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Monday, January 20, 2014

What are The Queen, Iona, and Greta doing in his shower?

I continue the series with The Queen, Iona, and Greta on the first morning after Greta finally submitted to The Queen, begged his collar. First came the waking up scene in Iona's bedroom, then a casual breakfast in the kitchen, followed by an intense love (or was it just sex) scene in The Queen's bed. Today we slip into the scene as they're taking a shower; Greta learns that learning can happen anywhere The Queen pleases- even in the shower.

Please enjoy this unedited bit of fiction.

The Queen turned on the water in the shower and stepped back. He wrapped his arms around Greta's waist before kissing her, just a press of lips. "Are you still glad you finally submitted to me?"

"Submitted to you?" Greta echoed, her eyes wide. "My Queen," she added as a hasty afterthought.

"Or is this still an experiment, to get you out of this funk?" He pulled her pelvis against his and kissed her again, but this time, he teased at her lips until she opened her mouth to his penetration.

Greta looked into The Queen's eyes. I could get lost in your eyes, my Queen. I think I want to. She held on to him, her fingers joined against his low back.

"I think she's just realizing that you're too good to only have this be an experiment, my Queen." Iona pressed against Greta's back.

Trapped between your bodies, I have to agree, my Lady.

"She's already learning well your lesson that BDSM and sexuality go hand in hand for you, my Queen." Iona traced her short nails across Greta's skin.

Greta whimpered into The Queen's mouth.

"But we were supposed to be taking a shower, didn't you say, my Queen?"

I didn't realize just how much of a flirt you are, my Lady.

"Yes." The Queen released Greta and stepped under the water. "Come," he ordered.

Iona took Greta's hand in hers and the women joined The Queen, Greta pulling the shower door closed behind her.

Hot water bounced off Greta's shoulder. She watched The Queen as he moved under the water, his fingers running through his hair. She groaned.

The Queen took Greta by the shoulders and moved her under the water. "There you are." He stroked her hair; his hands moved down her body, lifted her breasts, cupping them.

Greta pressed her lips together, pushing a flicker of panic into the back of her brain. Let him take the lead.

"Good girl." The Queen urged Greta forward so the water no longer feel over her face. He brushed his thumbs across her eyelids.

Greta opened her eyes and again gazed up at him. "My Queen." Trust, that's an important first lesson. She dragged her teeth over the inside of her lips as he worked soapy fingers through her hair.

"I have long thought you should let your hair grow out past your shoulders." The Queen's voice cut through the cascading shower to Greta's ears.

"Yes, my Queen," Greta struggled to say through the water washing over her face.

Iona giggled. "Such an adorable thing, love." She pressed her fingers against Greta's lips.

"Oh!" Greta blinked her eyes before looking down at Iona. "My Lady."

"See, dear, you are trying to make things more difficult than they need to be." The Queen kissed Greta's forehead as he moved them aside to make room for Iona to get wet. "You only have to do as we say, or do what you know makes us happy."

Greta pressed her face against The Queen's chest. "Yes, my Queen," she murmured. So warm, so relaxed.

The Queen held Greta close. "Do you think your hard limits have changed much since the last time we talked on the subject? Since you are considering limits from the other direction?"

Greta tilted her head up, though leaving her cheek in touch with his chest. "No, I don't think they've changed, my Queen. The extremes, no children, animals, or dead people, my Queen. I'm still not really interested in excrement, my Queen." This isn't so hard, just remembering his title for every sentence. I can be a good fourth class. "I expect lots of candle play though with you having given me to my Lady Iona, my Queen."

"And we shall start after our shower." The Queen released Greta and grabbed a red bottle of body soap.

"Yes, my Queen." Greta shuddered under The Queen's hands as they slid over her body, especially between her legs. If only soap was a good lubricant. Candles...


Please forgive the shortness of this snippet. Life took over and writing didn't happen as I'd like :(. But I would like to hear from my readers if you'd be interested in the continuation of this time with The Queen, Iona, and Greta, as this trio are very important to Vala's life within The Queen's stable.


  1. Really enjoyed this snippet Joelle. Definitely want to hear more of these three :)


    1. thanks, Roz. I wonder- from your perspective in DD, is this understandable as a "lesson"- even if in a different form? I think I'm writing something that doesn't look like other BDSM erotica out there.