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Thanks fiona, from "Sir Q and Me" for the warning message that just makes me melt. :)

Friday, January 31, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Just swimming?

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

I love the Saturday Spankings blog hop, but (and this isn't a "I feel unwelcome" type thing) I know my perspective is rather different than many of the other authors who share their snippets. My stories aren't heterosexual, even if I just show a man and a woman engaged in some interaction. "Sex" to me isn't just "penis goes into vagina." My focus, in life and in writing, is polyamorous and pansexual. Gender and sexual orientations and presentations are individual to the character being presented. Behavior also doesn't predict or determine gender- I may look like a heterosexual, monogamously married woman, but I'm queer and polyamorous. Naming, especially when a person takes a new name because of some factor in her/his/hir life, is a sacred thing. Yes, between The Queen's legs are a penis and testicles, but The Queen is still his name- the fact that a queen is usually a female does not matter nor determine his sexuality.

In conversations with a few author friends, I realized that I do tend to share more male/female pairings on this hop, even with the broad focus of my writings. I know part of this is because of the unique dynamics in my "Vala's Story" serial- it is her story and while she has a male master who loves corporal play (The Queen), she also has a dominant (that being Iona) who prefers candle wax to corporal play. Since I'm sharing my the 3rd installment in the serial- the WIP "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three"- I decided to share from an area of the book that doesn't involve Vala. I do "head hop" a bunch and in her amusing comments directly to the reader, Vala does talk about her tendency to head hop, to want to share as much as she can.

Scene set up- The Queen's best friend, Prince Synn, has come for a visit. On a tour of the newly rebuilt mansion that Synn hasn't seen yet, the men come across Raanan and Gaelan "swimming" in the in-door pool. Raanan's guilty behavior kicks off the interrogation. :D

"Enjoying the pool, my boys?" The Queen rested his hands on his hips.

"We were just swimming, my Queen!" Raanan swam to the edge of the pool.

"Just swimming? Is that what you call fucking now?"

Raanan broke into a dark blush, his gaze on The Queen's feet.

"Here!" The Queen pointed at the floor in front of him.

Now just because I'm a tease like that :D, I'm going to tell you that this little scene will take us a few weeks, although once I get the re-release and blog tour ready for "Out of the Night: Book One," I'll have to interrupt this scene at least one week. Aren't I a tease?

Okay and here's the linky tools so you can go enjoy the other authors sharing their naughty snippets of spanking fun.

Conversation with Joey, from "Mommy"

Yeah, today is a conversation with Josephine, Joey from my WIP "Mommy"- the BDSM, ageplay erotic romance featuring a poly V as it's getting started. Don't know what a "poly V" is? That's a polyamorous relationship involving three people where two of the people are involved with one person but not each other. I enjoyed reaching into me and finding the conversation with Joey. Please enjoy and come back later tonight (in EST, 11pm) for my snippet for the Saturday Spankings blog hop- tonight starts with a male/male interaction from my "Vala's Story" serial.

I figured since life's stresses are still getting to me, especially around Master's new job and Him still settling into it, that you might be the right person to talk to, Joey.

Joey? Not Josephine? Are you actually wanting to talk to me as a little or as an adult?

Have you divided those personalities so cleanly into sections of you while I work on other WIPs? IDK. Can you respond just how you respond? It's not like your little was shaping up to be elementary school age anyway.

Josephine snorted. What, because you wrote me a mommy you expect that I'm doing better than you and can some sort of emotional support?

I rolled my eyes at Joey. Well do you want to talk about the different roles within you? And not sarcastically please, like the little brat who got her first spanking over her mommy's knee for being a snot? How are things going with you, Andrew, and Mara?

Do you have to call Him by His first name? You know it makes me anxious. But I'm still not regressing quite as completely as you sometimes see in ageplay fiction. It's more like the play you've experimented with The Queen and Tommy, just the subtle "younger." We (as in all 3 of us) have talked through different possibilities- Mommy moving in with Master and I, moving getting an apartment, maybe renting a house nearer- that of course being the slower, more cautious approach. I think Mommy might be most intrigued by an option that I'd never thought of, but Master seems interested the idea. Normally called "the mother-in-law suite," it would give Mommy a total space of her own, but allow her to be with us, close with us, as the various relationships grow. I don't think we're shaping out to be quite the V any of us first imagined.

Of course. Vs can be tricky. I have my own failed V in my history.

Josephine shuddered. That was a horrible thing, the V you were in. Your ex, such a child. I wish you luck in finding a girlfriend who might make a happy, or a happy triad, as Master, Mommy, and I seem to be shaping.

So what have you been reading recently?

Oh I just started with Maren Smith's "Castle" series like you have. You might squirm unhappily with her use of the word "core" but I adore it; she doesn't tend to write as harsh BDSM as you do.

Point taken. Overall, I'm enjoying. I could stand a little Master Marshall :D.
Am I in this wonky space just because I'm reading so much, so "the perfect Dom" and my Master's still stressed? I'm not sure I'd say Master Marshall is a perfect dom, as Maren's written him. He's nicely nuanced as a character.
So you're not upset that while my plan was to finish your story this month, it seems my work load is anything but your story?

I'm bummed. I'd love to see what you're going to do with some of the new things, like the dog we rescued. but if you can finish "Skipping" and get it to your BR, you'll have some time, especially since you're doing so good with "Night"'s blog tour stuff. I understand it's not an intended slight though; you aren't avoiding my story because I've been bad. You just struggle to focus, or pick too many things to focus. And you don't leave adequate time to read and to do all your other jobs. Maybe you'd do good with keeping a timesheet like Mommy had me do for her.

I hold in my snorting laughter, just barely, but Master's in His chair, relaxing after another day of training at work. A timesheet? I'm not nearly as organized as you, but I'll take that under consideration.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lady Like- oh how that phrase gives me the eye rolling curse.

So I'm sure you'd like to read the "What is BDSM/DD to me" (if you haven't already) that in part lead to these thoughts on the phrase "lady like." Here's part 1, part 2, part 3.

Master, please treat this like a short answer test :D Rather than continue to babble at You with my irritations and "huh?" moments as I read various spanking fiction, I thought I'd get Your answers to some questions and blog about it. My transcription of His answers is in italics.

1) Master, what does the phrase "lady like" mean to You?
more demure, softer, quieter, doesn't necessarily mean dresses though

2) Would You like me to be more "lady like"?
no, maybe, undecided- said to me with a furrowed forehead

3) Whether or not You've specifically mentioned it before, Master, do You have a preference for me to be wearing panties or not?
maybe when you wear short skirts. maybe

4) What do You think of my swearing, Master?
"sometimes you put drunken sailors to shame"

5) Can You explain Your thoughts on me wearing more modest clothing versus wearing clothes that are more provocative or showing more skin?
"dressing to cause a fight." Sometimes I'd rather not go when you dress so outrageously- like the heart pants.

So above you have some questions I asked my Master and my attempt to capture His answers when we were talking over the questions. Of course this adds to, is part of where my frustration with the notion of "lady like" in much domestic discipline fiction. While I joke that our marriage can almost seem like a '50s fetish, it really isn't and my Master's idea of lady like or His desires for my comportment aren't stuck on the 1950s either. Notice in His reply to the first question, lady like doesn't mean you have to wear a dress. Actually I think it's fair to say His preference is for a pair of fitted jeans- not too tight that they hurt or too baggy- just fitted. And yeah, sometimes I get swearing a lot- as if cracked to our teen "What do you expect of a mother who listens to more rap and heavy metal than you do? :D"

Yes, I've went through periods of dressing more modestly, but it was never about what pleased my Master. For a long time, I hated my body so much because of my over-large breasts that kept me in constant, chronic neck/shoulder/back pain. I preferred big clothes that didn't bring notice to "those nasty sacks of fat"- yup, my nickname for my breasts. Then for a time when I was trying to find a place in the local homeschool community- where being an atheist and politically, socially liberal where things to hide. After I get my breast reductive, bringing me down to a tolerable B/C cup, my Master ordered me to get rid of many of those large, over-sized dresses and skirts, outfits that made it impossible to tell my shape. I still struggle with my weight and I'm unhappy with it, so I've bought some larger jeans, some skirts. I don't wear them as often as I used to, so He doesn't complain. Actually now my game is to see how I can push Him with my "teen" clothes- wearing things like tights with multi-colored hearts on them- yes, He's looked at me, said "You look like Rainbow Bright. Go change if you want me to take you anywhere." LOL

The swearing thing. I can't imagine a spanking or mouth soaping or anything from spanking fiction for that. The one big thing- swear like I may at home, I'm generally pretty good about "don't swear here." Like in front of my mother-in-law. Nope, I don't think I could bring myself to swear in front of that sweet old lady. But even in my fiction... where many others in erotic romance, whether they are writing for the spanking/DD or BDSM fans, will use softer words- core, center, maybe even pussy- my word choice tends to be harsh. I like ass, asshole, fuck, cunt, and the like.

So yeah. Lady like. I don't get it. My Master only asks for as much as He asks, and it rarely reminds me of the proper behavior expected in DD fiction.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The fantabulous Renee Rose visits with her gorgeous historical spanking romance "Humbled"

Hi Joelle!
I wanted to talk about public sex today. Long before I admitted to my husband my obsession with spanking, we already colored outside the lines in our sex life. He has a threesome fetish and we both have a streak of exhibitionism. We have had sex in more unlikely and public places than I can recall. Actually, I don’t think it’s true exhibitionism because we don’t actually want to be caught or seen, it’s more of the raised stakes, knowing we *might* be caught that makes it so exceptionally naughty and therefore exciting. Sneaking off during a party is one of our favorite tricks. I drew on personal experience when I wrote the scene in my new spanking romance Humbled in which the characters sneak off for a quickie:

“I have missed my wife,” he said pulling her toward the edge of the garden, beyond the lamplight.
“Where are you taking me, Jean-Claude?”
He stopped near a low wall, wrapping his arms around her and taking her mouth with a hungry kiss.
She laughed, pulling away. “Not here, monsieur, you will cause a scandal!”
“We will have to be very quiet,” he said turning her around and pushing her torso down.
She gripped the wall for stability. “Jean-Claude!”
“Shh. Remember when I said I would take my wife any time and any way I pleased?”
“No, please, Jean-Claude,” she protested, though her heart pounded more from arousal than fear.
“You do not want a spanking out here, do you, love? They will surely hear the sound of my hand punishing your pretty little bottom.”
“You would not dare!”
He pulled up her skirts, parting the slit in the new drawers she had adopted wearing as part of the new fashion. He stroked his fingers over her slit. “You are already wet for me, darling.” His hand retreated, shocking her when it returned as a light slap right over her delicate sex.
She gasped. “Jean-Claude!”
“To whom does this little pussy belong?”
“To you!” she said quickly, but did not manage to forestall another slap. The sound from her lips was more wanton than protesting though, as her pussy suddenly burned with need. She widened her stance, hollowing her back to offer herself.
His fingers returned. “Good girl,” he purred. She heard the rustle of clothing and the head of Jean-Claude’s length met her eager slit. He slapped her sex with his cock, making her giggle, then slid deep inside her.
“Oh, yes,” she sighed.
“You like my cock inside you, do you not, Madame Armand?”
“Yes, monsieur.”
“Say it.”
“I like your cock inside me!” she cried, the shameful words stoking her desire as much as the knowledge they might at any moment be seen by another guest.

Sentenced to die at age eleven for stealing a pig, Jean-Claude receives an unexpected reprieve when a young aristocrat girl takes the blame instead. When the mobs of the French Revolution fall upon her ch√Ęteau years later, Jean-Claude knows he must save her and repay his debt, but as they begin their long flight to safety he makes it clear he is not her servant and he will deal firmly with any disobedience. Though he initially intends to send her off by ship, the beautiful, feisty Corinne inspires a fierce protectiveness in Jean-Claude that makes it hard to say goodbye.
Corinne is alternately infuriated and attracted to the handsome peasant who has no qualms about turning her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom when she steps out of line. When he ends up joining her on a ship to New Orleans, their futures become inextricably intertwined, but can a common-born blacksmith and the daughter of a lord find enough common ground to make a permanent match?
 Buy now on AmazonAmazon UKBarnes and Noble

Renee Rose is a modern dance teacher,Feldenkrais Practitioner(R), energy worker and kinkster. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around her favorite kink: spanking.

Joelle speaking: Last and least :D I wasn't sure if I'd manage to find space in my writing/reading schedule to read and review this wonderful book, but I got started reading and couldn't put it down and until it was done. I'm a sucker for the underdog and Jean-Claude in the beginning of the book is great for that. To read my full review, go to Goodreads and read it here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Spanks Announcement! Female/female spanking fiction! Prizes!

When two grown-ups love each other, someone might get a spanking!
How would you like a brand-new Kindle Fire or Nook HD or another prize from a pool valued at over $1,000?

How about free stories from award-winning authors? 

This Valentine’s Day, you can participate in a short story extravaganza! F/F authors will showcase romance, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy and spanking fiction for your enjoyment. Chat with your favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, find great new books, and meet new friends!

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Many authors also will offer a contest on their individual blogs.  Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests! 

What’s the catch?  Absolutely nothing!  We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership.  Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right?  ;)

Here are the rules:
  1. Visit each blog between Friday, February 7 and Sunday, February 9 to read the posted stories and excerpts.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.  You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing.  You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if she has one.
  3. If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize. 
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For more information, updates, and a list of participating authors, please visit:

Twitter hashtag: #lovespanks

When Greta orgasmed for The Queen and Iona

Some days, I just don't know what to make of myself and my characters. Greta kept nattering at me as I was listening to Placebo on Youtube and pondering this scene, knowing that it needed writing even though I've had a tough past few days. When she insisted that I write this piece in 1st person, while the three past sections with The Queen, Iona, and Greta the day after her collaring were all in 3rd person, I wasn't sure what to make of it. Finally on Annikka's suggestion, I started writing in 1st person; I don't feel any call to try to force something out in 3rd person though so this stands as is :D. Even though it's almost too long for one blog post :D. However if you're just jumping on at this point, I suggest you read the first 3 parts with these characters before you start today's piece.

First came the waking up scene in Iona's bedroom, then a casual breakfast in the kitchen, followed by an intense love (or was it just sex) scene in The Queen's bed. Last week, Greta found out that even in the shower, The Queen can teach.

The Queen took my hand in his; he didn't engulf my hand in quite the way he did my Lady Iona's. Still it startled me. Where are you leading me, us, my Queen?

Up the stairs to the slave quarters. My Lady's room, my Queen?

Iona ran ahead to her room and hurried in.

"Are you happy?" The Queen glanced down on me even as we continued forward.

"Yes, my Queen. Is it weird I'm feeling so relaxed, just the change of your uniform, my submission to you, my Queen?" I felt shock at my bluntness.

"No, not weird at all." The Queen kissed my check. "Sometimes a change is the best thing for us when we are stuck in a rut or feeling overwhelmed." He urged me to step into my Lady Iona's room before me.

How had I so easily slid into a title for her? My Lady. I smiled to see the dozens of burning candles. How had she lit so many so quickly?

"Lovely, my love." The Queen released my hand to bundle my Lady Iona into his embrace before lifting her to his chest.

"Thanks, my Queen." My Lady Iona lifted her head to press a soft kiss to The Queen's lips. "I haven't enjoyed candles like this in awhile since I've been spending so much time with Erik and Brenna."

"Erik," I gasped, not sure to whom I was speaking, what title I should apply.

"Yes, our son, pretty girl." My Lady Iona smiled down at me. "You were at his baby shower."

I nodded, although I tried to push the boy back from my mind- how do parents do that? Still have a sex life after children? I stood with my hands at my sides. "Um... may I please make your bed, my Lady?"

My Lady Iona giggled. "Sure. Once you're done, lay down on your back on it."

"Yes, my Lady." I heard The Queen murmuring to my Lady Iona as I crossed the room to her bed. I pulled the flat sheet tight, up over the pillows, as part of my attention remained on my dominants. Could I use that phrase for my master The Queen and my dominant my Lady Iona? Were they both in the end, my dominants? I grabbed the top of her comforter and pulled it up over the pillows. I pulled the fabric tight, straightening out the slight wrinkles. I looked up to see my Lady Iona on her feet and her gaze was intense. My breath caught and I froze.

"On your back," my Lady Iona commanded, her voice soft as usual but holding a tension, an edge that I found unfamiliar and arousing.

Suddenly trembling, I eased myself down onto her bed. I watched The Queen and felt the rising panic of how to position my body.

"Settle." His voice soft in tone but that deep baritone that had so many times made my panties moist when I imagined it later, The Queen gazed into my eyes.

"Yes, my Queen." The moan in my voice surprised me. I placed my hands on the bed, laying just as they naturally did. My legs part slightly, as my hips decreed.

The Queen stroked the top of my thigh. "Good girl."

I shuddered at his words and touch.

My Lady Iona kissed my cheek. "Did you wonder why we left your uniform off after the shower?"

"No, my Lady. Candles and leather don't go together the best, my Lady." My gaze dropped to the pure white taper in her hand.

My Lady Iona moved the candle over my breast; did my dominants like my breasts? Our gazes locked, she tilted the hauntingly beautiful stick of wax until a single drop of wax fell.

I released a hissing breath; I couldn't help myself. My body went rigid but didn't come up off my Lady's bed. I cried out at the sharp sting of pain on my thigh. My head snapped to bring my gaze upon The Queen, a red taper in his hand.

"Just a red candle, just a little more intense than the white one Iona has." The Queen brushed his empty fingers over my mons, sliding down to part the lips.

"My Queen," I whimpered, my hips starting to move with small undulations. I lifted my chin, my eyes closing, as he eased one finger into my pussy. I cried out again when wax stung me in two spots. What did they want of me?

"Lovely, lovely breasts," my Lady Iona murmured before her stroking fingers across my nipples returned my attention to her face. "I do love them covered in wax." She turned the taper over my other breast and held it for a moment as a long, cruel stream of wax flooded over them.

I screamed and writhed. "Too much, please, my Lady," I whispered.

"Just a little white wax," my Lady Iona soothed. "We won't ask too much of you just yet."

The Queen placed his hand over my navel and I held my breath.

"Well I won't."

The Queen straddled my thighs, holding me captive with his body. "But even red wax is not asking that much." He tipped his red candle over me.

My lower back arched, pushing my thighs against him. I quivered with an orgasm just out of my reach. I watched the red candle move over my chest, unsure of what my dominants were doing.

The Queen backed up, although he still held my legs between his straddling legs.

"My Lady!" The red wax kissed between my breasts at the same moment that The Queen sucked my clit into his mouth. "My Queen!"

"Ready to come for us?" My Lady Iona allowed slow drips of red wax to dance with the white wax already embracing my nipples.

"Please, my Lady," I panted as I fought my body's desire to push against The Queen's mouth.

"Come for us." My Lady Iona slid her kissing mouth down my jaw as wax kissed my chest, my upper stomach.

The Queen's fingers slid into me, stretching my pussy, claiming me.

A moment's worry- don't clamp down on his fingers and hurt him- passed through my head as the climax released through my body, stealing my breath. "Coming!" I yelled. "Coming, thank you, my Lady, thank you, my Queen!"

The Queen stilled, his fingers in me, his mouth still holding my sensitive clit.

"Good girl," my Lady Iona murmured, kissing my cheek, then my lips.

I gazed into her eyes and such a wonderful feeling of peace filled me that I sighed to feel it. "Love you, my Lady." I whimpered at The Queen's touch leaving me for the moment it took him to move up the bed beside me. "Love you, my Queen."

My dominants each wrapped an arm around me, holding me tight between them.

My Lady Iona caressed my breast. "After awhile, we'll try red again, maybe blue then."

"As you please, my Lady." I shuddered in their embrace and closed my eyes.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alta Hensley visits to share an excerpt from her book "Ruby Rose"

When Alta told me about this book, I just had to invite her to guest. I loved this book (you can read my review here on Goodreads if you're interested).

The word 'alpha' sends a shiver through every woman's body. The taboo of BDSM conquers her fantasy. The desire is growing...

Ruby Rose wants to write an article on the belief of Domestic Discipline and its growing popularity. In order to do it well, and come across as genuine, she decides she must immerse herself in the lifestyle. She starts working as a bartender at a trendy BDSM club in hopes of compiling all the research she needs. But everything changes the minute Evan Steel walks through the door.

Evan Steel represents this life. He lives this life. He is this life. Evan is the man with all the answers, and due to a budding relationship, Ruby has the walking fantasy right at her fingertips.

But what Ruby soon discovers is that Evan Steel may very well be more than just a fantasy.

Evan shook his head. “Domestic Discipline and BDSM are very different. Same in many ways, but the core beliefs of DD do not mirror BDSM.”

Ruby looked at Evan skeptically. “Then why do you represent the community? Why go to all the clubs and events?”

“For some reason, it just happened that way. I guess because I spank. I discipline. I believe strongly in dominance and submission.”

“And you don't feel this is abuse?”

He shook his head. “If I did, I wouldn't do it. I would never do this against a woman's will. This is an agreement we go into. This is a decision made by the woman long before I would spank her. I respect women. I respect the word 'no'.”

Ruby just sat and stared at Evan while he spoke. He had such passion and conviction in his voice. He seemed so centered and focused. Everything about Evan screamed strength and stability. She had never heard someone describe DD. She had read articles, but the information seemed so shallow compared to actually hearing it from Evan. She wasn’t appalled or shocked. Ruby didn’t think he was a wife beater, or abusive. She respected him for his beliefs. Now, she had to figure out how to make her readers feel the same.

buy links:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I share a bit of female/female candle wax action over at my Tumblr blog.

I've been trying to be better about maintaining my tumblr blog; some times when I want to share just feels too adult, even with everything adult I put up here. I was inspired to write a little with Iona and Vala this morning. Please enjoy :) but don't forget about my Saturday Spankings and Seductive Studs and Sirens snippets- and all the other wonderful writers who participated in both hops.


Saturday Spankings: http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/01/satspanks-iona-receives-her-promotion.html

Friday, January 24, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Iona receives her promotion spanking

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

First I'd like to give credit where it's due: Kathryn R. Blake's blurb before her Saturday Spankings blog hop snippets prompted me to write this. It was in reading about her focus on male/female stories, where the male lovingly guides his woman that I thought seriously that maybe I should make sure readers know where I'm coming from. My stories aren't just male/female, even if those be the genders having sex in a snippet I'm showing. My focus, in life and in writing, is polyamorous and pansexual. Gender and sexual orientations and presentations are individual to the character being presented. Behavior also doesn't predict or determine gender and naming is a sacred thing. Yes, between The Queen's legs are a penis and testicles, but The Queen is still his name.

So I'm proving this week that I can control my teasing :D. You got to enjoy The Queen waking up Vala and the beginning of Iona's promotion ceremony here and then last week you enjoyed him positioning Iona, Greta, and Vala for the ceremony. Now get ready for the paddling- it's a big paddle The Queen's wielding :D. I went a few little lines over 8; I hope Mistress Blake doesn't mind too much, but I am ever so ready for a spanking, if she decides I deserve it :D

A grateful smile slid across Iona's lips as The Queen lifted her robe above her waist.

"Iona, do you accept this paddling in recognition of your rise in authority in my stable?"

"Yes, my Queen," Iona murmured, her lips trembling expectantly.

The Queen struck Iona's ass with the paddle, the dampness of her crotch muffling the sound. "Iona, do you accept this paddling in recognition of your rise in authority in my stable?"

"Yes, my Queen," Iona breathed.

The Queen struck Iona's upper thighs with her paddle, the other slaves releasing a communal sigh of pleasure.

"Look at your submissives before you. See their devotion to you. You have authority over them. Use it wisely."

Conversation with Greta

I don't have anyone guesting so today I'm giving you a conversation. I was pondering which of my characters would be most advantageous to talk with; I'd limited it to Greta (from "Vala's Story") or Joey (from "Mommy")- with the last 3 Monday posts about Greta and my BR asking to read more, Greta won. The scene we danced around discussing I plan to write for this Monday.

So I know I'm not usually your first choice for a conversation, Joelle. Why have you called me to this file?

Well Greta, you are a writer too so at least in part I'd hope a conversation between us might bear some nice fruit. Then there is also the work with you when you were newly collared by The Queen that I've been doing on my blog, on Mondays. Annikka said she'd like to know more about it and she's enjoying it so far. Also I've gotten some rather nice comments- like people enjoying when you, he, and Iona made love (or was it sex :D?) that first morning after your collaring.

You're still going on love or sex? I admit, that made an eye catching title, but do you really question what was happening that morning between the three of us? I dragged my feet much longer than I should of. I was already pretty close with The Queen, my Lady Iona, and his other slaves.

So why did you drag your feet then? If memory serves me right from your meeting story, it was like three or four years after he made the first offer before you finally begged his collar.

I was a strong woman! A Domme! And I had my career, writing. I guess I believed too many of the stereotypes of female submissives. Plus The Queen. I mean, you brought him into being and what a delectable male he is. Of course you went out of your way not to have a cookie cutter, alpha male hero, but he is still absolutely gorgeous, great in a bed, and while still being a dom, he can have these moments of wonderful humility that remind us subs that he's a person too.

Were you startled with how fast he moved with you? Taking you home that night, the next day your collaring and pairing? It seems that you're coming to me in these first hours of your first day as The Queen's slave and Iona's submissive as shell shocked.

I do? Shell shocked, you say? I don't know. I don't think The Queen's behavior really changed towards me; he's also been very playful towards me and admittedly had been trying to talk me into subbing to him for years. While I had some little experience subbing from early in my training, I'd never really thought of myself as a switch. I guess somehow the collar on my neck, him buckling me into his harness, my Lady Iona fastening me to the sleeping board in her room, everything affected me. And while I might have expected Iona in her nervousness as a newly made dom to be anxious in her control, not one bit. She was in control, even if I have to look down on her when we're standing.

I'm trying to imagine that first candle wax play. What it would have been like.

Well it took you long enough to show in writing how The Queen also enjoys wax. There's that snippet of his enjoyment with Prisca and Abrecan in "Gates," but it wasn't really until "Week-long" that you explored.

True, but somehow either of the scenes with Miwa and wax are just too much about how The Queen and Iona interact with her. I don't expect that they would interact the same or similarly with you. And I less see Tommy being involved.

Why? On my Lord Tommy? You saw him and I enjoying being together before The Queen collared me. Or is it that you see candle wax mostly as my Lady Iona's thing, and of course The Queen's?

Well that maybe. After all, when I think of candle wax, first in my mind is Iona, followed by The Queen, then to lesser extent, Prisca and Abrecan.

I'd like to back up a moment here- why would you expect me to tell you much about the candle wax before you write in? Why should I tell you that anyone but The Queen, my Lady Iona, and I were in the room?

Greta, you're going to make me pout, aren't you?

You're planning on writing that lesson soon. Finish this, the Winter Spanks story- for which you mainly need to write sex- and then whatever that third thing was that you mentioned to Annikka, if indeed it wasn't my lesson that you mentioned.

But I would hope you'd be helpful, writer to writer. So will you give me a hint if I'll see more about your transition from Domme to submissive?

No. Great big shit-eating grin. You'll get to the scene and then you'll see.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What is BDSM, DD to me- part 3?

So this week I'm answering the final two questions from Spanking Romance review's December roundtable. Read questions 1 and 2 here, questions 3 and 4 here, and please come back next week for my thoughts on the phrase "lady like," as it often gets used in domestic discipline fiction.

And here are the guiding, jump off questions for the last time:
1. What appeals to you about DD?
2. What does not appeal to you about DD?
3. Do you practice any version of DD?
4. What do you think are some common misconceptions of DD?
5. If you practice any version of DD what have been the greatest joys it has brought to you?
6. What are the greatest challenges?

5. I know I already mentioned stand up comedians, but in answering the greatest joys that DD/BDSM have given my Master and I, I returned to those same men- yes, more of comedians are men. More jokes than I'm comfortable with depend on a certain paradigm in male/female relationships that I'm just not comfortable with. The girlfriends/wives described by these men usually aren't people I want to be. Women who want to mold their boyfriends/husbands into something other than they are. Women who demand flowers, chocolates, jewelry, other gifts... and barely show any real gratitude. I did not ask for a pretty collar so that I'd give my Master blowjobs without complaints- that would seem to be the acceptable math though if you believe these stand ups. Submitting to my Master fulfills something in me and I'm glad that I'm able to own that, not to have to put pretty jewelry or pretty words to cover up what it is. The fighting that's talked about- that's one thing my Master and I don't have that I'm joyful about. Sure, He's still struggling against my tendency from childhood abuse to hold in emotions to get me talking to Him about when I have needs. I'm not sure where it comes from- our unique way of living BDSM, the way my Master is, the ways we're more DD- but the fact that my Master actually wants to know my wants and needs, unlike some fictional hard ass dominant who only cares about his wishes. Then there's the simple failure to communicate- not that my Master and I are perfect (look back to the mention of my struggles to speak), but we at least try. We try harder than what's shown IMHO in these stand ups.

6. I admit, the challenges are many. The first come from my history- while she doesn't remember my childhood the way I do, I say my mother was verbally abusive. When I explain what I lived with, what I still deal with when I have to interact with the woman, to others- they usually agree with my summary. I try hard not to put too much blame on my childhood- after all, I am a 35 year old woman- but I do struggle with things like talking about my needs, if anyone raises their voices (outside of rock music) I shut down. And while we might not normally fight, shout at each other, my Master and I do disagree. I'm not the stereotypical doormat submissive. The challenge here is to deal with the issues that come up in most any relationship in a better way. One challenge that I've had specifically as a parent within a lifestyle BDSM relationship is around our teen; as a Unitarian Universalist home educator, I've seen to providing him with a more complete sexual education than many children in public schools receive. One day, I found myself looking at then-pre-teen and saying, "You understand that I chose to live in a relationship like this? Not all women want this and to try and force such a relationship is wrong." I was busily making food for my Master at the moment. Then there's the issue of telling. Because of the misconceptions around BDSM and DD, just telling someone that you embrace either of those is fraught with all sorts of challenges.

No matter how you tell, what you specifically tell, you are likely to be met with confusion; I've had other submissives assume that, because I live in a Master/slave dynamic, that I must be naked all the time. Well that just doesn't work in my reality. There's a dog to take outside for bathroom trips. There's bacon to cook- and frying stuff while naked is a really bad idea :D. Then there's the tendency, for people into BDSM or DD, to assume that another couple's dynamic is either the opposite or the same as theirs; nope again, I eat before my Master, unlike much erotica out there, because I'm hypoglycemic and my Master would rather me not have a dangerous blood sugar crash.

Stepping back to talking about my religion, Unitarian Universalism, BDSM has been/is still in many ways, an issue. I forget who has asked, but it's been asked often enough to make me ponder: "If you were a domme instead of a female submissive, do you think *they* would have such an issue with you?" Considering how second wave feminism is such an overall accepted thing among UU's, this stands to be considered. When I went to a bricks-and-mortar UU congregation, I lived in constant fear, frustration of saying the wrong thing, of people figuring out I'm a lifestyle submissive. Now for someone as "out," as over-the-top as I tend to be, this was a really confusing and uncomfortable thing. I stopped going to that church after years of trying to make it work and started going to the online UU church. As we have "all ages" services all the time, how to talk about BDSM became an issue. I just wanted to call my Master "Master" or at least feel comfortable calling Him "my dominant." It works in our Facebook groups, but in our services, I call Him by His nickname "Shaman" and all my ministers know who I'm talking about; I can't bring myself to care beyond that. I know some might not see that or a challenge, or the next one- I struggle to call my Master "husband." You see, we are legally married now, although the collaring happened years before the marriage and neither of us can actually remember our marriage anniversary. But thinking on what marriage has become, at least the way it too often is in the US (stand up comedians), is something that is so off-putting to me, then my first marriage was to a very neglectful man. So yeah, I don't want to call my Master, this Man I love, my "husband." Not with all my bad feelings on the word.

So I hope this comes a lot closer to talking about "my dynamic" with my Master, as Katherine had said she'd like to get to know. But it leads me to thinking about Emily Tilton. We did a blog swap and she titled my post, answers to questions she'd given me, "The Frankest Sub I know." I smiled at that. Yup, I'll be answering questions and please come back next week for "Lady Like- oh how that phrase gives me the eye rolling curse."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Topic Tuesday- my support system as a writer

"This week I want to talk about the people in your life. Are they supportive of your writing or other life decisions? Is your support system more virtual, personal, or blood tied to you?"

Well if I start with my biological family- mother, father, sister, brother- nope, they are not part of my writing support system, but then none of them are generally a part of my support system. I hate my mother- Kage reminds me that praying for her death only delays it so I'm trying to remember his wisdom. Mother and Dad try to give verbal support, but it's meaningless. My mother especially doesn't approve of what she knows of my life and if she knew I write queer erotica, that would only confirm for her that I'm going to hell. My brother and sister are 12 and 8 years older than me- we've never been close, however I'm getting quite close to my brother's girlfriend/sister's best friend and she is growing into a support. When I have to go for family visits- like for major holidays, she's an important emotional support. She was actually very excited for a paperback copy of my first book- I signed it to "my sister-in-fact" (I'm pretty sure my brother isn't going to marry her, to make for a third marriage, but she's certainly the sister-in-law that I'd love to have.) And speaking of in-laws, my mother-in-law is amazingly supportive, even being a 72 year old Baptist woman, and yes, my Master has explained I write erotica to her :D.

However there are three people who belong at the top, almost by themselves many days, as the writing support- my friend and beta reader Annikka, my Master, and my teen. Now Annikka really gets the top spot. She and I are constantly talking on messenger, talking on facebook- we belong to a few of the same writing groups, although we don't write the same genres. However her support goes far beyond just writing. We talk about Unitarian Universalism. We talk about our male partners and do a lot of listening, sometimes offering suggestions when said male partners give us something to vent about- yes, I'm a lifestyle submissive, but that doesn't mean I'm a doormat or that I don't sometimes get pissed at my Master. But yes, Annikka and I are clear across the country from each other so it is a virtual friendship. However we both tend to share those memes like on Facebook talking about virtual friends being as important as offline friends.

Not after Annikka (at least not beyond terms of how I'm mentioning them) comes my Master. Where much of the support I get from Annikka is emotional, mental, my Master's support comes in a myriad of forms. There's the 'simple' physical supports of earning the money that gives me a place to live, puts food in my belly, gives me clothes to wear (no matter how "clothing optional" I may live lol). Once we move past the physical needs, there's paying for electricity and internet so I can write, self-publish etc. And the relationship. As one character of mine says to another, "BDSM doesn't mean having to give up on love." And while the polyamorously committed relationship and collaring came years before the legal marriage did, there is certainly a love relationship at the heart of what my Master and I have. Then there's the piece of our relationship that is BDSM, both activity and in function (IE, I give Him His title of "Master" unless mundanes or our teen are around). Like my Facebook cover photo says- I write BDSM, I live BDSM. I sit here writing this with a sore ass and chest because those are the places He hit the most when He was enjoying me this morning.

It almost seems odd that my teen then follows the list here :D especially having just talked about BDSM play, although part of why it was able to happen was that teen's away visiting relatives :D. There are plenty of days that he is "child interruptus"- I mean, all jokes about preventing siblings aside, why is he trying to fuck up the sex lives of fictional characters? But teen has a way of turning me on to new bands that make for great writing music. Like recently he suggested we get Imagine Dragons CD and yeah, I enjoy writing to them. There's also the times he's better about cleaning up around the house while I'm busy writing- not always (he is 15 after all) but sometimes lol.

Then on Facebook I have tons of friends, including and beyond Annikka. The spanking/DD/BDSM erotica/erotic romance friends I've made from participating in groups, in blog hops have become important supports. I go to them for advice. I read their books; when I publish mine, I hope they return the favor. At least a few of them have read my free ebook and 2 of them have left reviews on Smashwords. Although many of them, living some alternative sexuality (be it BDSM, domestic discipline, or some other form), are also supports for me as friends who understand my sexuality and can share about their own. Sometimes my Master will ask "Do these people you're sharing their links, do they share yours? Do they buy your books?" I laugh and say "mostly- we all want good author karma" :D This of course gets into the wondrous world of "Would you like an ARC copy of my book?" My friends aren't the type to solicit a review, although they know they can count on me to review, and usually with a minimum of 90 words :D.

I'm not sure I can fairly label if my support system is more offline, online, personal, blood relations. Well not so much blood relation, beyond my teen. If we're counting by number, yes my support system is more online, but number isn't the only valid concern IMHO. After all, my Master is very much an in person, offline support and very important to my writing. I admit, I'm kinda scratching my head on "personal support," but I get confused easily lol.

Topic Tuesday Blog Hop

Monday, January 20, 2014

What are The Queen, Iona, and Greta doing in his shower?

I continue the series with The Queen, Iona, and Greta on the first morning after Greta finally submitted to The Queen, begged his collar. First came the waking up scene in Iona's bedroom, then a casual breakfast in the kitchen, followed by an intense love (or was it just sex) scene in The Queen's bed. Today we slip into the scene as they're taking a shower; Greta learns that learning can happen anywhere The Queen pleases- even in the shower.

Please enjoy this unedited bit of fiction.

The Queen turned on the water in the shower and stepped back. He wrapped his arms around Greta's waist before kissing her, just a press of lips. "Are you still glad you finally submitted to me?"

"Submitted to you?" Greta echoed, her eyes wide. "My Queen," she added as a hasty afterthought.

"Or is this still an experiment, to get you out of this funk?" He pulled her pelvis against his and kissed her again, but this time, he teased at her lips until she opened her mouth to his penetration.

Greta looked into The Queen's eyes. I could get lost in your eyes, my Queen. I think I want to. She held on to him, her fingers joined against his low back.

"I think she's just realizing that you're too good to only have this be an experiment, my Queen." Iona pressed against Greta's back.

Trapped between your bodies, I have to agree, my Lady.

"She's already learning well your lesson that BDSM and sexuality go hand in hand for you, my Queen." Iona traced her short nails across Greta's skin.

Greta whimpered into The Queen's mouth.

"But we were supposed to be taking a shower, didn't you say, my Queen?"

I didn't realize just how much of a flirt you are, my Lady.

"Yes." The Queen released Greta and stepped under the water. "Come," he ordered.

Iona took Greta's hand in hers and the women joined The Queen, Greta pulling the shower door closed behind her.

Hot water bounced off Greta's shoulder. She watched The Queen as he moved under the water, his fingers running through his hair. She groaned.

The Queen took Greta by the shoulders and moved her under the water. "There you are." He stroked her hair; his hands moved down her body, lifted her breasts, cupping them.

Greta pressed her lips together, pushing a flicker of panic into the back of her brain. Let him take the lead.

"Good girl." The Queen urged Greta forward so the water no longer feel over her face. He brushed his thumbs across her eyelids.

Greta opened her eyes and again gazed up at him. "My Queen." Trust, that's an important first lesson. She dragged her teeth over the inside of her lips as he worked soapy fingers through her hair.

"I have long thought you should let your hair grow out past your shoulders." The Queen's voice cut through the cascading shower to Greta's ears.

"Yes, my Queen," Greta struggled to say through the water washing over her face.

Iona giggled. "Such an adorable thing, love." She pressed her fingers against Greta's lips.

"Oh!" Greta blinked her eyes before looking down at Iona. "My Lady."

"See, dear, you are trying to make things more difficult than they need to be." The Queen kissed Greta's forehead as he moved them aside to make room for Iona to get wet. "You only have to do as we say, or do what you know makes us happy."

Greta pressed her face against The Queen's chest. "Yes, my Queen," she murmured. So warm, so relaxed.

The Queen held Greta close. "Do you think your hard limits have changed much since the last time we talked on the subject? Since you are considering limits from the other direction?"

Greta tilted her head up, though leaving her cheek in touch with his chest. "No, I don't think they've changed, my Queen. The extremes, no children, animals, or dead people, my Queen. I'm still not really interested in excrement, my Queen." This isn't so hard, just remembering his title for every sentence. I can be a good fourth class. "I expect lots of candle play though with you having given me to my Lady Iona, my Queen."

"And we shall start after our shower." The Queen released Greta and grabbed a red bottle of body soap.

"Yes, my Queen." Greta shuddered under The Queen's hands as they slid over her body, especially between her legs. If only soap was a good lubricant. Candles...


Please forgive the shortness of this snippet. Life took over and writing didn't happen as I'd like :(. But I would like to hear from my readers if you'd be interested in the continuation of this time with The Queen, Iona, and Greta, as this trio are very important to Vala's life within The Queen's stable.