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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#WIPiTuP What does Tabitha's drunken message get her from Bina?

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors like to know we're going in a good direction.

So before anyone complains (I'm watching you, Melody Parks :D ) that I didn't share any of Yuri and Sum having sex, go read the snippet I shared for Taboo Tuesday. However this week I decided I wanted to share not from one of Tabitha or Bina's WIPs, but from their own romance. Tabitha decides to go to a straight bar and has a bad time. I'm starting from the message (UPDATE, UPDATE, I got it wrong the first time, but now it's correct :D) Tabitha sent Bina on Facebook (at least I'm saying Facebook rather than "social media" for ease as I'm writing, but I'm not sure what a publisher will think of that.) I was so glad to write this scene. I'm getting to the point of "why aren't they together yet?" and I found I was using some timetable of "how fast relationships go" that really have no baring on the story I'm writing :D


Apologizing at the beginning of this for my drunken message, but before I can talk myself out of this, I'm writing. Tonight I chose to go to a straight bar rather than be lonely, rather than spending the time online with a writing friend, maybe you? I find I like you a lot. Look at your profile pic. Wonder if it's really you. Wonder if you might be interested in someone, in me. I was sitting at the bar drinking my appletini- I rarely drink- wondering if you'd consider a LDR and then I was feeling all sappy. But I realized, even if it's a LDR, I'd rather be with you than sleep with some random person from the bar.

Tabitha logged off the site and hurried to her bed before she could write anything worse. Without bothering to undress, she crawled under her cream colored comforter and passed out.

Head pounding, Tabitha pushed her face into her pillow and prayed to go back to sleep. After a fruitless moment of such thought, she stumbled out of her bed and to her kitchen. She tossed a pod into her coffeemaker, loaded it with water, and pushed the start button. While the coffee brewed, she grabbed a glass, filled it with cold water, and grabbed an aspirin.

She moved to her table to take the painkiller and drink her water. She glanced at Lisa, who was curled up in her cat bed.

"So I was drunk enough that you avoided me last night?"

Lisa [her cat] continued cleaning her front paws, taking the moment to pull them over her head.
"And we're ignoring me today." Tabitha slapped her hand over her mouth. "Goddess, I sent Bina that crazy message! Why couldn't I have adopted a big dog that would have tripped me on the way to my office?"

Lisa hissed at Tabitha and ran out of the room.

Tabitha started to laugh, although her humor quickly fled when the noise increased the ache inside her head. She stumbled toward her counter. Bread toasting. Butter out. She grabbed a cup for her coffee. Without a sense of time, she fed herself the buttered toast and fixed her coffee. Clutching her mug in both hands, she made her way to her office. She placed the cola on another coaster before easing her coffee onto the closer one.

A swirl of cat fur announced Lisa settling into her bed in Tabitha's office.

Tabitha carefully leaned over to pet Lisa's head.

"At least I didn't send Bina any embarrassing pictures." She loaded her blog and then opened another tab for Facebook. She logged in. She whipped her suddenly sweaty palms across her jeans. "Get it together, this isn't high school," she scolded herself. She dragged her teeth over her bottom lip to see the glowing red number over her messages. With shaking fingers, she clicked as she pondered Bina's response.


Now I admit to being a tease here by not including Bina's response... but I'm writing an erotic romance with an HEA here! :D What do you think Bina's response is?


  1. Enjoyed this snippet Joelle, I like the addition of Lisa too :) you are such a tease not including Bina's reply!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) well really, what do you think Bina's reply is :D 3 paragraphs of "yes, I want you too. Thanks for saying something because I'm a chicken shit." It's been fun- the women's cats are almost their own characters

  2. I think Bina's reply will be that she is relieved Tab didn't sleep with anyone from the bar. Maybe she will suggest they meet up and curb some of Tabitha's loneliness. Or maybe she just sends her a hot pic and says 'I want you too' ☺
    I really like where this is going Joelle.
    And yes, I'm still wondering what is going to happen with Yuri and Sum, so I'm off to read your Taboo Tuesday post. ☺

    1. Hm, meet up... would it be further teasing if I said I did some light plotting the other day about some next steps in their relationship? Have fun reading Yuri and Sum :) thanks for the comment, Melody :)

  3. There's so much 'real' in that message she sends. I've been there. I've felt that. Lovely.

    1. thanks for the comment, Tara :) Yeah, sometimes I think a good dose of courage is in order :D just imagining Tabitha- both drunk and messaging- reaching out to Bina with a possibly lesser sense of rejection because it's online. Although I can say online doesn't always give so much courage, or I might have a girlfriend

  4. The emotion in her message then switching to the perfect little details of the cat - washing and ignoring - made the scene very realistic - I won't complain about the tease at the end - being kind good at doping that myself :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, Daryl. Ah yes, the cats. They have been real good props :D I loved bringing them into Bina and Tabitha's cyber date

  5. Sorry, for the lateness. I'm having internet issues at work, and that is where I spend most of my day.
    Loved this piece. Love that you didn't include more. :)

    1. internet issues will happen :( but thanks for taking the time to comment when you could, Jennifer :) I am hoping for something eventually publishable with this nano