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Monday, January 27, 2014

When Greta orgasmed for The Queen and Iona

Some days, I just don't know what to make of myself and my characters. Greta kept nattering at me as I was listening to Placebo on Youtube and pondering this scene, knowing that it needed writing even though I've had a tough past few days. When she insisted that I write this piece in 1st person, while the three past sections with The Queen, Iona, and Greta the day after her collaring were all in 3rd person, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Finally on Annikka's suggestion, I started writing in 1st person; I don't feel any call to try to force something out in 3rd person though so this stands as is :D. Even though it's almost too long for one blog post :D. However if you're just jumping on at this point, I suggest you read the first 3 parts with these characters before you start today's piece.

First came the waking up scene in Iona's bedroom, then a casual breakfast in the kitchen, followed by an intense love (or was it just sex) scene in The Queen's bed. Last week, Greta found out that even in the shower, The Queen can teach.

The Queen took my hand in his; he didn't engulf my hand in quite the way he did my Lady Iona's. Still it startled me. Where are you leading me, us, my Queen?

Up the stairs to the slave quarters. My Lady's room, my Queen?

Iona ran ahead to her room and hurried in.

"Are you happy?" The Queen glanced down on me even as we continued forward.

"Yes, my Queen. Is it weird I'm feeling so relaxed, just the change of your uniform, my submission to you, my Queen?" I felt shock at my bluntness.

"No, not weird at all." The Queen kissed my check. "Sometimes a change is the best thing for us when we are stuck in a rut or feeling overwhelmed." He urged me to step into my Lady Iona's room before me.

How had I so easily slid into a title for her? My Lady. I smiled to see the dozens of burning candles. How had she lit so many so quickly?

"Lovely, my love." The Queen released my hand to bundle my Lady Iona into his embrace before lifting her to his chest.

"Thanks, my Queen." My Lady Iona lifted her head to press a soft kiss to The Queen's lips. "I haven't enjoyed candles like this in awhile since I've been spending so much time with Erik and Brenna."

"Erik," I gasped, not sure to whom I was speaking, what title I should apply.

"Yes, our son, pretty girl." My Lady Iona smiled down at me. "You were at his baby shower."

I nodded, although I tried to push the boy back from my mind- how do parents do that? Still have a sex life after children? I stood with my hands at my sides. "Um... may I please make your bed, my Lady?"

My Lady Iona giggled. "Sure. Once you're done, lay down on your back on it."

"Yes, my Lady." I heard The Queen murmuring to my Lady Iona as I crossed the room to her bed. I pulled the flat sheet tight, up over the pillows, as part of my attention remained on my dominants. Could I use that phrase for my master The Queen and my dominant my Lady Iona? Were they both in the end, my dominants? I grabbed the top of her comforter and pulled it up over the pillows. I pulled the fabric tight, straightening out the slight wrinkles. I looked up to see my Lady Iona on her feet and her gaze was intense. My breath caught and I froze.

"On your back," my Lady Iona commanded, her voice soft as usual but holding a tension, an edge that I found unfamiliar and arousing.

Suddenly trembling, I eased myself down onto her bed. I watched The Queen and felt the rising panic of how to position my body.

"Settle." His voice soft in tone but that deep baritone that had so many times made my panties moist when I imagined it later, The Queen gazed into my eyes.

"Yes, my Queen." The moan in my voice surprised me. I placed my hands on the bed, laying just as they naturally did. My legs part slightly, as my hips decreed.

The Queen stroked the top of my thigh. "Good girl."

I shuddered at his words and touch.

My Lady Iona kissed my cheek. "Did you wonder why we left your uniform off after the shower?"

"No, my Lady. Candles and leather don't go together the best, my Lady." My gaze dropped to the pure white taper in her hand.

My Lady Iona moved the candle over my breast; did my dominants like my breasts? Our gazes locked, she tilted the hauntingly beautiful stick of wax until a single drop of wax fell.

I released a hissing breath; I couldn't help myself. My body went rigid but didn't come up off my Lady's bed. I cried out at the sharp sting of pain on my thigh. My head snapped to bring my gaze upon The Queen, a red taper in his hand.

"Just a red candle, just a little more intense than the white one Iona has." The Queen brushed his empty fingers over my mons, sliding down to part the lips.

"My Queen," I whimpered, my hips starting to move with small undulations. I lifted my chin, my eyes closing, as he eased one finger into my pussy. I cried out again when wax stung me in two spots. What did they want of me?

"Lovely, lovely breasts," my Lady Iona murmured before her stroking fingers across my nipples returned my attention to her face. "I do love them covered in wax." She turned the taper over my other breast and held it for a moment as a long, cruel stream of wax flooded over them.

I screamed and writhed. "Too much, please, my Lady," I whispered.

"Just a little white wax," my Lady Iona soothed. "We won't ask too much of you just yet."

The Queen placed his hand over my navel and I held my breath.

"Well I won't."

The Queen straddled my thighs, holding me captive with his body. "But even red wax is not asking that much." He tipped his red candle over me.

My lower back arched, pushing my thighs against him. I quivered with an orgasm just out of my reach. I watched the red candle move over my chest, unsure of what my dominants were doing.

The Queen backed up, although he still held my legs between his straddling legs.

"My Lady!" The red wax kissed between my breasts at the same moment that The Queen sucked my clit into his mouth. "My Queen!"

"Ready to come for us?" My Lady Iona allowed slow drips of red wax to dance with the white wax already embracing my nipples.

"Please, my Lady," I panted as I fought my body's desire to push against The Queen's mouth.

"Come for us." My Lady Iona slid her kissing mouth down my jaw as wax kissed my chest, my upper stomach.

The Queen's fingers slid into me, stretching my pussy, claiming me.

A moment's worry- don't clamp down on his fingers and hurt him- passed through my head as the climax released through my body, stealing my breath. "Coming!" I yelled. "Coming, thank you, my Lady, thank you, my Queen!"

The Queen stilled, his fingers in me, his mouth still holding my sensitive clit.

"Good girl," my Lady Iona murmured, kissing my cheek, then my lips.

I gazed into her eyes and such a wonderful feeling of peace filled me that I sighed to feel it. "Love you, my Lady." I whimpered at The Queen's touch leaving me for the moment it took him to move up the bed beside me. "Love you, my Queen."

My dominants each wrapped an arm around me, holding me tight between them.

My Lady Iona caressed my breast. "After awhile, we'll try red again, maybe blue then."

"As you please, my Lady." I shuddered in their embrace and closed my eyes.

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