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Monday, December 12, 2016

Pondering and posting

Might be a little silly because I'm getting tipsy- I get multiple canker sores when I'm stressed and I'm in quite a bit of pain at the moment. I'm considering blogs and domains and such and not making any decisions yet. But when I saw the ease, the streamlining of Blogger... well I'm pondering if moving away from it was necessary. The feared crack down on erotica/romance authors didn't happen. I haven't posted on my other site since my previous computer died on 10/22; I lost materials that I'm still fighting to retrieve and of course there's passwords and all.

I did manage to complete National Novel Writing Month with 50269 words; I'm still working on that story as I'm also involved in the creation of an intersectional fiction press- but believe me, my other two friends make me feel ridiculous in terms of how much they are accomplishing.

But my Nanowrimo book... Three people meet in the unisex bathroom line at a science fiction convention. They are Suvi (blond, blue eyed bisexual female who is monogamous but open to a new form of relationship), Ocean (Greek beauty who's intergender and mixes gender in hir presentation), and Naveed (Iranian-American trans man who uses a wheelchair and lives with fibromyalgia). I given that this is being written with that intersectional fiction press in mind- we're going with Cuil's Sinister Press- I decided to include things like safer sex and inclusive anatomy words. Once the book is published (maybe, hopefully sometime in the summer if I can get my act together and finish :D ) Dental dams, internal and external condoms (no "female" and "male" condom names in the story), midpoint clitorophallus just to name a few differences within this book.


  1. Hi Joelle! What a lovely surprise to see you post here again! I had trouble trying to comment on your other blog.


  2. Good to see you too, Roz. Hugs. I do wonder why you were having issues :( But yeah, I'm entirely not sure, but I've found it's a tech possibility to attach this blog to a host. I'm still figuring out things. Oh and a new book that just comes to me this morning- still have to update my books page on here :D


    1. okay since that's not a clickable link... to tell you what you're heading to... "Laura Challenges"- book 1 of a planned trilogy where Laura goes to a club and unexpectantly meets Jack, the gorgeous older man (45 to her 35) and they set off on 3 weeks of kinky, sexy challenge.