Raanan onto his back with a foot.

Gaelan fumbled across the pool deck to the far end of the room. He knelt up in front of a big metal cabinet. He wrenched open the double doors and grabbed a three-foot black rubber flogger from a wooden peg. Remaining on his knees though he kept his torso upright, he rushed back to The Queen, stopping short of tumbling over Raanan as he held the flogger up to The Queen and then waited for further orders.

The Queen took the flogger from Gaelan. "Kneel next to Synn."
"Yes, my Queen." Gaelan crawled to Prince Synn.

Prince Synn spotted a plastic lounge chair behind him. He walked to it and sat, gesturing for Gaelan to follow him.

Once Gaelan was next to the chair, Prince Synn patted his lap. "Sit here, my boy."

Gaelan scrambled up onto the chair and sat on Prince Synn's lap.

"So how do you like being under Raanan so far?" Prince Synn grinned mischievously when Gaelan blushed.

"It's... very nice... my..."

"'My Prince' is fine."

"It's very nice, my Prince," Gaelan murmured.

Love Spanks is here!!! Female/female fiction


Here's the link to the main page of Love Spanks stuff, where you can find links for everything to the participating authors to the rules for participation!

Have fun and read a bunch! I'm gonna get some cleaning done and then I'm reading!!!

The Queen helps me with a bit of pondering

I wasn't sure about today's post, who I was going to have a conversation with. Well my BR said "If The Queen will cooperate..." we both laughed about that. But thankfully as you see from the first paragraph, he not only cooperated, but took charge. Am I that much of a submissive that my dominant characters manage to dominate me fictionally? :D But there ended up being a few places I could use his advice, even if I hadn't specifically planned to ask him.

I decided, rather than letting one of my sweet slaves talk that I'd step forward. So I saw you looking up logline examples before starting to talk. Would you tell me the logline for "Out of the Night: Book One" again?

Must I? I'll need to get a card out.

I will spank you if your master is too tired after training for his new job.

Okay! Here it is: "The Queen, an experienced Dominant, uses affection, sex, and BDSM to encourage the homeless prostitute Mearr to become Vala and to improve herself, evolving into his healthy, happy, & devoted slave." There you are. That's "Night." Now I noticed the line for a logline for Gates when I had its overview open this afternoon. I'm still unsure, although I crafted a sentence and shared it with my beta reader- I think she's busy with dinner though.

And that sentence?

Give me a moment! LOL. I'm not avoiding answering like Vala might. The first sentence that I came up with is this: "In this 2nd piece of the Vala's Story serial, relationships between The Queen, Vala, and his other slaves deepen through BDSM and sex." For some reason, it just seems too inadequate to me.

Well when you're talking to someone about the books in Vala's Story, you'll have already mentioned "Night" probably, right?

I nod.

So this would seem an appropriate logline. You're writing a serial not a series. The reader is likely to miss too much by jumping in somewhere in the midst of things. And "Gates" does feature a bunch of relationship building, like especially between Iona and Vala. You do not mention Iona by name though because while she's a major character, she's probably not major enough to warrant logline mention.

At least not with "Gates." Maybe at the point of "Skipping," it'll be right to mention her in the logline. Ugh, but I don't want to even thinking about "Skipping"'s logline too much yet, not with how much of the book is taken up by a certain plot twist involving you and someone else.

The Queen chuckled. Now come on. You got some very nice male/male sex and BDSM scenes about of the plot twist in question.

So you have been busy today. Busy enough and in such a way that your master told you to settle down before he left for the gaming store.

Just so much non-writing author work. It was tiring. And all I wanted to do was spend some time with "Skipping," see what more re-write work there is to do before passing it back to my BR. There's still more work for me to do this evening, although I think I can switch off between the novel I'm BR-ing and "Skipping." And I have one more piece of fiction in mind to write if I take part in another word war. Have you enjoyed the series I've been doing with you, Iona, and Greta after you first collared her?

Yes, it has been lovely. It has been good to see you range around in your writing and in the story. I think I scared Tommy I was laughing so hard when I read that scene about the green beans and chocolate ice cream cake at my loft. I had forgotten about that. I think Greta had forgotten about the different pieces of me... that sometimes I am just dad, or Vati as Erik calls me. And dammit, I wanted some of that chocolate ice cream cake. Poor Brenna- I think she scared herself when she talked to me so sternly. Sometimes I am so glad for the employer/employee relationship there, although I wonder sometimes if seeing the slaves changes how Brenna might behave within that relationship. Gods, I hope not. It's refreshing to have someone around who will tell me their thoughts with only the fear of firing as a possibility.

I'm slightly nervous for the next piece I plan to write for it.

Hm. I have looked at your notes for it. What makes you nervous about it? I can understand that it is daunting to approach why Iona has nightmares, why she does not like to sleep for the first time. You never really have thought on this backstory before?

Nope. Really, I didn't start building that back story until I talked to my BR about it. And I keep having widely different images of what directions I could go, flitting through my head. I'm really unsure if one direction is better than the other and I don't want to write all the directions in an attempt to pick one.

Understandable. Your time has become even more packed, even more precious to be used correctly. My suggestion would be that you write to that Placebo song you got the MP3 single of...

"Running up that Hill?"

Yeah, that one. Play that, through earbuds, when you have a pretty good idea that your master won't need you. Just really concentrate on thinking as Iona. I know more often than not, you experience Iona through Vala. Like you imagine the softness of her lips, touch, her body. But remember that Iona has a very real strength. With her size and her seeming fragility, it would seem even easier for those not into BDSM to misunderstand, to believe the doormat stereotype. Then as you have Vala say once, Iona always seems so sweet, even as she is punishing. But remember, we are talking about the woman who gave birth to my son. He was a huge baby and she is smaller than you. We were worried if she would be able to deliver him. But as you delivered your son largely without medication because they had to turn the epidural almost off, Iona did not even have that amount of pain relief- she wanted to give birth to Erik completely naturally.

Of course. But thank you for the many reminders in that paragraph, things to ruminate on as I write the scene, or at least have thoroughly in my mind before I start writing. Hm, maybe next word war will be good to write, since both Master and teen are away for a few hours. Although they can't stay out too late with Master having work in the morning. We'll see. But thank you. Here's hoping I get back to book 5 soon- you, Kaya, and Billy are a very intriguing relationship to write.

I know. Lots of good sex there.