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Friday, January 31, 2014

Conversation with Joey, from "Mommy"

Yeah, today is a conversation with Josephine, Joey from my WIP "Mommy"- the BDSM, ageplay erotic romance featuring a poly V as it's getting started. Don't know what a "poly V" is? That's a polyamorous relationship involving three people where two of the people are involved with one person but not each other. I enjoyed reaching into me and finding the conversation with Joey. Please enjoy and come back later tonight (in EST, 11pm) for my snippet for the Saturday Spankings blog hop- tonight starts with a male/male interaction from my "Vala's Story" serial.

I figured since life's stresses are still getting to me, especially around Master's new job and Him still settling into it, that you might be the right person to talk to, Joey.

Joey? Not Josephine? Are you actually wanting to talk to me as a little or as an adult?

Have you divided those personalities so cleanly into sections of you while I work on other WIPs? IDK. Can you respond just how you respond? It's not like your little was shaping up to be elementary school age anyway.

Josephine snorted. What, because you wrote me a mommy you expect that I'm doing better than you and can some sort of emotional support?

I rolled my eyes at Joey. Well do you want to talk about the different roles within you? And not sarcastically please, like the little brat who got her first spanking over her mommy's knee for being a snot? How are things going with you, Andrew, and Mara?

Do you have to call Him by His first name? You know it makes me anxious. But I'm still not regressing quite as completely as you sometimes see in ageplay fiction. It's more like the play you've experimented with The Queen and Tommy, just the subtle "younger." We (as in all 3 of us) have talked through different possibilities- Mommy moving in with Master and I, moving getting an apartment, maybe renting a house nearer- that of course being the slower, more cautious approach. I think Mommy might be most intrigued by an option that I'd never thought of, but Master seems interested the idea. Normally called "the mother-in-law suite," it would give Mommy a total space of her own, but allow her to be with us, close with us, as the various relationships grow. I don't think we're shaping out to be quite the V any of us first imagined.

Of course. Vs can be tricky. I have my own failed V in my history.

Josephine shuddered. That was a horrible thing, the V you were in. Your ex, such a child. I wish you luck in finding a girlfriend who might make a happy, or a happy triad, as Master, Mommy, and I seem to be shaping.

So what have you been reading recently?

Oh I just started with Maren Smith's "Castle" series like you have. You might squirm unhappily with her use of the word "core" but I adore it; she doesn't tend to write as harsh BDSM as you do.

Point taken. Overall, I'm enjoying. I could stand a little Master Marshall :D.
Am I in this wonky space just because I'm reading so much, so "the perfect Dom" and my Master's still stressed? I'm not sure I'd say Master Marshall is a perfect dom, as Maren's written him. He's nicely nuanced as a character.
So you're not upset that while my plan was to finish your story this month, it seems my work load is anything but your story?

I'm bummed. I'd love to see what you're going to do with some of the new things, like the dog we rescued. but if you can finish "Skipping" and get it to your BR, you'll have some time, especially since you're doing so good with "Night"'s blog tour stuff. I understand it's not an intended slight though; you aren't avoiding my story because I've been bad. You just struggle to focus, or pick too many things to focus. And you don't leave adequate time to read and to do all your other jobs. Maybe you'd do good with keeping a timesheet like Mommy had me do for her.

I hold in my snorting laughter, just barely, but Master's in His chair, relaxing after another day of training at work. A timesheet? I'm not nearly as organized as you, but I'll take that under consideration.


  1. This was great Joelle, wonderful conversation and it sounds like Joey had some good advice :)


    1. most definitely, Roz :) I wonder what does it say that I'm in my cupcake footy PJs this morning? :D but yes, I was off yesterday and Joey was a good person to talk to :)

  2. Oh, dear. Lol! After this conversation, I think I might skip all the deliberating and just start the blasted time sheet. It would save a lot of aggravation, and give you that little zing if accomplishment as you meet deadlines and check things off the list.

    Yeah, riiiiight. It makes me anxious to see all the undones. Check zings don't make up for that, so I avoid them, too. Resistance is NOT futile! It works for me, nananananana! Sigh, it really doesn't work so well, and I do work better with lists and schedules (although I always devolve into avoiding or forgetting about them long enough they become obsolete). I know they help, but I don't like it. I even advocate them to others, but often prefer not to admit to myself they help me. Is that conceit, irresponsibility, procrastination, evidence of an occasionally disorganized mind? Lol! Sigh. I really can accomplish tons when I set my mind to it, and I have tons to do right now. Time to go create a time sheet, and a to-do list, and...check my email. ;-)

    This was a fun conversation to read, Joelle. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Friday!

    1. you too, Irishey. thanks for the comment, I forget where I was commenting but did you see my silly about laughing and clapping- but not disturbing my dog or teen with it- when I was amused to see you'd read and commented on this post? :D

      but yeah, time sheet.. NO! I'm struggling to get back to working on "Mommy" so I can finish filling in Joey's time sheet for her Mommy lmao. Have you ever looked at Flylady, Irishey? She has books, a website, an email list. All sorts of helpful things. I admit- I'm happiest with how my Master's house is running when I'm "FLY-ing" as they say in Flylady, but atm, I'm soooooo not FLY-ing sighs. It's a good system, but it requires doing it- which includes things like not going to bed with a sink full of dishes, throwing away/donating clutter, and keeping/checking off things on lists. I manage a few weeks maybe doing well before I crash again- and have been doing this for years :D