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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#WIPiTuP Tabitha and Bina's 1st married Christmas- part 1

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

I decided with it being Christmas Eve that I wanted to enjoy some time with Tabitha and Bina on their first married Christmas. Thankfully I had a good writing time (while my Master was at work so I couldn't hear His whines and was off facebook so I couldn't read them- when did I end up with a little boy? I don't remember making this deal?) But sighs, back to Bina and Tab. I got most of a scene- 1960 words after I deleted a few notes lol; I'm sharing the bigger portion today and next week, you'll get to enjoy the spanking :D. I joked with one friend- "You can tell I'm a novelist. Over 300 words and they're not both naked." lol Tabitha has treated them to a stay in a spa resort; they're still living apart because Bina is finishing a degree at Wayne State University in Michigan and Tabitha is working in a GLBT center in Des Moines.


Tabitha stepped back from the hot tub. The squat red votive candles burned in dishes just far enough away that if things turned amorous in the water, there would be no worry of knocked over candles. She'd enjoyed the sandalwood incense as she prepared things and had refreshed the one incense holder on the vanity. The lotus blossoms floating across the water's surface, gathered in a bouquet made her smile.

"How very beautiful!" Bina gasped from the doorway.

Tabitha snatched a large a large blossom from the bouquet and held its brilliant pink body before her. "For my beautiful wife. Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas, my sweet." Bina learned forward to kiss Tabitha, accepting the flower from her at the same time. "How silly of us. Happy Christmas and neither of us Christian." She placed her hand on the bow of Tab's red silk robe. "That tub looks like you have it all ready. Might I undress you?"

Tabitha shuddered. "Yes," she murmured. She gazed into Bina's eyes even as they reflected her beloved's hands moving over the belt. Her lips parted the silk slid off her body to the floor.

"Let's get you into the water." Bina's voice had taken on the further depth of huskiness that still made butterflies of nervous arousal dance in Tabitha's stomach.

"What of you, love?" Tabitha took the first chance to study the whole of Bina, her tall, lithe body still covered in the golden suit that had so startled and pleased Tab when they met at the airport.

With gentle fingertips, Bina pushed Tabitha's deep auburn bangs back from her face. "I'm still adjusting to this new color, although I love it." One hand journeyed down the pale expanse of Tabitha's chest, the thumb brushing over a hardened nipple. "I'll undress once you're in the lovely heat of the tub. Wouldn't you like to watch?"

Tabitha started up the marble-colored steps leading to the tub. She reached one hand behind her to clasp Bina's hand. She paused at the top step to look over her shoulder. She nearly melted from the love shining in Bina's smoky brown eyes. She ran her tongue over her dry lips. She returned her gaze to the steps and took a careful step onto the bench below the water.

Bina moaned, drawing Tabitha's attention back to her. "I'm so lucky you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me."

Tabitha eased herself onto the heart-shaped area of the bench and relaxed her head on the pillow. "I'm lucky you said yes." She dragged her teeth over her bottom lip. "Don't you want to get out of the clothes and join me?"

Bina dropped her hands but not her gaze to release the one button on the suit jacket from its hole. She eased the jacket from her deceptively small shoulders.

Floating to the edge of the tub for a closer look, Tabitha enjoyed the way the tailored pants hugged Bina's delectable ass. You'd think I'm the spanker, not the spankee. She giggled.

Bina glanced at Tab. "And what are you laughing at?" She arched her eyebrow just so.

Tabitha gasped. "Just the way those pants fit you, I love to look, but I'm the one who is spanked."

Bina laughed. "You can look and touch, just not spank." She eased the zipper down until she was able to pull the pants off her long legs. This fabric joined the pile on the ornate red chair. She stepped closer again to the tub. The silver of her necklace and the charm that read "her one" glittered against her dark red skin; Tab had already placed her "her only" and wedding ring on the nightstand.

"Please don't tease me," Tabitha whimpered as Bina slowly moved down the six pearlescent buttons gleaming on the starched white dress shirt.

"Are you my greedy girl?" Bina teased in return, the buttons undone though she held the shirt closed.

"Always, love." Tab rested her check on the plastic tub ledge.

"So you're greedy to know for sure if I'm wearing a bra to match this cream-colored thong that I've caught you drooling over." Bina smirked.

"I wasn't drooling," Tab playfully whined. I can just see the supple contours of her navel.
Her hands on the collar, Bina pulled the shirt down and on, revealing the wisp of a bra, its half cups barely containing her breasts. "You look as one starved."

"To enjoy your beauty, love." Tabitha moved as if climbing out of the tub.

"No," Bina warned. She brushed her fingertips over the bra's front clasp and the filmy fabric fell away from her. She grasped her thong's waistband in thumb and forefinger. "Do I need to stop teasing you so?"

"Please," Tab whispered. She reached out one hand to touch Bina where she could.

Smiling at the small white fingers on her arm, Bina leaned over to remove her thong. She stood back up.

Tabitha groaned at Bina's freshly waxed pubic area, to match her own. She scooted back into the couple's heart bench. She blinked moist eyes as Bina joined her.

"Come here." Bina gathered Tabitha into her arms. She pressed her face into Tab's fragrant hair. "I'm so glad to have this time just for us. To leave electronics mostly at home."

Tab laughed. "Couldn't do it without smart phones, but at least they're both off charging now."

"This really is so beautiful, love, all the touches you made while I was getting our cold foods basket from the main desk." Bina kissed Tabitha's forehead.

"I wanted to make you happy." Tabitha rocked her head back onto Bina's shoulder so she could look up.

"I'm always happy when I'm with you."

Tabitha's eyes slid close as she relaxed into Bina's embrace and the water's warmth. "Where'd you put the basket?"

"It's in the mini-fridge and I put the wine in the ice bucket."

Tab luxuriated in the softness of Bina's breasts against her back, the wiry hardness where it contrasted with her love's softness. She felt every bit of tension leave her body as she relaxed. The scent of coconut teased under all the lotus and sandalwood. She longed to bury her fingers in Bina's hair, the source she knew of that delightful coconut smell.


  1. Wishing you and your family a safe and very Merry Christmas Joelle. Have a wonderful time :)


    1. thanks, Roz :) hugs, wishes for your family as well

  2. I thought it ironic that you chose to share this particular excerpt when you did. Last week while my sister was visiting, she took me to a spa for pedicures. Originally she wanted to find a full spa package complete with warm oil massage, pedicures, manicures... The whole ball of wax. But where I live they just don't offer those luxuries, unless you travel a couple hours to hit one of the major cities.
    When I read about the tub you describe I was whisked away to what it might have been like at a full service spa.
    I'd like to send Tab and Bina a bottle of bubbly and a basket of strawberries while they enjoy their alone time together.
    Merry Christmas, ⛄

    1. thanks for the comments, Melody. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I'm thinking I may end up showing the whole ball of wax, as you say. I wanted to do a Christmas with them, but as I got the whole timeline mixed in "Tabitha and Bina in Love," I'm not even sure if their first Christmas happens before they're married or not. So I set it up this way hoping that it'll fit in the planned sequel and not need to much timeline consistency-rewriting

  3. Mm... very loving scene, makes me GREEDY too. :) Hope your Christmas was Merry, Joelle.

    1. ah thanks, Maddie. Merry Christmas to you as well and thanks for the comment. I love your comment, makes you greedy... I've been thinking on that since from the beginning of their relationship, Tabitha is have the one who is financially better off and there have been many moments of both Tab and Bina working through emotions and practicalities of that. Since Bina as a college student and non-paid intern wouldn't be able to pay for this stay.